Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 02 (What’s With These 8-Page Chapters, Fujishima-sensei?)

パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 02
Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 02

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 02In Japanese class, the teacher is teaching new Kanji readings when a noise he thinks is snoring interrupts him. It is coming from student TAKANASHI Hatsune, who sarcastically remarks one placing two Kanji together to get the Japanese word for hunger. Stomach rumblings, no matter how loud, are not against school rules, but the teacher wants something done about it. When asked if this means she can eat lunch early, Sensei gives tacit approval but Hatsune forgot her lunch.

When lunch time finally comes, Hatsune’s friend and roommate Suzuka gives her some of the bento Suzuka prepared, which she eats on the school roof. Hatsune feels that Suzuka should have woken her up since they are roommates and friends. Suzuka remarks on how eating and sleeping are the only things of interest to Hatsune. Hatsune responds that she’s true to the three desires of humans — eating, eating, and sleeping. When Suzuka points out that Hatsune said “eating” twice, so Hatsune tries to remember what the third term is. Instead of sex (seikou), she comes up with conquest (seifuku — different from the word meaning “uniform’).

Thoughts/Review: Another 8-page chapter. I guess that’s all we are going to get from this manga. I’ve never seen 8-page chapters before and it is really odd considering this manga is not published in a weekly magazine. There’s just not a lot one can do in eight pages but that may be all Fujishima-sensei has time for since he’s still writing/drawing Ah! My Goddess.

The way chapter 1 was set up, the dorm Hatsune lived in consisted of only herself and that little girl acting as dorm mother. Now we learn that Suzuka is Hatsune’s roommate so I suppose it is reasonable to assume that there will be other girls living there.

This chapter did make me chuckle and smile though. The “eating lunch early” stuff immediately reminded me of Tomo from Azumanga Daioh.

Its still too early to even have a clue on how to judge this manga. There have been amusing moments in both chapters to be sure but as I said earlier, eight-page chapters just don’t provide a lot of material. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep reading this manga though.

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