Negima! Chapter 253 SPOILER Images

Negima! 253 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 253 (Images)

Here’s what I know many of you have been waiting for — the original-sized, sneak-peek images for Mahou Sensei Negima! 253 as brought to you buy anonymous Japanese fans (click pic to make bigger, y’all).

While Negi is blowing away the knight’s clothing and Setsuna goes on a date with Konoka, Paru is doing what? *lol*

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25 Responses to “Negima! Chapter 253 SPOILER Images”

  1. Philip says:

    just saw these at mangahelpers…

    that’s one creepy fake Negi… look what just happened to Akira…

  2. Talking about the Fake-Negi…

    Paru : If you wonder, I made it 23.5cm long as a big service!
    Yuuna : Wait!
    Makie : Wha!
    Ako : T… Twenty-three… you mean…
    Paru : What are you girls imagining? I’m only talking about his tongue.
    Yuuna : Isn’t that even worse!?


  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yeah, that person posts the images within moments of them appearing on 2ch. In fact, the posts are so quick, I sometimes think that the 2ch poster and the mangahelper one are the same person. Actually, it is a lot stronger than that because interestingly enough, when the Japanese poster who uses the small images posts, I’m the only one to note them but when these big images emerge, in 2-minutes they are up on mangahelpers.

    Its all good as long as the fans get the sneak peek they crave though, right? ^_^ I’ve just made it more popular to do than it once was.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It does seem like there’s a mad rush to get these images out. I remember when we were lucky to get them from the AQS board.

    Fun chapter in store just in time for the break next week.

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yeah, it does seem a mad rush, but I can certainly understand. After all, there are HUNGRY “Negima!” fans out there. ^_^ I’m just happy to do my small part to feed that hunger.

  6. Do you think Dofla is the same as the on in 2ch? That would explain a lot… XD

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I think Dolfa denies it but you are right — it would explain a lot. *lol* I can’t imagine someone just living on 2ch and hitting refresh every 2-seconds all day long. Then again, maybe Dolfa has some sort of alert system set up that monitors 2ch but if that were the case, Dolfa would have snagged those mini images.

    Going to the chapter, I’m really liking the idea of having some Sayo time since she’s such a scene stealer when she appears (thus Akamatsu-sensei keeps her usage to a minimum). I love Natsumi going for the smooch on Kotaro. *lol* I’m really hoping that the door is opened for the idea of Sayo and Chachamaru getting pactios.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Sailor Enlil says:

    LOL! A “practice Negi” for the sports girls to kiss? And also, that was a really cute moment with Akira that close to “Negi”.

    And it looks like Akira’s strength is not to be underestimated (remember the ring incident a few volumes back?). I guess she simply beat up the golem-Negi enough for it to blow up.

  10. arimareiji says:

    @Sailor: That might be better, but it’s unlikely. Too many mufu-fumu-fuku-gyuru’s and nnn’s. Plus, !Negi’s hand is still cupped under her knee, so presumably it’s still got her on her back. Poor Akira… and evil Paru. I swear she’s every bit as much a dirty old lady as Chamo is a dirty old man.

    @Jesus T: Wow, thank you for the ROFL. (^_^) That’s some of the most overt double-entendre we’ve had since the last time Negi buried his face in Fuuka’s crotch. (For the metric-impaired, 23.5cm is slightly bigger than 9 inches.)

  11. orion says:

    Holy crap, Paru is in every place at once. If anyone had any doubts that she is not evil, prepare to lose them. Violently

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nah, she probably strangled or crushed him.

  13. Anonymous says:

    If Haruna can make a “practice Negi” for the girls, why doeasn’t she make a “practice Ako” while she’s at it.

  14. The Curious Fan says:

    two tihngs.

    1:More hope for SayoxNegi.

    2:Is it just me or is Paru(Haruna) getting more moderate? I mean even she was blushing and sweatdropping at what the fake Negi (there are a lot of fake cast members nowadays) did to Akira, the old Paru would have egged the False Negi and Akira on.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I love these fun story chapters even if they are called filler.

