More Negima! Chapter 260 SPOILER Images

Yay! More images. First batch –> HERE.

Possible break next week and maybe the week after. A break next week would be good for me as I travel all over the U.S. and it would be more difficult to grab the images.

Update: Hata says there’s a 3-week 2-week break. August 19 is when 261 will appear.

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27 Responses to “More Negima! Chapter 260 SPOILER Images”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The delay may be good for you, ANB, but it sucks for us.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    It sucks for me too on a certain level, considering that I’ll be stuck waiting like everyone else. *lol*

  3. Anonymous says:

    Homura is really human? Why would she need to disguise herself.

    I think it is the Sofia Mosque in Istanbull in the background.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Shiori’s illusion is going down!

  5. The Mask Man says:

    i hate one week breaks and now 3 week i will kill the next person i see totake ouy my rage!
    looks like a great chapter

  6. Anonymous says:

    August 19th? Isn’t that a 2-week break then?

  7. fg7dragon says:

    Hey, is Homura actualy telling Rakan her story, or is he reading her mind ? (wouldn’t put it pass him)
    From what I see in these picts, Fate picked up the girls 10 years ago, right after his match with Nagi. Aparently, they lost their familyes in the crossfire, and Fate put the blame on Nagi. If I’m right about their family dieing, it would be a clasic situation if Fate said he could ressurect them if he acomlished something (destroyed the Magic World).
    As for the Ball, Negi dancing with Asuna and Kotarou with Natsumi was expected. What I didn’t expect was Craig’s gang and Tosaka’s to make an (final) apearence. Also, I understand why Misora, Kokone, Mei and Takane are there, but who is that blonde with the sunglases in the last pic? The guy next to her looks like Gandolfini (except the horns).
    And, yeah, Shiori should get her own Ala Alba (harem member) badge prety soon.

  8. arimareiji says:

    Cheer up, guys, it could always be much worse. ^_^ (I’m about to demonstrate that I have way too much time on my hands)

    Negima first appearance in Shonen: 26/2/03 (334 weeks ago)
    Number of chapters: 259
    Est. pages per chapter: 18
    Est. pages per week: 14

    Compare and contrast:
    MegaTokyo: 466 weeks, 905 story pages = <2 pages per week.
    Onii-Chan Control: 1 chapter every 3 months (49 pages, 26 weeks) = <2 pages per week.

    Or worst of all… KyoAni could take over and start releasing the same chapter every week. ^_~

  9. Pong says:

    I have to say: Looove is in the aiiir!

    But seriously Negi and Asuna look good together… and is Negi looking at her breasts in the 4th spoiler image ?

    BTW since when both of the could dance so well … not to mention freaking Kotaro!

    And regarding Kotaro, he ditched Natsumi as soon as he saw Kaede… poor poor thing ( Natsumi I mean) I feel kinda sorry for her but on the other hand I can’t really blame Kotaro for his preference since this one is kinda non-brainer.

    Also LOL Nodoka . I expected (probably as everyone else) that Negi would choose to dance with Asuna over her but why is she smiling about? I dont know Japanese but I’m pretty sure that in the 4th spoiler (in the panel with half of Haruna face behind) she’s saying something to the effect That N&A are cute together (would explain Haruna expresion).

    But at least she has Craig as consolation prise

  10. Anonymous says:

    ahhhh no setsuna and konoka dance scene 🙁

    maybe there’ll be something once the raw comes up

  11. ZeroUrashima says:

    It’s not a 3-week break at all.
    It’s only one week. Chapter 260 is from Book 36, last page says it’ll be back on Book 38. The date is the released date for the book I think, Spoilers are released before the book comes out. Chapter 261 will come out on 19/08 but Spoilers for it should show up on 15th-16th as usual. I wonder where they come from though…

  12. Ian says:

    Aw dammit!! Nodoka might have eyes for another guy, it’s not fair!! I was hoping she would end up with Negi, plus, Asuna’s like, 15, she’s too old for Negi (even if it’s not really her).

  13. fg7dragon says:

    Nodoka is also 15. As for Asuna, considering she was around 20 years ago, do the math.

  14. @Ian Asuna’s the same age as Nodoka…
    but yeah, I don’t think that Akamatsu will actually change Nodoka’s romantic interests. I think there’s enough NegiXNodoka fans out there that there will be a riot if he does, lol. Plus, changing something on a whim like that after 28 volumes would just be stupid. It’s one of the series’ themes. Negi’s a wizard, he looks for his father, Asuna’s mysterious, Nodoka loves Negi. It can’t get much simpler than that.

  15. arimareiji says:

    fg7: Eh, age is no barrier to true love… just ask Mary Kay Letourneau. They’re even about the same ages! ^_~

  16. 5yewy5r says:

    Seems like more and more events are pointing toward a Negi x Asuna ending these recent chapters… Frustrates me >_< Really, I don’t have anything against the Negi x Asuna fans out there, but I’m just kind of sick of the tsundere-ish heroine going with the hero. It makes sense since they’re both main characters, but come on! It’s not like it’s impossible for there to be another main character that the hero goes with, or even a side-character.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Once again, it’s not so much the fact that they’re the main characters as the fact that they like each other. Honestly, people, be a little romantic! 😛

    This chapter looks really great. I can’t wait to read it!

  18. Anonymous says:

    well is Arika not allot older than Nagi aswell?

  19. Pong says:

    RRS is right. Nodoka is 15 years old too. I mean that’s the entire joke: They are all much older than him.

    Also one or two Negi/Nodoka shippers gonna explode from bitterns when this chapter comes out – including one or two jerks who are really annoying in their wanking.

    It’s gonna be a good week ^_^

  20. Ian says:

    Actually, I thought Nodoka was 12 or 13. And since Negi is about 11 now, I thought it would be kind of cool for the main character to end up with someone other than the main heroine. I really wanted Negi to end up with Nodoka in the future, but with this whole Asuna/Negi thing going on, I’m starting to loose interest. This story began to convince me that it was different from all the crappy porno shit like Love Hina, Inuyasha, and Tenchi Muyo. Negima was close enough to Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist. I just hope Negi and Nodoka will have an actual Beauty and the Beast type of ending together.

  21. Asuna is 15 than the war didn’t end 18 years ago as Asuna was 2 or 3 years old when it ended I think Eva still can be Arika …Another break now that really sucks XD:) Adleast that one is recent it would be terrible if we had to wait for this one.

  22. Anonymous says:

    You now what they say opposites attract and Negi and Asuna could not be more opposite than one another.

  23. Inuyasha Tenchi porno’s you don’t know the meaning of it lol …first thing its all not even close to Porno’s (I agree there are moments in the first season of Tenchi that give some hope but..) Why don’t Ian do some research on Hentai than he’ll get what real porno is all about this is themed Echhi alhought in Inuyasha’s case
    its a huge exageration see Vampire Rosario for a proper Echi anime (Tenchi is somewhat close but not entirelly as to Negima it also falls in this caegory)

  24. Prinny says:

    Ahh! Another delay!, oh well, anyways why isn’t Nodoka dancing with Negi? I’m all for Nodoka x Negi!

  25. is it me or are you guys really uninterested in the main plot here ?

    Anyways if you look it over theres many hints Asuna and Negi will be together not a fan of the pair but ….
    the other girls aren’t serious in this and there more in this for fun …Nodoka treats Negi as a friend close friend but I think thats it …they’re more in this for fun

  26. Anonymous says:

    Scanlations are finally out. Get them at this link

  27. Mike says:

    O how I wish I could read Japanese.

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