Negima! Chapter 268 SPOILER Images

Negima! 268 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 268 (Images)

Here’s what I know many of you have been waiting for — the original-sized, sneak-peek images for Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 268 SPOILER Images as brought to you buy anonymous Japanese fans (click pic to make bigger, y’all).

If what I see is to be believed, it seems that shortly after the fall of Ostia, Arika was arrested and officially executed about two years later. It seems that Nagi did what he could to help the people of Ostia. I’m guessing this is when Asuna joined with Ala Rubra.

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  1. SteelBlaidd says:

    So ummm.. she better get rescued cause, unless I missed something, she still hasen’t had Negi yet.

    Ooooooooo… what if she is hiding as Negi’s “sister.”

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    And she won’t have Negi (if she ever had him) for many years to come.

    As to your second remark, if my Nagi=Negi theory is correct, what better place for Arika to hide than as Nekane? ^_^

    (sorry staszekgiers, I just don’t see Eva being Arika based on what has been written thus far)

  3. Anonymous says:

    is she walking a plank?

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Looks like she is. If so, then she may have been saved by Nagi at the bottom of that ravine before she hit the ground, though it seems that the government would have made sure she was dead.

  5. Orion says:

    @ANB: I’m sure Nagi will have one way or another of making sure she seems dead, with magic and all, like a doppleganger or something, because there’s no way she could have had Negi without something with the magic of Eva’s resort, and then a cryogenic-type spell because Negi would be way older if she had him now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    She’s walking on a plank and wearing cuffs. This must be when she is being executed

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Assuming Arika was saved, she’d HAVE to be in the perfect disguise or in the perfect hiding place for all these years to avoid detection.

    Which reminds me — Asuna had been hidden in plain sight for many years. ^_~

    OK, I think I’m going to bed.

  8. Anonymous says:

  9. The Mask Man says:

    huh no body is saying it.
    OMG spoilers!!!!!!!
    i thougth that they’re weren’t ging to be anymore

  10. Anonymous says:

    What if Negi is not 10 years old but there is a some spell that makes him be 10 years old

  11. Anonymous says:

    Er, what? How does that explain him being something like four during the attack on his village, then?

  12. Looks like this chapter’s going to end on a cliffhanger (literally and figuratively). I’m guessing Nagi’s gonna swoop in and save her at the last minute in ch. 269.

    Oh, and spoilers finally, after not having any for weeks. Yay!

    And don’t forget, everyone, that Vol. 24 is coming out on Tuesday.

  13. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The “Arika is Negi’s mother” has never completely made sense to me, more so after it was revealed that she’s been officially dead for 18 years according to chapter 257. I tried pointing that out then but Akamatsu-sensei’s having characters come right out and say with absolution that Arika is Negi’s mother has everyone looking in that direction. I’m looking at what Akamatsu-sensei’s other hand is doing.

    Nekane is how many years older than Negi? Eight or so? Could be coincidence but I’m just saying.

    Granted, it only takes a very few minutes to get a woman pregnant, but it seems to me that if the Senate wanted Arika dead AND Nagi found a way to save her, then for Godel to know Arika is Negi’s mother, he’d have to know who saved her. If Godel knew, then who else in the Senate knew? If Godel knew and they still wanted Arika dead, then they’d have to keep tabs on Nagi because surely he’d pay her a visit, right (and they’d only let Nagi live to find Arika)?

    I’ve long believed that the attack on Negi’s village had nothing to do with Negi directly. I’d assumed it was to get Nagi and that may still be true. However, what if it was also because they suspected Arika was being hidden there? The dead Nagi suddenly showing up as alive to save his son before just vanishing again is why I think the Senate dared not attack again. If they suspected Negi of being Nagi, then this would disprove that (remember, the mages discredited the mere notion of time travel even up to the time of the Mahora Festival so they wouldn’t be like me and say that Nagi traveled from the future to arrive just in the nick of time).

    Anyway, my point is that for Arika to be Negi’s true mother in the biological sense, then Nagi and Arika had to get it on some 10+ years ago, very shortly after which Nagi “dies.” Further, Arika had to give Negi up immediately upon birth. These are things that increases the chances of Arika being found. Granted, humans sometimes make foolish choices based on emotions rather than logic which can have disastrous consequences as a result. Even if Nagi and Arika did such a thing, the math still doesn’t add up for me, more so in that Nagi seems to have prepped a path for his barely conceived son to follow (the house in Kyoto with the maps to Al as well as Al being trapped under the library to apparently await for Negi’s arrival in order to deliver a message to him from Nagi).

