Negima! Manga Vol 28 Ch 255 Review

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 28 Chapter 255 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 255
Negima! Manga Vol 28 Ch 255 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Negima! Manga Vol 28 Ch 255 ReviewAs Governor-General Gödel has Negi pinned down, he asks Negi which is Negi’s true enemy — the ones planning to destroy the world, the ones who took Negi’s father from him, or the ones who destroyed Negi’s village. The first choice is the present, the second is the future and the third is the past. Gödel suspects it is the past which truly drives Negi but if Negi won’t join Gödel, then Gödel will have to destroy him as Negi is too dangerous. Negi uses a Magia Erebea, Enchantment Equip: Raiten Taisou Two followed by a Tastrapa Hyper Ouranou Mega Dynamena to escape Gödel. A magical smoke bomb is tossed into the area at which Setsuna, Craig, and Tosaka arrive to evacuate Negi, Shiori-Asuna, and Nodoka. Gödel mocks Seras for allowing them to escape but his mocking stops when it is pointed out to him that Negi managed to damage Gödel’s clothing without Gödel’s knowledge, something which impresses him.

Retreating to a safe house, Shiori-Asuna and Negi go back and forth on whom Konoka will heal. Konoka chooses Asuna and provides the perfect healing technique. Then Konoka uses regular healing magic on Negi, after which she produces a salve for the wound. Shiori-Asuna says she’ll put in on Negi, so Konoka and Setsuna leave. Shiori-Asuna and Negi talk with Negi wondering about why Asuna’s abilities to cancel magic and ki didn’t work. Negi vows to protect Asuna which not only causes Shiori-Asuna to blush, she also ends up fleeing to the bathroom to take a break. Shiori dispels the Asuna illusion and realizes that Negi almost made her lose her cover thanks to the feelings Asuna has. Even though the Signum Bioregens perfectly imitates a person, it also has a severe weakness. Shiori reminds herself she only has to wait one more day.

Meanwhile, Nodoka has found an invitation to a ball at the Governor-General’s residence inside of Negi’s clothing. Nodoka doesn’t see a trap on the invitation though coming to the ball as a wanted criminal may well be a trap. Setsuna warns Negi that Gödel uses the Shinmeiryuu techniques that she uses. However, he is using an ability that is only taught through the “central line” and not something one would casually learn. Jack arrives to remark to Negi on how he heard Negi got beaten by Eishun’s apprentice.

Thoughts/Review: The three choices Gödel gave Negi took me by surprise. Gödel’s words seem to imply that there isn’t a single force behind the attack on Negi’s village, Nagi’s disappearance, and the plan to destroy the Magic World. Until now, I had assumed all three events were caused by the same force. It may well be that they all are caused by the same force and that Gödel is merely baiting Negi, much as he’d done throughout their encounter.

The other interesting item Gödel brought up is that the taking away of Nagi is a “future” item. How can an unknown entity taking away Nagi from Negi be a “future” event? The attack on Negi’s village is the past, so that makes sense. Fate’s plans for the MW are present time, so that makes sense. Nagi being gone from the scene seems like a past item as well, though I suppose what Akamatsu-sensei is getting at here is that Negi’s quest to find Nagi and the truth is something to take place in the future.

So, Eishun is Gödel’s master for the Shinmeiryuu techniques. Well, maybe we’ll learn more about Konoka’s father. That would be great as far as I’m concerned. I wonder if Setsuna knows Gödel in some form. Verbally, she gave nothing away but physically when she saw Gödel, it appeared as if she recognized him.

When Negi and company depart, Emily still calls him “Nagi-sama” despite knowing that he’s the wanted criminal, “Negi.” Pretty safe to say that she’ll be a willing member for Team Negi should an opportunity arise and Chamo be around. ^_^

Philip made mention in the spoiler image comments that there is a parallel between the character “Zero” in Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki and Shiori here. For those who don’t know, Zero was an infiltration robot that could perfectly mimic any person to include their memories and even abilities. Zero impersonated one of Tenchi’s girls but while that girl had been able to keep her feelings for Tenchi in check, Zero found these emotions too strong to contain (though that wasn’t the only thing which outed Zero).

Shiori is clearly going through a similar issue with the Asuna identity. That Asuna cares deeply for Negi has never been in doubt. I dare say that her romantic feelings really aren’t in doubt either. However, she’s been able to contain them. Shiori is having a difficult time containing these feelings and a ball dance might be JUST enough to send her over the edge. We’ll see if that’s how Akamatsu-sensei takes things or if he’ll allow Shiori to make it through and thus allow whatever Fate has in store to happen. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Asuna’s story soon.

