Negima! Manga Vol 28 Ch 254 Review

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 28 Chapter 254 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 254
Negima! Manga Vol 28 Ch 254 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Negima! Manga Vol 28 Ch 254 ReviewGovernor-General Gödel continues to goad Negi into attacking him when Seras arrives with her knights to stop Gödel from arresting Negi. Gödel claims innocence while Seras telepathically warns Negi to not be baiting into a fight. However, her telepathic communication is read by Gödel to Seras’s astonishment. Gödel advises Seras to stand aside as he continues to talk to Negi. Gödel states that it would be to boring for Negi to return to his life as a school teacher. Gödel wonders if Negi is only interested in defeating Fate or whether Negi could save this world with his power. Gödel offers Negi a chance to rule this world by joining forces with him.

All of this has Negi upset and his power increases, causing the wind that blows to cause Gödel to be scratched. That’s all the excuse he needs to claim self defense and attack Negi. He orders his elite Megalomesembrian troops to attack but Negi easily defeats them all, leading Emily to think that “Negi-sama” really is “Nagi-sama.” As Negi powers up his Magia Erebea, Gödel attacks with a Zanganken Ni no Tachi attack, causing Negi’s left arm and leg to temporarily be removed from his now electric body. Negi erects a barrier with the Paries Maximum, but Gödel easily penetrates the multi-layered barrier (with a Zanmaken Ni no Tachi attack). Negi recognizes Gödel’s sword style as that of the Shinmeiryuu secret technique.

Negi goes down so Emily, Yue, and Shiori-Asuna attack. Gödel’s blade easily removes their clothing but Shiori-Asuna presses on with her giant sword. Gödel uses his Zankuusen attack which Shiori-Asuna says won’t work, but to everyone’s surprise, Shiori-Asuna takes the his and goes down bleeding. Negi is angry as Gödel puts his knee on Negi’s neck and announces he’ll reveal the identity of Negi’s true enemy.

Thoughts/Review: I know many if not most of you will disagree with me, but Gödel’s yacking about Arika hasn’t convinced me that she’s his mother. After all, he has a goal in mind and has to have known that Negi has been educated about Arika (which begs the question, “how?”) but hasn’t been told that Arika is his mother. Therefore, Negi assumes it to be true and Gödel is using that to get Negi where he wants him, in my estimation.

Gödel’s ability is one reason that I’ve felt that for Nagi to perfectly remain hidden (and assumed dead) for 10-years, he’d have to have a new identity so that no telepath could detect Nagi through whatever illusion he chose to hide himself in (whether I’m right and that illusion is “Negi” or not, for Nagi to stay hidden, he must be in disguise and have some ability to roam the world as needed).

Gödel’s use of the Shinmeiryuu Zanganken Zanmaken 2nd form technique made me smile. Why? Because I believe that’s the technique that Motoko from Love Hina mastered with Keitaro’s help. Man, I’d love for Motoko to make an appearance in this manga, but I honestly don’t believe Akamatsu-sensei will do that. If he does, I’ll make some happy squealing noises for sure. ^_^

This leads me to Shiori-Asuna. I’ve been wondering exactly how Akamatsu-sensei would unmask her for the longest time. Until now, he’d not provided any real clues on how this would be done until Yue was revealed to Negi (and confirmed to be Yue), meaning that there was a badge showing up someplace it shouldn’t be. Akamatsu-sensei brings in Gödel and now it looks as if Shiori-Asuna taking an injury like she did may be what unmasks her in the end. Further, I can also see this being a means of Negi picking off one of Fate’s minions by getting her to switch sides. ^_^ We’ll see though.

Still, I did find it interesting that even Gödel seemed surprised that “Asuna” didn’t nullify his attack. He may be working on the same team with Fate, but that doesn’t mean that he and Fate are on the same page and providing information to each other about their doings and plans.

So, a pretty interesting chapter but the next is being set up to be even more interesting as I see it. Can’t wait for the spoilers on Saturday. ^_^

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23 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 28 Ch 254 Review”

  1. Akamatsu truly knows how to please the fans after making us wait for a week.

    This chapter, like other, is awesome. Te odd thing is, I actually like this new villain, those constipated/evil faces he always makes, made me wonder who the hell hired him to be a governor XD.

