School Rumble Z Chapter 10 Manga Review

School Rumble Z Volume 1 Chapter 10 (manga)
スクールランブルZ Chapter ♮10 “Goodbye Again”

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

It is time for Tenma’s class to graduate, so Yakumo and Sara get ready to leave while Eri makes sure Harima attends. At Yagami High School, Akira lets out the news that apparently Mikoto and Hanai are going to be sharing a room in a boarding house come spring, something they deny. This causes a lot of talk about couples with Megumi asking Karen if she’s going to be OK with Imadori living alone in Yokohama. Max is also at school and after Harry comments on how alike Max and Harima are, Max thinks that if Harima makes Eri cry, Max will make him pay.

In the future, a married (?) Harima and Eri arrive at the hospital with their new baby to visit Karasuma as well as fellow visitors Tenma and Yakumo, who are happy to see them and their baby.

The graduation ceremony starts and Yakomo is tasked with giving the farewell speech to her senpais. Her speech is moving and she starts to cry, but is saved by Tenma’s arrival on stage. Somewhere in the crowd, Harima is behind Karasuma in a wheelchair, remarking on Tenma, the girl whom both of them fell in love with.


I didn’t see a ring on Karen’s finger, but then again, her hand was never really shown. If this story takes place after chapter 8’s story, then she should have a ring. Oh well.

The item that has many fans of School Rumble talking is the apparent flash-forward scene with Harima and Eri in the future. You know, I would have been OK with Harima ending up with either Eri or Yakumo. Granted, I haven’t read anything in School Rumble passed what Del Rey has released, but based on what I have read, either girl would be acceptable. Assuming this is what Kobayashi-sensei decided was the one whom Harima would end up with, it is a shame to not have a story taking place after chapter 5 that explains how Harima was found and how the ultimate choice came about. I suppose that doesn’t matter in the end because more often than not (or so it seems), authors cop out on having a single choice made when there is a love-triangle or harem situation.

So I’m kind of disappointed this manga series is already over, but I guess this is the better farewell than what was in School Rumble (based on what I heard at least). I’ll have more thoughts about the entire series later. I still need to reach chapter 9.

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  1. dankenji says:

    PLEASE MAN, reach it soon as possible!

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’ll have to order the tankoubon but since I’m not going to pay Amazon Japan’s outrageous shipping and Sasuga doesn’t have it, I’ll likely have to special order it.

  3. Lordy says:

    Nieeeeeeeeeeee!!! 🙁

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