Mahou Shoujo Tai Alice: The Adventure 06 (finale)

魔法少女隊アルス the Adventure 06 (finale)
Magic Girl Squad Arusu: The Adventure 06

Tweeny Witches the Adventure 06 (final episode)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

The earth tremors that the witches feel means only one thing — the giant sprite known as Googoo has returned. Because this is a rare event that even the oldest witches have not seen, every witch plans to watch it. Despite its giant size, it does not eat witches, but will consume some of the floating islands around. So the witches are on their brooms and Alice is very excited by this moment. Googoo eats an island as expected but then begins wail in pain and falls to the ground. The witches flee to safe distance except for Alice, Shelia, and Eva, who get closer to the mechanical sprite to see what’s wrong. Since it looks like a stomach ache, there’s nothing to do but go in and investigate.

Inside, the trio discover the floating burrs from the Bursting Seed Tree. These burrs are dangerous because the explode upon contact and it is said explosions that are hurting “Googoo-chan” (as the girls call the sprite). They start removing these burrs with magic but soon find themselves surrounded. A couple of warlocks are on the remains of a mountain in a ruin, having been accidentally consumed by Googoo. They are building a pod to escape in and are almost finished. However, the air will need to be cleared of the burrs so the three witches begin to do just that. Since more burrs keep arriving, Alice and Sheila decide to fight this at the source, only to flee as the Bursting Seed Tree is chasing them. With Googoo’s mouth closed, the escape pod can’t get out, so Alice acts as a decoy, getting the tree to follow her to Googoo’s nose. This causes the mechanical creature to sneeze, freeing everyone and removing the source of its tummy ache. As the warlock and his son leave, Alice teases Sheila about the cute son.


There’s just something amusing about Alice and company addressing this gigantic sprite with the “chan” honorific. *lol* Not that you’d realize that from the Media Blaster’s version but that’s a rant for another day. *_*

As to the story, well there’s really not much to say. I did wonder why the girls were so friendly with the warlocks since my memory of the TV series is that the Witches and Warlocks did not get along too well. Maybe I’ll have to rewatch that again. It was fun seeing Sheila blush about the young warlock though.

Also, while one of the witch leaders told Alice and company to leave, they did nothing to stop them and nothing was said afterward either about their disobedience. Well, I suppose that doesn’t matter in the end.

Beyond that, things are straight forward “take what you see” and move along. There’s no development of characters or really anything that interesting about the story. I think when I write my final review, these somewhat boring stand alone stories will be a slight negative factor in the overall review. I’ll ponder this aspect more before I write that review.

This being the final episode, I’m kinda sad that it is all over even if this episode wasn’t anything special. I just like seeing Alice, Sheila, and Eva together again.

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