Space Battleship Yamato 2 17

Space Battleship Yamato 2 17
Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2 Episode 17

宇宙戦艦ヤマト2 Ep. 17 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Space Battleship Yamato 2 - 17The crew of the Yamato discover that the White Comet has increased in speed and will reach Teresart in a day rather than the three days originally estimated. That means that Yamato will be overtaken in three days now. Daisuke is again depressed at leaving Teresa behind and thus is not at his station, forcing Susumu to find him and get him back to work. Teresa sees that Yamato is not leaving as fast as she thought they would and sends them a message to inquire as to why. Susumu says that they can’t warp out because there are too many obstacles in their flight path. Daisuke speaks with her briefly and Teresa assures him that she’ll be OK.

On the White Comet, the mood is upbeat as they bear down on Teresart. Teresa sends a message to the White Comet, which is detected by Yamato. Sabera is amused by Teresa’s communication warning them to stop their approach but Emperor Zwordar does not wish to fight Teresa. Instead, he orders a message sent to Teresa to abandon her planet and escape. Sabera is not convinced that Teresa is so powerful, but a powerful energy surge from Teresart causes electrical problems throughout Gatlantis. Zwordar responds in person to Teresa, where they have a conversation on his universal invasion plans. At the end of their conversation, Teresa tells Zwordar that she will stand in his path. This causes Sabera to order that the White Comet accelerate to Teresart.

On Yamato, the conversation has been overheard and they see that the White Comet has sped up so that it will hit Teresart quickly and overtake Yamato in a day. Daisuke is horrified by this while on the White Comet, they are amazed to see energy levels on Teresart rising. Sabera still thinks Teresa is bluffing but soon it becomes apparent that she’s not. Teresa causes the explosion of Teresart with the energy release targeted at the White Comet. On Yamato, this is seen and many of the crew believe that the White Comet is destroyed. However, it becomes clear that the White Comet was damaged, slowed down, and knocked off course cut not destroyed. As such, Yamato can escape but will still have to deal with the White Comet.


Again, I’m just not feeling the love between Teresa and Daisuke because it has never been set up properly. That aside, I suppose it was only natural that if Teresa wouldn’t attack and destroy the White Comet, then she’d have to sacrifice herself to try to save Yamato and Daisuke. Of course, to have nine more episodes, that would mean that Teresa’s sacrifice would only buy Yamato time to get home, possibly get an upgrade, and then go back out into the fight. The preview image for the next episode shows a bunch of Andromeda class battleships heading out, so I figure they’ll be destroyed and Yamato will be the savior.

I will be interested to see how Sabera and others on Gatlantis handle surviving Teresa’s sacrifice. I’m going to guess that everyone lives since that’s how things go with this series.


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