Clannad After Story – Another World: Kyou Chapter

クラナド アフターストーリー もうひとつの世界 杏編
Clannad ~After Story~ “Episode 25” (OVA)
Clannad After Story – Another World: Kyou Chapter

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Clannad After Story - Another World: Kyou ChapterAs a depressed Kyou sits alone in a classroom, Ryou makes a confession to Tomoya and he accepts. Thus, Ryou and Tomoya begin dating. One day, Tomoya sees Kyou in town looking depressed. She puts on a happy face and they sit on a park bench and talk. Upon learning that Tomoya and Ryou have never kissed, Kyou asks if Tomoya would like to practice on her since the experience should be the similar to kissing Ryou as they are twins. Tomoya goes in for the kiss but at the last second, Kyou backs down and leaves.

Clannad After Story - Another World: Kyou ChapterRumors spring up at school about Kyou kissing Tomoya at the park and even Youhei knows about it. When Tomoya denies it and says he’s dating Ryou, Youhei is surprised since the two don’t match up well. Kyou drags Youhei off and when Ryou comes to talk to Tomoya, he makes an excuse and leaves. Tomoya discovers Kyou attempting to kiss Youhei outside and hides. Youhei stops Kyou because he realizes she’s not serious and that she loves Tomoya. Tomoya emerges and Kyou is ashamed that he heard that. Kyou tries to play it off and Ryou senses the distance coming between herself and Tomoya.

Clannad After Story - Another World: Kyou ChapterOn a date, Ryou calls Tomoya “Tomoya-kun” instead of “Okazaki-kun” for the first time and asks that he call her “Ryou” instead of “Fujibayashi.” He agrees but there is awkwardness between them that lasts until she eventually goes home. Tomoya is feeling down and walking home in the rain, he finds Botan out. He then discovers Kyou is there but she doesn’t want him near, begging him to only think of Ryou. He doesn’t stay away and she ends up telling the truth about her feelings and the mess of things she and Ryou are going through.

Clannad After Story - Another World: Kyou ChapterAt school the next day, Tomoya and Youhei are on the roof talking when Youhei gives Tomoya a frank statement that no matter what Tomoya does, either Kyou or Ryou will be hurt. To do nothing will only make both of them hurt more. Tomoya meets with Ryou after school in the classroom and breaks it off with Ryou. She admits that she knew that Kyou liked Tomoya but she went for Tomoya just the same. She says she can become more like Kyou and begs him to give her a chance but he refuses as that’s not what he wants. Ryou races forward, kisses Tomoya, then flees the classroom.

Clannad After Story - Another World: Kyou ChapterThe next day, Ryou is absent and Tomoya is depressed. Youhei ends up leaving him after class when Tomoya begins speaking aloud and addresses what he thinks is Ryou. He tells her that he’s been unkind to her in that he had been thinking of Kyou while dating her and that it is Kyou he loves. The girl races forward and Tomoya realizes this is Kyou, who’s cut her hair like Ryou’s. Ryou got angry with Kyou for not going for Tomoya and now it is Kyou’s turn to confess. Thus Kyou and Tomoya become a couple and Ryou and Tomoya are friends. Kyou and Ryou have their sisterly bonds renewed and all is well.


Clannad After Story - Another World: Kyou ChapterI knew this was going to be a tough one to watch from the moment Kyou looked depressed and Ryou was all happy that Tomoya started dating her. I can’t imagine what twins who fall in love with the same guy might go through when one is chosen and the other is rejected. Of course, one would feel worse for Ryou considering she’s the shy type and doesn’t seem like she’d handle rejection that well. It was different in the main anime because Nagisa and Tomoya were so meant to be together, the others didn’t really have a chance. That’s why, as in the Tomoyo Route OVA, Nagisa is MIA. She has to be otherwise these other girls wouldn’t work.

Clannad After Story - Another World: Kyou ChapterThe bad thing is that the title of this OVA gives away the store by saying this is Kyou’s chapter, so we know Ryou is getting screwed from the start. The anime writers make Ryou a bit tougher and accepting than one would expect though, but I suppose they had to in order to allow there to be a happy end of sorts. The only thing is, I never could stop feeling bad for Ryou no matter how much effort the production team attempted to put into her moving on with her life and restoring her relationship with Kyou.

Clannad After Story - Another World: Kyou ChapterAnyway, it was not only strange to see Kyou with Ryou’s hair style, but it was also strange seeing her so lovey-dovey with Tomoya after they became a couple. I can believe Kyou would be this way but considering how she was throughout both main anime series, it just seems odd.

Youhei, who’s so often just the cannon fodder for jokes, comes off mature and sensible in this episode. Shocking, I know but first he doesn’t take advantage of Kyou’s attempts Clannad After Story - Another World: Kyou Chapterto replace Tomoya with Youhei. Next, he actually offers some sage advice to Tomoya in laying it out there that no matter what Tomoya does, either Ryou of Kyou will be hurt. I actually think that the Youhei stuff may have been the highlight of the episode.

I guess this now finally wraps of the Clannad franchise as I don’t believe there are any more romantic routes for Tomoya to take and be exploited into a one-episode spinoff. Either way, this is not an episode that I could watch again simply because I hate that Ryou gets hurt.

Clannad After Story - Another World: Kyou Chapter

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6 Responses to “Clannad After Story – Another World: Kyou Chapter”

  1. Anonymous says:

    In the visual novel version, Ryou was stated to already have a boyfriend (HIIRAGI Kappei), so if Tomoya chose Ryou at the end of some route, no light orb would result and therefore a bad ending occurs. In other words, Ryou was never a haremette to begin with.
    I don’t know why Kappei never appeared in the anime adaptations. Several theories have come about to explain it–one was that Ryou could be considered “available” and that Tomoya flirting with her would not be considered wrong; another theory is that Kappei could not fit anywhere within any of the other major arcs present.

  2. mastermack0 says:

    Yeah, most people who played the games warned me and others that Kyou’s story is messed up. Whatever. Youhei is a bro and always was.

  3. Anonymous says:

    …Well, the main reason they did the Kyou and Tomoyo episodes was due to the fact that they are the top 2 most popular to the fans. It is kind of disappointing, I never really liked Tomoyo and would have loved a Kotomi episode.

    The main thing that ruined both these episodes for me was “Ana” being played in the big love scenes near the end of each. It’s a song which is too slow and WAY too Engrishy.

  4. Ultimaniac says:

    0.0 Wow, I probably wouldn’t even have known about this if I hadn’t seen your article. Thanks for this, now off to watch ^_^

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Kappei is a name I’d heard attached to Clannad but I never bothered to look into it more. Not knowing how the visual novel story went, I think the anime adaptation worked well to cover any loss from the character Kappei.

    As to Youhei…*lol* I like that “bro” term, Mastermack0. ^_^

    @Anon — A Kotomi episode would have been nice.

    @Ultimaniac — Glad to help. ^_^

  6. Kal says:

    Somehow, I did not like this extra episode. Not a little bit.

    As you say, I imagine relationships between twins, and siblings must be very difficult, but still, Tomoya is portrayed very weakly. His declaration, his relationship with Ryou… It just seems so off.

    Kyou is also portrayed very weakly. Cutting he hair to look like her sister? I simply do not know what to think of it. For a Kyou chapter, there was too much Ryou.

    The Tomoyo ending was much more solid and it explored so many things. It had a very mature feel to it. This chapter just feels too childish and weak compared to the rest of the series.

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