    It will be interesting to see where things go. ^_^

  14. ChristSouljah says:

    Ever since Arika has been thrown into this current arc, I have been thorough confused. The only understanding I have so far is she is allegedly Negi’s mother. I have to agree with AstroNerdBoy. There’s got to be someway where Arika and Nagi fell into obscurity to the point where people claim Nagi as “dead”. According to Negi’s claim, he saw him at a very young age after the attack on the village.

    Also I place blame on Godel for my instant confusion on this topic. Since he seems to bring up controversial information, how come the Senate doesn’t eliminate Arika so readily if Godel knew about Arika’s child? Did Godel keep information away from the rest of the people? You tell me. Did she just fall off the radar? Probably, she’s pretty slick with magic so it’s likely she’s still in hiding hoping Negi is growing up fine.

    I don’t know. I would really like this thing to be solved real soon.

    Isn’t school coming up for class 3-A anyway real soon? How long will this arc keep up? Or is Mundus Magicus’s time-keeping a little different than ours?

    Oh, well. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    P.S. It’s really weird if Eva was Arika…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Godel referred Negi as “orphan child of Arika” in Chapter 252.

    Did she die in childbirth?

  16. AstroNerdBoy says:

    In Japanese culture, one can be an orphan and still have living parents. One of the orphanages I visited to help deliver Christmas presents to was filled with children who had parents, but who’s parents could not afford to keep their children and so the children were given up. It was a sad situation, but the kids made the best of it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    About Asuna: she could have been sealed for 10 years, then released. It would have explained, why she is 15. Also it explains why Nagi spent 10 years after the war helping people: he felt guilt for not protecting her. And then Ala Rubra saved Asuna, but in the process something really bad happened… Gatou died, and Nagi was gone. And arent they all (in chapter 100) in Istanbul? With teenaged Takamishi…

  18. You really thing its weird Im not giving it up yet that theory in fact think logically ….however Nekane does look similliar and when you think of it that could be it too Negi told Asuna she smells like Nekane lolz considering that its possible ! But than how did Eva get to see Asuna in the war ! and why was she even there ?

    Also dosen’t Eva act weird saying that people are stupid when she heard that Negi’s villiage might have been attacked because he’s the son of Arika (actually her apperance in Arika arc isn’t that weird) Besides they said Arika’s and Asuna’s dad was a Puppet of That EVIL organization lol so if Eva which I could assume was in that organization and played a leading role in it she could claim ostia’s throne acting as Arika ok will see what happens definetly not counting out Nekane=Arika Scenario
    but Negi=Nagi sounds to stupid !
    There two ways Eva=Arika
    or Nekane=Arika but I think Eva=Arika is more propable based on Arika’s character
    and Eva’s character both of them share similliar psychological traits. Both Arika and Eva have a cold personality
    and leaving Negi as an infant has more sense with Eva’s personality than Nekane’s

  19. oh were watching Godel’s memory of these events so I doubt we get to know the truth now so even if we dosen’t see her being saved it means nothing here

  20. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Eva is no longer human and as such has long held disdain of most humans. That’s no doubt due to the treatment she’s received at the hands of humans over the years on top of being a vampire. She also appears to have spent a great deal of time on the Magic World and no doubt holds that government in low regard, especially since they have a bounty on her head. ^_^;

    As to Eva seeing Asuna in the war, as far as I know that never happened. Eva didn’t even know the true identity of Asuna until Al told her.

    Eva has always been self-serving for the most part. She doesn’t get involved unless there’s a reason for her too. Getting away from the school for a time appears to be her main reason for saving Negi and company in Kyoto. During the Mahora Festival, Eva did nothing to help in the fight other than allow Negi’s people to use her resort.

    Arika, on the other hand, puts her people before her own desires which is why I believe she willingly went to her execution — her people are more than her life and if her death helps them, then so much the better.

    Further, for Arika to be Eva, it completely negates Arika being Negi’s mother. After all, Negi is almost 10 and Eva was imprisoned at Mahora 15-years ago.

    For the Negi=Nagi theory, the only thing going against it is Akamatsu-sensei having certain characters over-insist that Arika is Negi’s mother and that may end up being the truth or it may end up being the hand you shouldn’t watch. Otherwise, the manga has established everything needed for Nagi to become Negi.

  21. you’re right at that point !
    But I don’t think Negi will turn out Nagi I think as for me it would be way to weird ! this is my first time with Akamatsu sensei stuff ! So I can’t negate this possibility seems logical and he might want to pull that of !

