Inuyasha: Final Act – 01

Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen Ep. 01
犬夜叉 完結編 Episode 01 Review
Inuyasha: Final Act – 01

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Inuyasha: Final Act - 01Hakudoushi convinces Kagura to let Gouryoumaru out of the cell he’s in and to join his rebellion against Naraku. In the modern world, Kagome is trying to take a test but fails. So, she and Inuyasha return to the world of the past where they are immediately beset upon by Hakudoushi, who gets Kagome’s Shikon no Tama shard.

While Sesshoumaru and his group continue their journey, Inuyasha: Final Act - 01the humanoid-wolf youkai Kouga senses trouble and encounters Mouryoumaru. Kouga attacks but Mouryoumaru attempts to get Kouga’s shards, failing when Kikyou attacks him.

Sango’s brother Kohaku is out on his own and defeats a wolf youkai possessed by a root-like mini-youkai. Kohaku suffers a minor injury which is treated by a man who lives nearby. Inuyasha: Final Act - 01However, the man’s son becomes possessed and Kohaku has to try to help. He manages to get the root youkai to leave the boy’s body, which Kagura then kills. She then attacks Kohaku for his shards but learns that Kohaku is ready to sacrifice his life to get at Naraku. He wants a chance to get to Naraku’s heart, the only way to kill Naraku.

Hakudoushi arrives and Kagura ends up defending Kohaku, Inuyasha: Final Act - 01getting him to escape. Kagura is about to come up on the short end of Hakudoushi’s attack when she’s saved by Inuyasha and company. Hakudoushi gives Mouryoumaru a shard to heal his injuries and the youkai goes after Kohaku. Hakudoushi uses Kagura as a shield against Inuyasha but his defiance has been seen by Naraku, who simply removes the power granted to Hakudoushi. Now vulnerable, Inuyasha attacks Hakudoushi and Miroku finishes the job with his Kazaana attack.

Inuyasha: Final Act - 01Even though Kagura gave Inuyasha’s party information on the location of Naraku’s heart (the infant “Akago” within Mouryoumaru), she has no intention of joining his party and leaves with Inuyasha promising to help her. Sango and Kohaku are reunited after Inuyasha drives off Mouryoumaru. Sango knows that Kohaku has his memories back, but he doesn’t want to be in the party either knowing the evil he’s done.

Inuyasha: Final Act - 01Elsewhere, an injured Kikyou’s powers are waning, leaving her worried that she might die again before defeating Naraku.


Ugh. I got to say that I REALLY miss the fansub version of this released by Anime-Kraze back in the day. Those were good subtitles for those looking to “keep it real” with a Inuyasha: Final Act - 01Japanese perspective. These official subtitles from Viz make me just groan inside. Don’t get me wrong — at this point Viz is not going to leave the early 90’s with their adaptation after YEARS of subbing Inuyasha. “Wind Scar” will always look stupid to me whereas “Kaze no Kizu” will look cool. Thankfully, some of their new stuff (at least manga-wise) is done right.

Inuyasha: Final Act - 01Well onto the episode.

Man, this thing just jumps right in and then does some incredible leap frogging from what I could tell. Granted, a lot of stuff was going to have to be cut and there’s a lot of stuff that could be cut. Unfortunately, even though I’ve read the manga to completion, I found myself going, “Great. Who the smeg was this again? What the heck is going on?” With no setup to get into the series, things get off to a rocky start at best.

Inuyasha: Final Act - 01That said, I’ve no problem with the series not having battles drag out incessantly, as often happened in the first series, especially during the season with the Shichinintai (the band of seven). As such, no problems with them already killing Hakudoushi, but then he doesn’t get to be much of a menace, does he?

One thing the episode managed to do is establish ALL of the Inuyasha: Final Act - 01characters in play, which is no small feat. However, this does help lead to the chaotic feeling of the episode as there are just too many players on the stage, even if not all at once. I do understand that they’ll be needed down the road as all of these players have major roles to play over the life of the series.

Still, the nostalgic part of me is glad to see all of the Inuyasha cast back. It will be interesting to see how the anime turns out with so much cut from the manga story.

Inuyasha: Final Act - 01

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4 Responses to “Inuyasha: Final Act – 01”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I actually watched this japanese audio/english subbed on Animax (Animax Asia Probably, was watching off Skycable here in the Philippines.) , and said to myself “Awesome, shown on TV with all of it’s glory, and you can understand it.”

    They even had FMA:Brotherhood shown the same way.

  2. Blacksun88 says:

    well, cant complain too much since they cram 21 volumes into 26 episodes, unlike the previous one (36 volumes for 167 episodes) although i think 39 or 52 episodes should be better

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’m going to have to finish the series now, eh? ^_~

  4. One Piece says:

    they ended it well ^^

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