Space Battleship Yamato 2 18

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2 Episode 18
宇宙戦艦ヤマト2 Ep. 18 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Yamato completes a 2000 light year warp, but despite Teresa having slowed the White Comet, it is still figured that the battleship only has a 3-day lead on their enemy. Meanwhile on Gatlantis, Emperor Zwordar pays a compliment to Teresa has having been the only person to cause the White Comet to change course. So he officially declares the operation to invade Earth on and the White Comet is back on course, only at triple the speed. As part of the invasion, he orders Admiral Balsey on board his flagship Medaluza to take his fleet to Earth’s solar system. Balsey is joined by the Procyon Sector fleet.

The White Comet fleets are detected and this is reported to Captain Hijikata. When he inquires as to the size of the fleet, he learns that there are 80 battleships, 66 carriers, 288 destroyers, and a number of other ships of unknown type. To complicate matters further, the enemy battleships and carriers are larger than the Earth battleships and carriers. Hijikata decides to take charge of the solar system’s defenses and orders the 1st through 5th fleets to Saturn as well as other fleets. He orders the evacuation of bases on Pluto and the like. His aide protests this since Hijikata hasn’t received permission from Earth, but the situation is to dire to wait for Earth approval.

Earth Defense Force HQ detects the massive fleet movements when Hijikata contacts them. He apologizes for asking for permission after the fact but needed to act to get their defenses ready now. Advisor wants Hijikata countermanded and fired but Chief listens to what Hijikata has to say. Chief is concerned that concentrating their forces in one area is a dangerous move, but Hijikata counters that they have no choice as the would be unable to defend Earth if the fleets were left in their normal positions. Since the enemy fleet is on course for Saturn, Saturn is the place where they will make their stand. Chief says nothing so Hijikata takes command of the entire Earth Defense Force fleets.

Back on Yamato, the stress of the long-distance warp has caused the ship some damage, thus they are having to make repairs. Daisuke is on edge and orders the repair crews to speed things up. Sanada reminds him that haste doesn’t do any good and that he should get some rest. Yuki also speaks to Daisuke about his change in attitude and apparent stress levels. Daisuke comments that Yuki and Susumu should get married since there’s no guarantee that Yamato will survive the forthcoming war. After their talk, Yuki speaks with Susumu, who assures her they’ll get back home safely before they embrace.

Back on Gatlantis, Sabera goes to see Desler and gloat over how they will soon destroy Yamato. Desler asks to be executed rather than rot in a cell, so when Sabera agrees, Desler takes advantage of a distracted guard to take Sabera hostage. He makes his way to where Talan has a car waiting. They then make their way to the space port where they leave Sabera and escape in a craft, where they rejoin the Gamilus Fleet. Emperor Zwordar learns of this and because of Desler’s actions combined with the Gamilus Fleet coming to get him, he realizes that Desler had done nothing wrong and that Sabera and Goenitz are at fault. However, Zwordar pardons them just this once since he needs their services for the fight to come with Earth.


I suppose the writers needed a reason to drag things out and add tension by giving Yamato those age-old “the ship is damaged” events. However, the drag-out is in how the repairs aren’t magically completed, but now need a great deal of time to finish.

I’d pretty much forgotten about Desler until this episode, but now that he’s escaped and is back with his fleet, I guess that it will soon be time for the cliched battle between his fleet and Yamato where Desler will somehow lose again. *yawn*

At least Hijikata is being portrayed as a competent leader. I bet he dies.

I was stunned that the Yuki-Susumu non-romance romance was even addressed this episode. Well, that whole thing has not been done well.

While I’m thinking of Yuki, she was the gardener this week, though that could be part of her role as a botanist. I was amused that when Susumu made the warp announcement, she’s watering plants and then seconds later, she’s on the bridge ready to go to warp. She’s got it going on with the multi-tasking apparently. You go girl!

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