  16. Ultimaniac says:

    This chapter looks hilarious! Thanks for posting! I don’t know if it helps, Astro, but I always check here first for these spoilers ^_^

  17. Sian says:

    hmmm … Chachamaru having her thoughts about making a Pactio with Negi as well? .. interesting 😛

  18. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the images,this chapter looked really cool. In an unrelated note, do you know where to get Air Gear spoilers? Just asking.

  19. HughRoe says:

    Looks like Chachamaru is the most romantic of them all, almost as if the reason she’s been keeping herself in loli form was so that she’d be “right” for Negi, in the growing up/growing old together idea.

    I mean this is her subconscience at work.

    Am I making any sense this morning?

  20. fg7dragon says:

    This Practice Negi reminded me of the Kissing Terminator Negi in the school festival arc.

  21. AstroNerdBoy says:

    “do you know where to get Air Gear spoilers?”

    Since I don’t read that manga, I wouldn’t know.

    @Hugh — made sense. ^_^

    @fg7dragon — also reminded me of the Kyoto trip with all of the fake Negi’s and the kissing contest. ^_^

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the chapter to see what other mischief Paru gets into. ^_^

  22. arimareiji says:

    @HughRoe: I think Nodoka has her beat by a small margin^* and Ku Fei might^** be just behind her, but you’re right that Chachamaru is absolutely one of the most romantic.

    Some of your words were a little sleepy, but your core reasoning is absolutely sound. That’s what counts. (^_^) In fact, when you’re sleep-giddy is one of the best times to tap into subconscious reasoning, which is much more powerful than conscious thought.

    * – It would be a wide margin, except that she suffers from mild Ako-ism. IMO, unilateral surface fantasy =/= romantic.

    ** – “Might” because I can’t remember any time we’ve seen Ku Fei’s thought processes^***. But I have a couple of wild extrapolations from some of her past actions/expressions, and her recent words seem to back them up.

    *** – It was super-nifty when Akamatsu-sensei turned this trope on its head with Chao, but Ku still suffers from a bad case of stereotypical “stupid Chinese.”

    @ANB: Crazy random thought, have you ever wondered if the leaker might actually be Akamatsu-sensei or someone doing it for him? I have a weird gut feeling that he’s the type who would enjoy seeing thoughtful discussion of his work, and partial spoilers would pique the curiosity of people who concentrate on elements of plot and story.

  23. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Considering how tetchy Kodansha is about those early releases of the “Negima!” chapter, I kinda doubt Akamats-sensei would be the leaker. Plus, he has stated that even with doujinshi, he would do nothing that might potentially harm Kodansha’s sales for “Negima!” which is why when he attends something like Comiket, he doesn’t do a “Negima!” doujinshi manga (I think he may do a few sketches though).

    Any of the spoiler image posts I figure come from an employee at a store that sells “Weekly Shounen Magazine” (the magazine arriving on Saturday at stores in Japan to be sold on Wednesday). Now, whether said employee uploads them and posts this fact on 2ch or not is another story. It may well be that the images are sent for some non-Japanese person outside of Japan to upload, thus protecting the person who’s taking the spoiler pictures.

  24. arimareiji says:

    @ANB: I see where you’re coming from, and thank you for the answer to that question.

    Just as a matter of personal opinion, though… it makes no sense to me why the publishers would get so upset about early spoilers. I can easily see why they would get upset about full scans, but it seems like the spoilers would pique interest. E.g. I’d happily place a large bet that the 252 spoiler made it a lot more likely that people would want to see the full chapter as soon as humanly possible – which encourages magazine sales in Japan. It’s not easy to quantify the effect, but I’d wager sales spiked for that issue.

  25. Sian says:

    hmm … early … whole Raw is allready up on MH :p

    appears that it primarily is about how the different girls think about making a pactio (and Sayo getting a new plaything :p) …

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