Fate/stay night – 09

フェイト/ステイナイト Ep 09
Fate/stay night episode 09

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Fate/stay night - 09Saber faces her opponent, the Servant “Assassin” who was known as SASAKU Kojirou. Saber feels duty bound to give her real name as well, but Assassin is not interested. They exchange blows and while Assassin is able to counter Saber, he is not able to land a blow on her. To her amazement, he is able to determine the size of her invisible sword though and he accuses her of holding back. He decides to unleash an attack on her — Hiken Tsubame-Gaeshi. Saber just manages to elude the three-slash attack and identify it to Assassin’s delight, though he states his poor footing aided her in escaping the third slash.

Fate/stay night - 09Meanwhile, Rider uses Saber’s fight with Assassin as cover to make an entrance to the temple where she finds herself under attack from skeletal warriors. Rider then encounters the witch, who remarks on Rider’s using Saber as a diversion. Their fight is interrupted when Saber decides to unleash on Assassin, causing typhoon-like winds (and energy?) to affect a wide area. Rider uses the distraction to flee. Shirou, who’d waken up with pain and discovered Saber missing, arrives at the temple and can’t make his way up the steps of the temple grounds. Assassin and Saber sense a third Servant, aborting Saber’s attack. Assassin returns to the temple gates, remarking that if Saber wants to continue the fight, she’ll have to come into the temple grounds.

Fate/stay night - 09Shirou makes it up to Saber just as her armor vanishes and she falls back unconscious where Shirou catches her. He carries her home where he’s met by Rin, who teases him about his holding Saber. Rin takes Saber back to her room and instructs Shirou to make tea. Shirou does this and soon is joined by Rin and Saber, who has recovered. Shirou and Saber get into an argument over her going to battle on her own.

Fate/stay night - 09Rin ends up explaining that Shirou just doesn’t want anyone, including Saber, hurt which is why he gets involved in the fights. Hearing this, Saber decides to train Shirou on sword fighting in exchange for her listening to his opinions. Rin objects, citing the fact that Shirou still couldn’t defeat a Servant. Saber replies that if Shirou is going to get involved, he may as well know how to fight.


Fate/stay night - 09Saber’s actions are not only irrational but also illogical. She knows that she has limited mana coming from Shirou, so even though the other Servants need to be defeated, what point is there in fighting at less than 100%? Granted, the knightly thing to do is to meet your enemy face-to-face no matter what the circumstances, so I suppose that explains her actions. However, that is a mindset that is difficult for me to get around because the intelligent thing to do is to plan a strategy and follow certain tactics. I guess I’ve played too many strategy games.

Fate/stay night - 09Speaking of illogical, there’s the somewhat annoying tripe coming from Shirou’s mouth. I understand him not wanting Saber to be hurt and I appreciate that. However, he goes a bit beyond this by not wanting Saber to fight at all when she’s a powerful warrior. Logically, he should be trying to figure out a way to increase Saber’s mana in an ethical and “lawful good” manner (since Saber is a knight). Saber training Shirou to fight will be interesting though. I do look forward to that.

Fate/stay night - 09As expected, Shinji did feed the information to Shirou, knowing that Saber would likely be used (though I bet that Shinji expected Shirou to send Saber and not Saber to rebel and go out). Still, who is this witch? She’s very powerful to take on a Servant. She handled Rider pretty easily and she’s more than a witch if she has skeletal warriors at her beck-and-call.

As to Assassin, I really don’t have much to say there yet other Fate/stay night - 09than I’m reminded that I need to write an article on a certain 1980 mini-series from the U.S.. *lol*

So I got my Saber goodness to a limited degree and now I guess it is soon time for Archer to make a return. I’d love to see Saber and Archer team up, backed up by Rin (who’s guarded by Shirou). ^_^

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8 Responses to “Fate/stay night – 09”

  1. luny85 says:

    Saber can’t fight always at 100% with her Noble Phantasm now, since that would deplete her mana too quickly. She also isn’t the type to resort to sneaky tactics, but if she wasn’t in a weakened state, she certainly wouldn’t need to.

    As for Shirou, his attitude through most of the first route of the game is what makes it inferior compared to the two other routes, in my opinion. You’ll have to put up with it for now. 😛
    Keep up the good work on blogging this! 🙂

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    *lol* OK I will put up with it. And I’ll try to keep up the good work blogging this. ^_^

  3. Hugh Roe says:

    One more servant to be introduced…let the killing begin.

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Must get to watching instead of wasting time. ^_^;;;;

  5. Hugh Roe says:

    Yeah, I’ve got to watch the last arc all the way through still meself.

  6. luny85 says:

    Enjoy it. 😉 It should only get better from now on.

  7. meganekko =@-@= says:

    makes you wonder what Rin did to have Saber recover rather quickly, ne? ^-^’

  8. AstroNerdBoy says:

    *lol* I’m guessing in the game, there’s some sort of sexual activity involved. ^_^;;;

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