More Negima! Chapter 261 SPOILER Images

The early images continue to roll out for Negima! 261. Kind of surprising but cool for us. ^_^

Thanks to everyone who alerted me to this. ^_^

BTW, here’s a favorite in Japan for the next pactio.

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27 Responses to “More Negima! Chapter 261 SPOILER Images”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, Thanks for your spoilers and comments about Negima. I’m from Korea (South, not North^^)and I also big fan of mahou sensei negima, (In korea, It is called Mabubsunsang Negima.). The spoiler of chapter 261 is too surprise for me. About Ku..? Not bad^^. And I’m also glad that, Maybe Ku doesn’t have love emotions about negi in my view (It cannot be true, of course). Anyway, thanks for your spoilers again and have a nice day.^^ (Sorry for my bad english ^^;;;;)

  2. arimareiji says:

    Wow… this is a REALLY unexpected nice surprise. Thank you for posting links to these! (^_^)

    Whoever leaked out the spoilers absolutely rules. I just hope they never get caught – they’re doing the publishers a giant favor by keeping excitement and anticipation high, but it’s extremely unlikely that they would take that view and be lenient.

  3. thunder says:

    No prob. dude, glad i could help 🙂

  4. fg7dragon says:

    Kotarou blew it! He said that it would be gross to kiss Natsumi. And she obviusly heard him.
    Hmmm, maybe she’ll push him off the balcony when he’ll(eventualy) try to make the pactio. I wonder what the othe guests thought when they started to armrestle in the midlle of the room? probably: “what neanthertals!”, lol. But I guess the balcony would have colapsed if they tried there.
    And again Ku says she’ll make Negi her “Muko”, lol. And chamo probably say’s it’s possible since Chao looks chinese.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Looks like this chapter is all about Ku Fei with a bit on the side with Kotaro and poor Natsumi.

  6. Arnel says:

    Oh Kotarou is such a kid and poor Natsumi her feelings got really hurt.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you akamatsu-sensei!! Finally My favorite girl gets her pactio!!

    *dances the happy dance*
    wonder what it does?

  8. I don’t know why but i say Chachamaru is next for some reason. if you look at the last page she looks over all concerned and and looks like she wanted one but couldn’t find the words. Chamo could be thinking 2 for 1. and remember how Akira freaked out over Kazumi pacto and he paid the price. but still a lot has happened to her. go DK (not donkey kong) that’s just my thoughts.

  9. Anonymous says:


    You mentioned how you were disappointed about Vol23 not having the same previous treatment of containing the original, unedited art below the cover. Well, I was at Borders today and was talking to my sister about this. I pulled out Vol16(?) to show what they had done before. The inside flap was gone. Not torn out, just removed. Apparently, Del Ray has now taken that away too with the newer editions.

    Saddening as it is, I’m just happy to have one of the versions with the inner flap.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have a feeling that maybe Natsumi would forcibly kiss (possibly deep-kiss) Kotarou to show that kissing her is not gross or she would make her pactio with Negi because she is angry on Kotarou.

    I also think the pactio’s are going to be made in the same order as Natsumi met everyone in ch 253 (based on the person’s thoughts order) i.e., Ku Fei, Sayo, Makie, Ako, Yuuna, Chachamaru, Akira, Natsumi.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Also i forgot to mention that i think Kotarou also needs to get a pactio card for himself aswell just like Negi got. But with whom he would do is the question.
    Maybe Natsumi would talk to Kamo about it & make him do a reverse pactio with Katarou being her partner instead of her being Katarou’s partner to show him who is the real boss.

  12. ZeroUrashima says:

    That’s impossible.
    When the girls talk about making a pactio, they only considered Negi, Konoka and Kotaro as “Masters”, it’s not everyone that can be the “Master” in a Pactio. Besides, the name says it itself, Ministra Magi (From Kanji, it’s “Magician’s Follower”), the “Master” has to be a Magician (I assume Spirit Users like Kotaro are also Magicians?) and the Master prolly need as much or more Magic Power (or need to be stronger as a Magician maybe since Negi managed to make a Patio with Konoka) than the Follower. This is deduction from Negi’s pactio with Teo. She said she is the only one that can make a Pactio with Negi despite Kotaro, Seras and Richardo being there. Probably Negi has too much Magic Power (or is too strong as a Magician) and not anyone can be his “Master” in a Pactio.

  13. fg7dragon says:

    I don’t think the amount of magical power dictates who is the master and who is the partner during the pactio. It more likely has something to do with the magic circle required. Most likely, it has the master’s name on it. Otherwise, Negi would have become Konoka’s partner in Kyoto, since(as Eva said), Konoka has even more power then Nagi Springfield himself.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It was kinda obvious Ku would be next.
    Well is there any1 other than me, who thinks Negi won´t end up with Asuna/Nodoka, but Ku?
    What makes me think so is Chao. For me she clearly did not look like a Japanese but a Chinese and the only person in Negi´s “Harem”, who is chinese is Ku.

  15. ZeroUrashima says:

    There’s nothing that suggests that both isn’t need. Large Amount of Magic Power and Magic Circle specifying who is the Master and who is the Follower. I’m not saying the one with greater magic power becomes the Master automatically, I’m only saying it is probably a qualification required to be one or Teo’s line only only her is capable of forming a pactio with Negi wouldn’t make sense. Or unless she meant that she is the only one capable of guaranteeing him getting an artifact?

  16. arimareiji says:

    @fg7dragon: Nice theory on it being how the pactio circle is drawn; that fills in a gap I’d been wondering about.

    @Anonymous: As much as it’d be funny (and probably necessary) for Natsumi to forcibly kiss Kotaro, I don’t think the result would be that she’d be his Magister. Just for one example, look at Chisame’s pactio – that was more-or-less forcible, but she’s a Minister.