Which reminds me — Akamatsu-sensei is playing things very carefully when it comes to Negi not figuring out Asuna is a fake. Negi isn’t coming off as blind or dumb as he did notice “Asuna” not canceling out Gödel’s attack. However, one can see that Negi’s concern for Asuna and his feelings for her override any sense of warning that might have been generated. This careful writing is one of the things I like so much about Akamatsu-sensei.

Jack’s back. *lol*

So, a rather interesting chapter that appears to be setting the table for the next sub-arc of the Magic World arc. ^_^

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14 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 28 Ch 255 Review”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, now my crazy theories have some sense. We’ve got three points

    (A) is the Present. The organization that Fate belonged (or belongs) to (Cosmo something) is trying to destroy the world

    That’s pretty obvious, but now the other two have a more close relationship

    C is past and B is future. One of my first ideas when I started realizing the deep things that Akamatsu thinks for his manga, and idea came to my head that Nagi (Negi’s father), for some strange overload of magic, developed two personalities, or maybe just as a psichological problem. One of this was normal Nagi and the other was an evil one (maybe some of the magic of the super bad guy “The Mage of the Beginning” affected him during the fight) Nagi withdrew himself from the world to not kill anyone more (maybe he killed Arika when Negi was born, who knows). When he learned that his son lived in a village, he took action to spur his son into becoming strong enough to defeat any person that threatened his friends or family.

    All this leads to the connection that Nagi may be losing a fight for control with his evil identity and wants Negi to grow strong so he can defeat him. Of course, where does B enter here. Maybe Nagi isn’t completely lost yet, but still has a sane personality in there, which means that someone (unknown entity, evil Nagi) has yet to take complete control over Negi’s father, so that why Godel classifies it in the future.

    If I see that something is lacking in my theory, I’ll post it later

    P.D. Trademarks reserved and copyright over this theory

  2. mega-dark says:

    Great as usual Mr.Astro. Shori did say that Fate perfected this technique first right? Going back 20 odd chapters Fate used a technique that made him look like a politician. Nagi knew and blew his head off. Could this be the same technique?

  3. Merc says:

    I think the recognition goes both ways–Godel’s “Oh, my” seemed to be directed at Setsuna. …Plus, if they know each other, Setsuna might be able to continue her apparent habit of fighting blondes with creepy eyes.

    And yay for the return of Jack!

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Anon — interesting theory. ^_^

    @mega-dark — this is the same technique that the earlier version of Fate used to assume the identity of a politician. Since Nagi unmasked him so easily, Fate has clearly upgraded the technique to cover those early weaknesses.

    @Merc — I believe you are right. ‘Twill be interesting to learn what relationship they have. Possibly, it may be nothing more than Gödel stopping by the temple to visit his master while Setsuna was training there.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do you think Negi will really attend the ball?

  6. The nice bit that explains godels Shinmeryuu techniques is him being Eishun’s apprentice. But what could have made hime turn over? And Konoka was so cute/happy in this chapter (yeh, kissing a girl gives you that side effect XD), mainly now shes convinced on being a magi.

    Tosaka and Craig are in, I liked to see if Akamatsu will give these guys a bigger role. I can see these guys being backup in a finally battle at the end of the Magical World arc.

    And the Ball? Hmm, who will the first dance be? Its gonna be a love frenzy with over half the Negima Harem!

    “Shiori is having a difficult time containing these feelings and a ball dance might be JUST enough to send her over the edge.”

    I’d like to bet she’ll be the last dance, its more suspenseful that way ;P Looks like her artifact is also in the form of a tag. Can’t see any “Ministra Magi Shiori” like Asuna’s or Chachazero.

    And I’m waiting for Fate to return. One more day = One-Two weeks for us XD

  7. fg7dragon says:

    Here’s a nice possible chain of events: Negi and co. go to the ball; Kamo makes’s a giant magic circle around the building like the one in Kyoto in order to have that long-awaited “pactio festival”; during a dance with Negi, Shiori give’s in to temptation and kisses him, breaking the disguize spell and at the same time making a pactio.
    What do you think ANB, what’s the chance of this happening? Above or under 50% ?

  8. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @anon — I do think Negi will be at the ball with Shiori-Asuna at the very least, though I can see Setsuna getting involved because of the Shinmeiryuu angle.

