White Album 03 (or Lessons On What Not to Do On Your First Day At a New Job)

ホワイトアルバム Episode 03

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Touya takes a call from Rina at the same time that Yuki tries to call and Haruka is at the door with news about orientation on Saturday. Rina offers Touya a part-time job, then Yuki gets through to hook up with Touya on Saturday since she has the day off. Touya gets Haruka to take his name-stamp and attend the re-registration and orientation for him so he can be with Yuki Saturday, but he doesn’t tell Yuki about his new job working for Rina. At the new job, Touya finds he’s already been promoted to Rina’s manager. Rina attempts to give Touya and Yuki some time alone by throwing a fake tantrum, but they are discovered and Touya is fired. Since Touya gave up his tutoring job, he goes to beg for money from his father but gets food instead.

Touya gets a tutoring job again and finds that the person, Mizuki Mana, is paying twice the going rate and wants Touya. However, when Touya arrives, she doesn’t answer and tosses a note down to him telling him to go home for the day. Touya ends up at Echos, where Akira figures out everything that’s happened to Touya in the past day. Rina arrives at Echos and goes into the back to confront her brother about firing Touya. Ogata-san leaves and Rina follows, promising Touya to make things right. Touya opens the door where Ogata-san came from and finds it to be a broom closet.


Have I mentioned that I don’t care for the presentation of this anime? I swear, because of the jumping around that happened, I wasn’t sure if Touya got fired from Echos or what. I actually thought he might have gotten fired from Echos at first for some reason based on what was said, but then I figured that this couldn’t be if he (1) tried to beg for money from his father and (2) he got back on the tutoring list. He’s desperate for money and I know why — he is irresponsible when it comes to work. He’s already been fired twice and we are only into episode 3. Plus, Haruka had to tell him about having to re-register and go through the new orientation, otherwise he wouldn’t even have been in school the next term.

Touya and Yuki’s so-called romantic relationship. OK, this is a strange one indeed. After this episode, it does indeed seem as if Yuki cares deeply about Touya and vice versa. Yuki had her arms around Touya from the back and just wanted to spend time with Touya. Touya likes spending time with Yuki. So why don’t they act more like a couple at other times so far? Is it because she’s an idol and he’s afraid of losing her and starts putting her on a pedestal he can’t reach? Maybe it is something simpler than that. I honestly can’t say. If they are truly a couple, then it is a strange relationship considering everything we’ve seen thus far.

Rina and Touya. This is another odd relationship and at the moment, non-romantic. Oh, I think Rina likes Touya to some degree still, but with this episode, I’m guessing that just maybe Rina and Yuki may have discussed Rina hiring Touya. Yuki didn’t seem all that surprised to see Touya, but I could be reading too much into things. Regardless, Yuki didn’t seem concerned about Touya working for Rina as her new manager. Then Rina provided cover so that Touya and Yuki could spend some time on the roof together before being found out (and I’m guessing that was Yuki’s manager that discovered them). Then after Touya is fired, Rina is trying to get Touya back. Is that just for Yuki’s sake? I doubt it. Rina may be close to Yuki, but she’s also spoiled. So in the end, I think she has eyes for Touya.

Haruka and Touya. Poor Haruka — she comes by to visit and I don’t think that Touya even has a clue that Haruka might be interested in him. Instead, while she watches out for him, he uses her like toilet paper. That’s sad to watch to be honest. I’ve no idea what Haruka sees in Touya, but sadly she’s the type of character to let herself be used in the hopes that the person she loves will come to see her as a special person. He won’t ever see her as more than a friend, but being a guy, he could see her as a one night stand (where this not a family-friendly anime).

Not sure what to say about this new no-show character other than, “looks like another girl is being added into the mix.” I’m guessing that even if Touya gets a job back as Rina’s manager, this new girl will play a role in Touya’s life.

Well, I’ll keep blogging White Album out of sheer curiosity (plus, I seem to have the free time).

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