Keroro Gunsou 90 – 91

Keroro Gunsou 90 – 91
ケロロ軍曹/Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunsou Anime

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Episode 90

It is Christmas Eve and since Aki-san will be late coming home, Fuyuki and Natsumi plan to prepare the house for a Christmas party. Keroro promises the platoon’s support to decorate while Fuyuki and Natsumi buy supplies. However, this ends up in them destroying the Christmas decorations already put up, angering Natsumi. To complicate matters, HQ has sent Keroro a notice that they will come to Earth to inspect the progress of the invasion on December 25.

Moa comes up with the idea of making a large statue of Keroro to let the inspectors know what’s going on. A large group comes together to build this on top of the Nishizawa Tower and in the end, even Natsumi joins. However, while the statue is completed, an accident causes it to fall. The resulting charged static causes a star shape to appear in the city, leading the inspectors to believe Keroro is in control. Now, the Christmas Party can proceed as planned.

Keroro Gunsou 90

Episode 91

The first story has Kururu’s newest weapon turn Dororo into a lazy bum and Keroro into a studious student.

Keroro Gunsou 91

The second story has Koyuki-chan get to experience family life as Grandma Hinata comes to visit to partake in traditional Japanese foods for the new year such as osechi and mochi.

Keroro Gunsou 91


For episode 90, if it is dry and the air is full of static, it can’t very well snow can it? ^_~ Otherwise, a pretty standard-fare episode with Keroro getting people to help him convince HQ to allow him to stay on Earth. Meh. Been there, done that (though Keroro in an afro still makes me smile).

Keroro Gunsou 91

For episode 91, the first story made me chuckle with Keroro being the stereotypical studious Japanese student. It was somehow funnier having Dororo be the bum though. The second story also has some amusing moments but the more interesting element was Koyuki-chan getting to experience family traditions, something she hasn’t done before thanks to her ninja upbringing.

OK, onward with the accelerated blogging of this series until I run out of episodes.

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