    And looks like he himself is the Shinmeiryuu fighter instead of that kid assistance. Wonder what his abilities are. I wonder if Setsuna will provide any info about him.

    And more dangerous then Fate Averruncus? They may be working together? Or they may not, I’d like to think both are working on their own agendas.

    ANd something tells me, the so called ‘identity’ Godel goes on about may be, I dunno, the 1000 Master? That would be a shocker for Negi.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yep shiori-suna is about to get unmasked can’t wait!

  3. Ultimaniac says:

    Meh, I’ll still think of Arika as his mom until someone in the series says otherwise. Right now all clues point to “yeah, she is.” I know that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true but still, that’s what it seems Akamatsu-sensei wants us to think for the moment so I will until he throws a “wow” moment at us and reveals something different.

    Also, Yay Motoko memories!!! She was my favorite of all the Hina girls!

    I’m really grateful for this article. I can’t read Japanese and Enigma hasn’t finished the translation yet.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i think next chapter fake asuna will be revealed. maybe there will be a Shinmeiryuu battle

  5. mega-dark says:

    Great review as usual Mr.Astro. I haven’t read Love Hina before and though that Godel used a technique that Setsuna would have used. Which begs another question. Did Tsukuyomi learn from this guy? And last thing, lol at RPG like conversation response.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I find it kind of strange that Negi didn’t just dodge the shinmei technique instead of creating a barrier.

    Anyways, you seem to bring up the Negi = Nagi theory a lot. But wouldn’t that be kind of cruel? That the boy that what? Four, most likely more? girls have fallen in love with is a LIE? I mean, according to the stories, Nagi is completely different from Negi.

  7. goldenmustang says:

    @anon-Yeah, it was weird for Negi to just…well, stand there and take the blow. I mean, if you can go up to speeds of lightning, then why wouldn’t you just dodge the sword that, to you, is in slow-mo mode? I also thought it was weird for Negi’s limbs to be CUT OFF and then, like, reform, because “he’s made out of electricity”. If so, then how does he do physical attacks without…breaking up? I mean, look at the attacks he made on Rakan! He didn’t get holed in his stomach from punches, so why would he get his arms/legs sliced off/dissolved by swords? Being made of electricity doesn’t even make sense, because that would mean that Negi would be…moving electrons.

  8. mastermack0 says:

    I also believe Shiori will play a bigger role as she IS the most interesting girl in Fate’s harem. But oh god, this chapter was GREAT.

  9. As soon as I heard the technique name I immediately thought back to Love Hina. Reading the series 10 times over will do that to you (lol). Glad to see a possible reference.

    A cliffhanger in the end once again, I can’t believe Negi was defeated so easily, I mean he just fought Rakan to a standstill. You’d think the governer would have a bit more trouble dealing with him. At least he took care of those knights with style…

  10. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Ultimaniac said, “Also, Yay Motoko memories!!! She was my favorite of all the Hina girls!”

    Yeah, mine too. That’s another reason I’d love for her to at least make an appearance in “Negima!”

    mega-dark said, “Did Tsukuyomi learn from this guy?”

    I thought of that as well.

    “And last thing, lol at RPG like conversation response.


    Actually, more like a visual novel choice option. ^_^ This has appeared in “Negima!” before, but Del Rey hosed it up somewhat, which annoyed me.

    Anon said, “I find it kind of strange that Negi didn’t just dodge the shinmei technique instead of creating a barrier.”

    Attempting to dodge the attack is what kept Keitaro alive in “Love Hina.” *lol* Negi’s instinct was to put up a barrier to block an attack. What he didn’t know is that this 2nd form technique can pass through objects to get to its objective.

    When Motoko mastered the technique, Keitaro was bound in the path of the attack with Motoko’s target being a large boulder behind him. She succeeded in the attack, though she needed more practice because Keitaro’s glasses also cracked though he was otherwise unharmed.

    “Anyways, you seem to bring up the Negi = Nagi theory a lot. But wouldn’t that be kind of cruel? That the boy that what? Four, most likely more? girls have fallen in love with is a LIE? I mean, according to the stories, Nagi is completely different from Negi.”

    As to the cruel and the lie — I cite Ako and how she dealt with it. She was the most fragile of all the girls with feelings and she was able to deal with the truth and overcome.

    As to Nagi and Negi being different, that’s true. Princess Asuna and Asuna the normal kid are very different.