    @DeltaResilience — “Tosaka and Craig are in, I liked to see if Akamatsu will give these guys a bigger role. I can see these guys being backup in a finally battle at the end of the Magical World arc.”

    Well, there’s also that other guy from Nodoka’s group too.

    Regarding the artifact Shiori is using, I’m not entirely convinced that is her pactio artifact. It might be, but Shiori didn’t dispel it in the normal way that pactio artifacts are dispelled. Further, I want to say that the earlier version of Fate used a bookmark for the disguise technique that Shiori is using.

    That said, Al did have a pactio artifact that contained a bookmark as part of each book he had in order for him to become someone else for a short period of time.

    @fg7dragon — Considering that Gödel is an enemy (at least for the moment) and that Negi and his entire party are wanted criminals, I don’t see any pactios made there. I can see Shiori’s disguise coming down though, but then she only has to maintain it one more day.

    It is possible that Chamo may decide that Negi needs more pactio partners before the ball though.

  9. Pong says:

    Heh good chapter and as always good review .

    I found funny how Konoka said that Asuna should be just honest for once and say that she wants to do it. I always though that She’s neither a airhead nor as innocent as she may seem on first sight.

    But I agree with her that Asuna could be more honest with herself. Though I understand why Akamtsu made her so reculant to admit her feelings. From readying the manga I got the impression that If she was to confess her feelings to Negi it would be kind of game over for other Girls, and he doesn’t want to upset fans of other ships.

    I wonder if this time Jack will explain something or will he sneak his way out of it. My hopes are up since he did say that he will be honest with Negi when he accept him as a man.

    Also I wonder how Negi will react to Shiori revealing herself (which i think will happen at the ball) I have this suspicion that he will be more than just angry. This time he may “snap” for a moment. Because if theres something Negi will not stand is someone messing with Asuna, well that and insulting his father…

    Anyway he may start randomly attacking people or something. I have feeling that the negative emotions hes about to suffer will speed-up magia erebea affecting him.

  10. More great plot development. Setsuna’s new artifact still hasn’t been shown off, though. It seems like the uber-kawaii Shiori has only a day left for something. Kind of a cryptic statement. Can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings.

    Related to our discussion last week, it seems that Godel learned from Eishun. Setsuna mentioned something about one of Godel’s moves only being allowed to be handed down through a “central line.” Presumably, that makes the Konoemon family part of this central line. So, if Love Hina and Negima do share the same universe, does this mean that the Aoyama and Konoemon families are part of the same family?

    Also, somthing I forgot to mention last week is that it seems like ME is starting to manifest itself practically ever time Negi uses spells or even generates magical power. One wonders if Negi is doing this voluntarily, or if ME is becoming more and more a part of his being and something increasingly out of his control.

  11. Arnel says:

    If Negi does go to the ball he will have to disguise as you know who.(:

    If that happens OH MY GOD it’s gonna be a blood bath with the Negima harem especially between Ako and Makie.

    Also about that theory that Shiori gets revealed here’s my theory.At the ball Negi and Asuna do the waltz or some other fancy dance.Also if Negi really will be disguised as a fifteen old then the real Asuna’s feelings which is affecting Shiori will get stronger. Thus her cover gets blown because she couldn’t handle Negi as a handsome teenager should couldn’t even handle him as a 12-13 year old.

    The reason I say 12-13 year old is because Negi has spent alot of time in the Diorama Sphere as well as the 72 days spent in the Phantasma he has to be much older now.

    Also for the Encroachment of Darkness which is taking over Negi’s body. I have a very strong feeling that he will overcome that and who’s use the Encroachment of Darkness as a weapon or an attack.

    As for Negi’s father I really hope that it doesn’t come to the point where he has to fight his father to the death.

    These are just my theories if you don’t like them that’s fine with me. I’m just putting down my thoughts like all of you have and everyonr has their own right to their opinion as much as I do.All of your thoughts and ideas are just as important as anyone else’s.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thought: What if the attack on the village, Nagi’s arrival, etc… was an event designed specifically to turn Negi into a vengance seeking fighting force, part of some massive Xanatos Gambit?

  13. rhoan_wot says:

    So, I’ve been re-reading the manga, and there’s something that popped out to me.!/147/02/

    Am I the only one that sees Arika, Nagi, and Al on that poster, or am I just confused?

  14. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I always saw Nagi and Al and assumed that the art was done just to reflect heroes from the war but who would have no special meaning to the students (outside of Eva of course). Arika wasn’t known back then but maybe that was Akamatsu-sensei’s little hint of things to come.

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