    She saw her once when Asuna was captured by Cosmo ! She has a memory of her being in chains look at the chapters she trained Asuna … Also she said that Asuna will abandon everything she got
    ??? Im pretty sure Eva knew Asuna long before they meet in the school!

    Well it ends in a cliff hanger but considering Politics it may actually be the case …also look psychologically at both characters Nekane is warm Arika was cold yes she was a benevolent ruller but was emotionally cold and acted as she was in disquise just like the Fake Asuna we have now I mean look at that she plays her role magnificently she is their queen she loves their people she is happy to die for them (a perfect queen) Evangeline is a perfect antitesis of that she is a evil vampire she dosen’t care she does things that suit her best and she’s a very good manipulator !

    If Evangeline for some reason would like to become Ostia’s queen considering her power would it be to risky to say that she could manipulate even Asuna’s dad into beliving that she’s his daughter ?

    And if Arika would need to die would anyone even suspect her of being Arika ?

    She’s a complete Anthithesis isn’t she
    I think that Arika was a perfect disquise by Eva but will see ! Im using this manga’s logic !

  22. Orion says:

    @Stazekgiers: You forget that Eva should know all of Asuna’s past because of that bet she made with Al, so she has all the information Al knows about her, and this is Al, the “I write bibliographies for fun” guy.

    Your logic doesn’t make much sense when you consider why the hell Eva would want to be the queen of Ostia. She’s openly said that she dislikes participating in politics.

    In addition, Eva’s obsession of finding Nagi would make no sense, because she would be one of the last persons to see him? I don’t even want to delve into how Arika could be Negi’s mother like this.

    Last, you’re basically contradicting most of Eva’s characterization, and if Eva met Ala Rubra after the war, then practically all of Arika’s otherwise consistent characterization as well, not to mention Eva’s very dreams. Dreams, I will add, apparently happen habitually and are natural for her.

    And to top it off she can apparently pull off exact replicas of Ostian royal magic to the point Nagi can’t tell the difference.

    “And if Arika would need to die would anyone even suspect her of being Arika ?”

    What does this even mean?

    When you say you’re using Negima logic, I’ll assume you are saying you are using nonsensical logic.

  23. It just doesn’t add up to ANY of the characters that were applied in the story. If any theory suggests that Nekane is Negi’s mom, she would have not had her legs petrified so easily (in the 8th Volume). And Eva said that she had been alive since the middle ages and learned martial arts that were very useful later on which disproves the Eva = Negi’s Mom Theory. There are still possibilities within the story, and since Negi is biologically 10, his “Dad’s wand” must have been given to him in 1998 or so.

    So 2 proposed theories come into mind: A really high level doppelganger, which was used like Al did in the fight against Kaede, or that she was substituted by someone else (a look-alike) during death, or the execution period (which was 2 years)

  24. The Curious Fan says:

    RAW is out and with a method of restraint thats sure to please the fanservice addicts.

  25. you just proved what I said you said Eva can copy royal Ostian magic lol

    think like the character for a while ok you asked Why Eva would be interested ?
    hmm why not she was a chased outlaw and could do everything she wanted yea she didn’t like the Politics but could have like the money Royal Familly of Ostia posseses.

    And besides who would accuse Arika of being Evangeline lol but You don’t need to argue …just use logic think like the character for a while ok

  26. Anonymous says:

    I believe that the Negi=Nagi theory isn’t really possible seeing that Negi has the complete opposite personality of Nagi. And according if Negi is Nagi how could he have saved Negi in the past? How could he have gotten a staff from himself (unless of course its time travelling, but doesn’t that use a lot of magic?)… Anyway that’s my opinion.

  27. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I believe that the Negi=Nagi theory isn’t really possible seeing that Negi has the complete opposite personality of Nagi.

    Look at Asuna before and after her memory wipe — basically two different personalities from everything we’ve seen.

    And according if Negi is Nagi how could he have saved Negi in the past? How could he have gotten a staff from himself (unless of course its time travelling, but doesn’t that use a lot of magic?)…

    Chao traveled back how many years to the past to change time? She had to use the World Tree though. Negi, on the other hand, did something unexpected — he was able to travel an entire week back into the past AND he moved in space as well and the World Tree didn’t provide him with that much power (more like a jump-start). As with everything else Negi, that’s just his sheer power levels, something he has in common with Nagi.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Asuna gets talked about. Looks like Nagi and company rescue Asuna after the death of Arika.