    @goldenmustang — *lol* I see the issue you have. I think you can chalk this up partially to “magic.” That’s what I have to do.

    @Cynical_gamer — I’m going to have to go back and reread “Love Hina” and write a review.

    @everyone with the Shiori remarks — I think you are all right. I think she will be unmasked soon and I do think she’ll play a bigger role.

  11. DocAstaroth says:

    Damnit, Godel is a magnificent Bastard! I personally like him and his midnight-dark humour.
    He remind me on the Joker. XDD


    Oh, come on! Akamatsu isn´t CLAMP! XD
    He wouldn´t pull such a twist all suddenly.
    Asuna´s past for example was already foreshadowed in Vol.7, maybe even Vol.2!

    Also, even if you´re right: Negi is a complete different person than Nagi!

  12. Philip says:

    hope Negi and co. (including Yue) get the heck out of there quickly…

    With an incident like this, they could be pursued even into the old world…

  13. arimareiji says:

    “Oh, come on! Akamatsu isn´t CLAMP! XD”

    Ehhh, the theory is “Nagi=Negi”… not “Asuna’s repressed memories are because Nagi fathered Negi off Asuna, which means Negi should probably stop sleeping with Asuna, and Nodoka winds up going crazy and stabbing them both 57 times.” (^_~)

  14. I’m interested to see who the “true enemy” Negi has to face is, especially because I’ve been wondering myself. I think it might be either Takamichi or Nagi. Or both. Takamichi because he showed up in the Magic World, but hasn’t actually appeared since (and the fact that they were “so glad to see him” makes me think that Akamatsu-sensei’s just using that to make it more dramatic) and Nagi because they’re saying it’ll be a huge surprise. But then again, I’ve been wrong before.

  15. Well, it’s finally been two weeks. I just read Enigma’s scanlation. Great chapter. Goader… Excuse me… Godel is one dangerous bastard. Skilled Shinmeiryuu user > high-level mage. His stances and expressions give me a Hellsing kinda vibe, like he’s a cross between Alucard and Alexander Anderson. I wonder what his big revelation is gonna be. Also, do you suppose Setsuna’s new artifact will come into play against Godel? She already has one fellow Shinmeiryuu user as an adversary.

    As an aside, if Negima really does share the same universe as Love Hina rather than simply borrowing elements, it would make you wonder how the Shinmeiryuu can let people like Godel and Tsukuyomi graduate from its ranks. Either the Aoyamas have poor standards, or there is an evil breakaway school. If there is a shared universe, perhaps a Shinmeiryuu-themed crossover chapter could lie in the future. Setsuna & Motoko vs. Tsukuyomi & Godel = awesomeness ensuing.

    Finally, I was curious as to what evidence, exactly, would cause you to abandon the Negi=Nagi theory? Also, what exactly is the degree of likelihood you place in the theory?

  16. The Kung says:

    “Nodoka winds up going crazy and stabbing them both 57 times”, then cuts of negis hea…..shit that’s “school days”

    @Radioactive Robot Show
    I don’t think that the true enemy would be Takamichi himself.

    I think that Godel is going to point at the whole ala rubra gang.

    When Godel first appeared in the scene was that small kid next to him Filius Zect the one in jack raken video.

    Your theory is very interesting Negi=Nagi, i also thought that.

    I don’t think that arika is his mum, my theory negi=nagi to hide this fact ala rubra say that negi is Arika X Nagi son. It is also interesting that Nekane Springfield looks like Asuna maybe Nekane is arika in disguise and the person that negi calls his uncle is nagi himself.

    But whatever it is one thing is very clear that negima is starting to wind up for a finish

  17. fg7dragon says:

    @arimareiji – Yes, I totaly agree that Nekane is actualy Princess Arika in disguise!

  18. AstroNerdBoy says:


    Oh, come on! Akamatsu isn´t CLAMP! XD
    He wouldn´t pull such a twist all suddenly.
    Asuna´s past for example was already foreshadowed in Vol.7, maybe even Vol.2! “

    Asuna’s abilities were foreshadowed in volume 1 though Peter David’s rewrites trashed some of that aspect.