    Not to mention that it’s possible that Kotaro can be a Magister (i.e. has magic power), but we’ve never heard any indication whatsoever that Natsumi has any magic power.

    @ZeroUrashima: I was curious, so I looked up the reference you made… that’s not exactly what Theo said, though it’s close. It was, “Well, I suppose I’m the only option, really.” (Link.)

    She could be, and probably is, referring to other factors such as needing to be someone who: 1) isn’t prohibited by politics, 2) knows his true identity, 3) is about the “right” age (she compared 30 for her race to 10 for humans a few chapters prior). (Before you scoff at #3, stop and try to visualize Negi kissing Seras or Ricardo. (^_~) Ew. )

    I’d agree that it’s a practical necessity that a Magister should be in roughly the same power range as their Minister, if not greater. A much-lower-level Magister supplying power to a Minister would be like using a AA battery to recharge a D battery – possible, but silly.

    But I don’t think it’s a technical requirement. As fg7 observed, that would have made it impossible for Konoka to be Minster to Negi.

  17. ZeroUrashima says:

    Not related to politics? o.o’;;
    It’s a huge problem, she says it herself. I don’t really think Age and Sex is really a problem. It might look weird but meh, Nagi did a pactio with Al and Rakan so it feels it’s no big deal by now who kisses who… <_< They still have the Kotaro option though, I mean, if it was with him, there will no real problem at all... And besides, Rakan figuring out his “Master” was Theo right after Negi pulled out the card and dropping Seras and Richard option right away is weird too. For Konoka, I’m more like saying that Negi’s Magic Power has to be within a certain range of Konoka to make a pactio, he doesn’t necessarily has to be greater than her.

  18. arimareiji says:

    Please note that I said “(someone who) isn’t prohibited by politics.” She says that for her (as a princess of a sovereign nation) it would be problematic, but not impossible.

    For a Senator and the headmistress of an academy, it would be much more than problematic – it would be completely impossible to be seen as openly taking sides with a wanted criminal. Remember that Seras had to stand down immediately when confronted by Godel. Both Ricardo and Seras are completely subordinate to higher-up politicians; Theo has a little more freedom because of her position.

    Simpler version: Theo isn’t prohibited from making a pactio with Negi because of politics, but Seras and Ricardo probably are. This could easily be what she meant by saying she was the only option, rather than that she’s the only one who has enough magic power to pactio with Negi.

    But in the end, all this speculation I’m making is just so much hot air. Unless Akamatsu-sensei openly describes how magic power levels affect a pactio, we’re both just taking our best guesses. (^_^)

    As far as Kotaro-Natsumi pactio goes, I’d guess we will learn more about pactio requirements when/if they try. But knowing Paru, I’m betting she has some devilish plan that ends up in Kotaro and Negi making a pactio as well. (^_~)

  19. fg7dragon says:

    Like I said about a dozen chapter back, The amount of magicpower of the Magister dictates wheater the ministra recives an artefact or not, as well as the artefacts power. So, in orde to defeat Rakan, a very powerful artefact is required, therefor a pactio with someone with imense magical power, so Theo, member of a royal bloodline in Mundus Magicus IS the only choice at hand.
    BTW, regarding the way artefacts are recived, I reed somewere that mage’s power dictates how many “spirits of contract” make the card. Also, it said that the artefacts are brought by the “spirits” from another dimension.
    Just how many dimensions are in this manga, I wonder? Another good question would be why are the manuals for new artefacts in the Magalosembian database that Yue accesed for Chisame?

  20. arimareiji says:

    fg7: “The amount of magicpower of the Magister dictates wheater the ministra recives an artefact or not, as well as the artefacts power.”

    That would make sense, but do you remember where/when that was said, or who said it? I’m always happy to take a trip through old comics and reread to find out something new, but I wouldn’t know where to start looking.

  21. ZeroUrashima says:

    I don’t tihnk Politics really is a problem in this case, they just need to add the condition like Theo and it’ll last only one day since it’s the final the next day, the tournament will end and the pactio will become invalid and the problem would be gone. Seras is part of Adriane which is neutral and isn’t part of either side. She technically doesn’t have any superiors in the knight order. ditto for Richard, he is part of the highest council, he doesn’t have any superiors really, maybe equals but definately no superiors. It’s just Ostia isn’t their city so their influence is quite limited.

    My second guess was the artifact too though. I mean, Emily keeps saying that Artifact Card are only for the chosen or whatever so it’s possible that the artifact card is depending on a large amount of magic power from the Master Side or some other factor that both Negi and Theo had. I don’t tihnk the artifact’s power is depending on the Master though, it’s more depending on the Minitra’s side from the range of stuff that popped up from Negi’s pactios.

  22. thunder says:

    Hey dudes, raw is already out in :

  23. fg7dragon says:

    When I said power, I meant power, not ability. All of the artefacts Negi’s partners have are super-rare and the best of their kind.

  24. ZeroUrashima says:

    I don’t know about that… Given that we haven’t seen that many artifacts of the same type, you can’t really make such a statement IMO…

    Setsuna’s is far from best of its kind IMO. Ditto for Kasumi’s and Kaede’s and maybe even Haruna’s. I wouldn’t argue with Asuna’s, Konoka’s, Yue’s and Nodoka’s but the rest I wouldn’t say they are exactly the best of their type.

  25. fg7dragon says:

    Well, I guess it depends on how much felling they put in the pactio. As for Asuna and Konoka, well, they did it twice. Plus they’re both princeses, so…

  26. fg7dragon says:

    BTW, the translation is out.

  27. AstroNerdBoy says:

    My review will be out later today. ^_^

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