  29. Orion says:

    @yakitakefreak: I thought Negima takes place in the current time too, until I looked through some old chapters.
    Negima at the moment is taking place in either `93 or `94, since I don’t know when the Mahorafest took place.


    you just proved what I said you said Eva can copy royal Ostian magic lol

    It’s called sarcasm. I’m saying how it would be just ridiculous for all that character derailment to take place, and that Eva instant-learns royal magic.

    she didn’t like the Politics but could have like the money Royal Familly of Ostia posseses.

    And you seem to have an odd idea of politics. Sure, as queen of Ostia she would have access to the treasury, but she would have to participate in politics every day, all the time. You don’t become the president if you like the salary.

    Second, even though she has a bounty on her head, it was implied that after she got so powerful, bounty hunters just stopped going after, and the gov’t (from what I see) left her alone after a while.

    Thinking like Eva, why would she give up the moderately peaceful lifestyle she had and kill a princess and take her place for money she could get in other ways, and really doesn’t even need?

    That, is logical.

  30. Orion says:

    Gah, I mean 2003 or 2004.

  31. Technically all of your Ideas are possible lol but as to my theory I think its to complicated to try to explain it to you !

    (besides you propably aren’t to interested anyways so Ill keep quiet with it life tought me thats it better to allow the loudtalkers to talk eventually they’ll silence themselfs)

    I think you need to learn few things about Politics and the world and esspecially about Anime cartoons !

    however if Negi is not Nagi than he was born from someone so unless we will be introduced with an another character (which should happen I mean the disquised Arika) well anyways !
    From all the suspects and we have
    Eva,Nekane ??? Are there anymore characters we should count in ! Why not look at them more closelly If we thought like Arika where would we hide
    Nekane and Evangeline are both strong posibilities .

    Still Nekane was rather unexperienced or could that be a ruse could she trick us by playing all innocent ??

    technically yours Nagi=Negi theory is possible not only time travel but couldn’t Al himself create a double Nagi to distract the Demons when they attacked the village ?

    However if your theory is not true than we should consider Eva=Arika

    After all what do we know about Evangeline can anybody tell me her story !

    by the way in my theory she didn’t kill the real Arika cause there wasn’t any real Arika. Arika was fake that’s why we don’t see Arika and Asuna together cause Asuna is the only one Eva wouldn’t be able to manipulate !
    well that could explain it.
    But the next chapter is a cliffhanger again ! It would be beter if we knew was my theory right or wrong in this instead of waiting to the next chapter for Christ sake

  32. 24, 2009 7:44 AM
    Blogger Orion said…

    @ANB: I’m sure Nagi will have one way or another of making sure she seems dead, with magic and all, like a doppleganger or something, because there’s no way she could have had Negi without something with the magic of Eva’s resort, and then a cryogenic-type spell because Negi would be way older if she had him now.

    interesting you used EVA’S RESORT THEME

    as you yourself Orion noticed there’s many things that link directly to Eva thats why Im suspecting her of being Arika or more exactly Arika being Eva in disquise !

  33. I wrote a story twenty years ago about a woman who comes back from the dead long enough to have the child she’s destined to bear. Borrowing a bit of the shinentai from Oh My Goddess, and given all the magic in Negima, that could be the rabbit Akamatsu-san pulls out of his hat.

    BTW, Nekane is very unlikely to be a brainwiped Arika; she has the wrong hair and eye colors, and nowhere near the raw power of the princess. Plus, Nekane is a naturally cheerful person; Arika is a born pessimist.

  34. Orion says:

    @stazskgiers: Nagi=Negi is not my own theory, and I was originallly against, and though I think it’s plausible, I don’t really support it.

    And don’t put words in my mouth. I say nowhere that they use Eva’s resort, but rather any pocket dimnesion that can speed up time. It’s been shown that though rare, people do have them, like Theodora.

    Ans what you’re saying is that Eva was masquerading as Arika from the very beginning? Well, I suppose that doesn’t make any less sense, but I don’t see why your Arika couldn’t be with Asuna.

    It’s already been shown Asuna can be caught in illusions, so it makes no difference if she has magic cancel if she doesn’t outwardly use it against passive magic.

    What you’re doing is that if it can’t be X, it must be Y, discounting the possibility of a Z, or Arika not being in disguise, that’s all.

  35. sorry but Ill keep with my theory !

  36. AstroNerdBoy says:

    And, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your theories. ^_^ I keep to mine though I admit that I could well be wrong.

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