“Yakuza hard hit by economic downturn”

“Yakuza hard hit by economic downturn”

Yes friends, even the yakuza are having a tough time during this current recession (which reminds me, whatever happened to the talk of us going into a depression?). Why these guys are forced to resort to petty crimes and to give up the expensive lifestyle because things are tough on everyone. Its such a shame. I’ve never felt more sorry for a thug in my life. *lol*

Seriously, who writes a sob piece about the yakuza? I suppose the piece could be mocking them, but that’s not how it reads to me.

I had one encounter with the yakuza in my life and I’m here to tell you that I and my comrades didn’t hang around to see what happened when they arrived at a local bar to help one of their members who got into a fight with some marines. ^_^;

I knew people who had ties with yakuza members though. Playing golf on the American course in Japan was considered a status symbol, so some yakuza and Japanese business men would befriend American servicemen in order to golf there. That’s where I learned that the yakuza could get you anything you wanted if you were their friend. It wasn’t worth it for me though and I stayed as far from them as I could. ^_^;

So anyway, when you consider how tough you have it, remember that even organized crime in Japan is having it tough too. ^_~

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2 Responses to ““Yakuza hard hit by economic downturn””

  1. cxt217 says:

    I bet on the Marines (Could be worse – they could have gotten into a fight with SEALS.).

    Read more like nostaglia if anything. That is the only one I would explain how they could write like that.


  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I don’t know who won the fight. All I remember is that the fight started; I was annoyed; then when someone shouted “Yakuza!,” my comrades grabbed me and we fled out the back (couldn’t risk our security clearance being caught in a fight like that). We did peek around after a bit. There were some big limos and a couple of military police vehicles, which looked very strange considering how small the street was. ^_^;

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