School Rumble Z Chapter 08 Manga Review

School Rumble Z Volume 1 Chapter 08 (manga)
スクールランブルZ Chapter ♮8 “Secret Society”

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

School Rumble Z Chapter 08Karen is waiting for the late Imadori arrive for thier movie date and when he does, he’s hitting on another girl and takes a beating from said girl. After the movie, Imadori again hits on another girl and again takes another beating, forcing Karen to carry him off. Karen is unable to say what she wants to say and so she and Imadori end up going their separate ways. At home, Karen gets a call from Megumi, who knows all about the date. She knows the situation with Karen and Imadori and promises to get Imadori to understand. That night, Karen thinks of the situation and doesn’t know what to do any more.

The next day at school, Megumi verbally attacks Imadori who claims that everything he’s doing is part of his plan and that he’s going to give her a ring. Megumi tells Karen the good news and that she’s to go to the Yagami Shrine after school. She happily races there but discovers that by “ring,” Imadori meant a wrestling ring and there are many others in the class waiting to watch the match between Karen and Imadori. Lala is ticked off by this and attacks Imadori until Karen stops her. When Imadori expresses happiness at being saved by Karen, Karen hits him with one of her patent wrestling moves, nailing Imadori to the mat.

Karen is devistated, crying, and about to flee when Hanai stops her, saying she deserves a victory belt for her win. A bowing Imadori produces a real ring and says it is the champion’s belt and that she’s a beautiful winner. Karen’s tears of pain turn to tears of joy as she accepts Imadori’s ring.

Review/Thoughts: You know, I’ve never understood Karen’s attraction to Imadori. I’ve always felt so bad for her because Imadori is not only an air head, but also ready to hit on any skirt that passes by while ignoring the babe at his side. I suppose Imadori is a lot like Ataru from Urusei Yatsura, who has the hot Lum-chan, but who’s always looking at other girls, ready to jump at a chance to be with them.

Still, I had to laugh out loud when Megumi reported that Imadori had a ring for Karen and she discovers that ring is a wrestling ring. *LOL* I’m not sure what Imadori’s original plan was. If I had to guess, it didn’t involve Lala coming in and kicking his butt. I figure he would play-act fighting and then give her the real ring. Instead, he took another beating from Karen but in the end, she got her ring from Imadori. Despite her “win,” I just can’t help but feel badly for her as Imadori is too imature and in my mind would likely continue to hit on other women.

Its unfortunate that School Rumble Z came to an end because I would have enjoyed a story about Imadori and Karen in the future as a married couple where Imadori is actually a responsible and good husband. ^_^

So a fun chapter after the stinker last chapter.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Since this is only one volume, Del Rey should go ahead and license it for publication after School Rumble concludes for them.

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