    Still, if I’m right about Negi=Nagi, it will be because I am seeing the clues laying it out to be so. As such, it wouldn’t be some “out of thin air” plot twist like CLAMP seems to enjoy in both “Tsubasa” and “xxxHOLiC.” ^_~

    “hope Negi and co. (including Yue) get the heck out of there quickly…

    With an incident like this, they could be pursued even into the old world…”

    And they can’t get out quickly because Anya is still to be found if nothing else. ^_~

    @ShadowOfTheVoid — the technique that the Aoyama family has taught would almost seem to have those who’d teach it on the MW side too. Gödel could have been taught at the school and then passed his knowledge on to Tsukuyomi. Hmmmm, I just had a thought — what if Tsukuyomi turned out to be Gödel’s daughter? Heh!heh!

    As to Nekane being Arika in disguise, that would make sense to me and also explain why Nekane smells like Asuna. Of course for this to properly work, Arika would have also had to have had a memory suppression performed.

  19. Maybe Godel was expelled from the Shinmeiryuu for his evil ways and moved to Mundus Magicus? He and Tsukuyomi are the only bad guys shown so far that are Shinmeiryuu practitioners, and I do agree that Tsukuyomi was likely trained by Godel (something I forgot to mention last night) since he seems like he could be associated with Fate’s group.

    I was also thinking that if Negima and LH share the same universe, perhaps it’d make more sense for Tsuruko to make an appearance. It’s currently summer of 2003 in Negima, just halfway between ch. 118 (August 2001) and the epilogue chapters (April 2005) of LH. So, not only is it likely that Motoko isn’t in charge of the Shinmeiryuu yet, but, more importantly, it’s uncertain if she’d be skilled enough to deal with Godel. Of course, that four-year gap in LH does allow for Motoko to show up without contradicting anything in the timeline, plus there’s no telling how much she advanced in skill over the years. Also, she wouldn’t necessarily have to be in charge to take action the rogue Shinmeiryuu users, possibly taking it as a mission from her sister (Tsuruko was in charge of the school during LH, right?).

    I know it’s pointless to speculate about a crossover that may never happen, but it’s still fun.

  20. AstroNerdBoy says:

    It can be argued that Mei is a crossover from “Love Hina.” Granted, she was an invention of the anime, but Akamatsu-sensei did draw her for the wedding in the final volume. The character designs are identical.

    It can also be argued that Niitta-sensei from “AI Love You” is the same one as appears in “Negima!” since they have identical character designs. The only difference is that Niitta-sensei in “Negima!” is somewhat older, which would be the case if they were the same person.

    Fate and Program Zero from “AI Love You” have the same character designs down to the school uniform, only the one in “AI Love You” is an older version — that too is something that has been touched on in the “Negima!” manga.

    I get the feeling that even if Motoko or Tsuruko appeared in “Negima!,” Akamatsu-sensei would never come out and actually say that they were the same characters from “Love Hina.”

    And yes, Tsuruko was in charge of the dojo-school in “Love Hina” as best as I can tell. Obviously she was grooming Mokoto for the job but I believe Tsuruko was technically still in charge.

  21. Kevin says:

    Hi Astro, I’ve been a long time closet reader of your blog especially for Negima and I enjoy reading your views on this great series. Anyway, sorry for splitting hairs, but I do believe it was Zanmaken ni no tachi not Zanganken ni no tachi that Motoko learned in Love Hina although Godel does use Zanmaken ni no tachi after using Zanganken ni no tachi. If I’m wrong sorry in advance, but that’s how I remember it at least. Thanks again for your blog posts! Looking forward to the spoiler images for 255.

  22. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Nope, you are right and I missed that — there are two different attacks — Zanmaken and Zanganken.

  23. arimareiji says:

    @ANB, Kung, Doc: “As such, it wouldn’t be some “out of thin air” plot twist like CLAMP seems to enjoy in both “Tsubasa” and “xxxHOLiC.” ^_~”

    Oooooh, okay. Sorry, I get it now – I was thinking another direction wrt CLAMP – their “Okay, how will we mindf*** our readers today?” tendency.
    Tokyo Negima: Negi stabs Yue 57 times, and Nodoka swears to hunt him down and kill him.
    X Negima: Nodoka stabs Yue 57 times. Nodoka stabs half the cast 57 times. Negi sets out to stab her 57 times, but decides at the last minute to stab himself 57 times to save her.
    RG Negima: Nodoka stabs everyone 57 times, except Negi – she decides at the last minute to stab herself 57 times to save him.

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