Some Girls of AKAMATSU Ken

Some Girls of AKAMATSU Ken

OK, I’m on an image kick of late but I figure that I may as well “share the love” as it were because these are nifty images. ^_^

Today, I was looking through my color art from Akamatsu-sensei, creator of my favorite manga Negima! This image features Sati (technically “30” since this is how the Japanese pronounce the number in English) from AI Love You, Naru from Love Hina, and Mai (aka: Santa-san) from Itsudatte My Santa. I’m not sure when Akamatsu-sensei did this image but if someone knows, let me know. I figure it may be prior to his creation of Negima! since Asuna isn’t featured.

Some Girls of AKAMATSU Ken (Naru Sati Mai)
I’ve never read Itsudatte My Santa. I’m surprised that Del Rey hasn’t tried to publish it as a Christmas thing.

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8 Responses to “Some Girls of AKAMATSU Ken”

  1. fg7dragon says:

    Nice pic.

  2. hughroe says:

    Long hair, check, check and check.

    Thick eyebrows, check, check and check.

    Yep, all 3 are his “type” physically.


    And the picture I think it’s from the time he won the Kodansha Award, but I’m not totally sure…

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    OK, now I’m curious — what makes “Itsudatte My Santa” so bad? I have seen the anime and thought it was pretty good (downright funny in one spot).

  5. mastermack0 says:

    Itsudatte My Santa was a pretty good anime (great music). I’ve read the manga, its just like the first episode with a lot less material. Its perfectly fine just has less characters.

  6. ALe¤n says:

    Istudatte My Santa was pretty good I thought. The anime seems like it is being played back on 1.5x speed because they had to speak a little quick to cram all the content into the short OVA but it was cute and quite funny. If you’re a fan of Akamatsu’s other works then you’ll probably also like My Santa.

  7. Definitely, I’ll read IMS. Great pic!

  8. proscientia says:

    Itsudatte my Santa is very short (less than a typical volume, it’s roughly 50 pages), so you wouldn’t lose much time reading it. If you can read French, it’s available in it.

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