More Negima! Chapter 270 SPOILER Images

More Negima! Chapter 270 SPOILER Images

More of those awesome spoiler images that you guys love. For those who missed it, the first batch of SPOILER images can be found –> HERE!

Some interesting setup here. Can’t wait to get the translated version.

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29 Responses to “More Negima! Chapter 270 SPOILER Images”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think eva will show up in magic world next chapter i think i saw her use shadow as a gate again like the Kyoto time

    srry for my poor eng

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well it seems that the others of Negi’s group are also seeing what is happening in that room because of Asakura’s artifact.

    Also it seems that some of them have noticed that there was a Asuna during the Magic world war & somehow links her to the Asuna they know (by the looks of Setsuna, Konoka & Chamo’s reaction & also because of Asuna’s reaction). Though i might be wrong because i can’t read japanese.

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh and also the 269 eng negima is out at onemanga and mangafoc(hate mangafox as for it make my firefox crash because of its ad error i tried to tell them but they sent no reply back to meT_T)so yea i want to hear wat u think about that chapter for me i think it really awesome

    srry for my poor eng

  4. Philip says:

    so the AA group they finally meet up with Yue now eh? I hope her memory comes back real soon.

  5. BirdfrogCantFly says:

    Eva seems a bit peeved in some frames

  6. Anonymous says:

    Look at the last image in the bottom left corner of the last panel under Eva, the one with Asuna in it, you can see the top of someone’s head phasing in through the floor.

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Someone is coming through. I’d say “Fate,” but the hair is all wrong.

  8. Anonymous says:

    From the hair style & colour of the person’s head in the last page i would guess that it is either Eva (which seems less likely to happen unless it is the fake Eva from the Scroll) or else it is Homura form Fate’s group coming to give info to “Shiori (Fake Asuna)” about something.

  9. Sian says:

    as far as my Japanese goes the Speech bubble at Asuna, speficicly points out wheather Asuna is “Princess Asuna” … likely by Yue due to her book

  10. My guess for the head was Sayo, given she is a ghost.

    I wonder what information Yue was getting from her Artiface and why Emily was acting like she was with Paru

    I just hope this is it on the spoiler front as if the whole chapter is released as LQ pics again we will probably have another long wait for a decent raw and translation

  11. Orion says:

    @4th anon: I agree next aon, I’d say it’s Eva. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems like scroll Eva is practically like regular Eva now. I’d guess it’s because of Negi’s constant interaction with her scroll.

    Remember how when he first uses Phantasmagoria, he thinks S-Eva is just his mental picture of her? Perhaps the more he interacts with Eva and the Phantas. the more clear this picture becomes. Basically, it’s Akamatsu’s way of not leaving her out of the story, by making a reasonable way for her to be in the story without using her uber powers. She probably can only use her power in her scroll.

  12. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Mister Random — nothing else has come out from Japan. The reason there was an LQ “release” last time is that someone in Japan posted those images and then someone else decided that this counted as a LQ release, thus bundled the images as such.

    As to the head, I’d forgotten about Sayo. She could leave her doll shell at any time to do just that.

    @Orion — if it is Eva, it is the faux Eva from the scroll. It is clever for Akamatsu-sensei to use her in this manner since the curse prevents Eva from leaving the school and as you pointed out, the scroll version shouldn’t have the power of the real McCoy.

  13. Anonymous says:

    hey isnt eva curse already gone from wat i remember nagi copy already lif it in the end of tournament

    srry for my poor eng

  14. AstroNerdBoy says:

    At the end of the Mahora Tournament, Al, in the perfect guise of Nagi, did mention the curse briefly when Eva brought it up. However, since Al only had a few more seconds as Nagi, Eva settled for a pat on the head. So the curse is still on Eva.

    Besides, while I do think there is a gate under the Mahora campus (could be wrong about that though), there’s only one working gate on the Magic World and that’s in the ruins of Ostia. As such, even if there were no curse, how would Eva get to the Magic World?

  15. mastermack0 says:

    It isn’t the real Evangeline. Ken doesn’t want to OVERPOWER Evangeline because more likely than not, Negi will have to fight Evangeline again. There HAS been foreshadowment of it. But waht I don’t get is…. Rakan is stronger than Fate. Negi nearly beat Fate. I don’t see how Fate’s a problem for Negi now. And I certainly don’t see Rakan dying to Fate though it would make the most sense plot wise…

  16. Veron says:

    well if Rakan does die it will be a first for Ak, And i dont think Rakan can be defeated, (Broken Character) He had both of his arms cut off and came back a week later. Not to mention what negi did to him at the turny but, for me i predict that Fate is working for the MM Senate, I also think there might another war, But i hope that happens. I think most of us would like negi to “finish up” this arc and possible come back to Mahora. On a side note Love this chapter but the question of the day is “What’s Next” What direction will AK, go now? Asuna? Yue? Rakan’s battle? Or even better. The location of Nagi/Arika?

  17. Rehwyn says:

    @AstroNerdBoy – Personally, I think the ruins under Mahora aren’t a gate, but are somehow linked to the creation of the Magic World instead. It’s been stated that creating an alternate world would take a massive amount of magical energy; perhaps there is more to the name ‘World Tree’ than initially indicated. :p

  18. Anonymous says:

    Raws are out.

    The head we see in the last spoiler pic is of Sayo. Also we have three pages of the fight between Fate & Raken at the end of the chapter (it seems that Fate is crying for some reason).

  19. Philip says:

    not really…

    I think that’s Fate’s “blood”…

  20. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think he’s crying, remember we saw from his fight with Nagi in Rakan’s movie that Fate apparently bleeds water.

  21. fg7dragon says:

    Fate is most likely ‘made’ of a liquid substance. From what I can remember, he’s a water&stone user. that’s a pretty odd combination. Water&earth, it works. But with stone…

  22. pedroami says:

    Hey you guys! And to astronerdboy a HUGE thanks for hosting the spoilers for Negima every week. I can’t thank you enough to see these early on Saturday mornings ^^ for the last year or so I have always been looking forward to them and your site is quite popular

    It took quite awhile last time for translations, so this time I couldn’t help myself and decided to translate the chapter myself xD! Keep in mind I only translated 6 pages of it, part of it was for practice, fun, and amusement. (These take longer than I thought!) I have listed the original Japanese script in addition to my English translation so people who know the language can feel free to scrutinize! Enjoy!



    Translation: pedroami

    赤松 健

    Magister Teacher Negima!
    By: Ken Akamatsu

    270時間目 答えを!

    The Latest Release of Volume 28 will be on sale Nov. 17 (Tues)!!
    270th Period: Answer me!

  23. pedroami says:

    [Insert text: 父と母の物語の結末、そして、新たに残った遺恨の行方]
    高幡: いいじゃんか、きょうのところはさ/ハッピーエンドってことで
    ネギ: 父さん。。。/母。。さん
    のどか: よよよ 良かったですうーツ。一時はどうなることかと…!/アリカ様も無事助かって二人は結ばれてハッピーインドでホホ ホントに良かったですー
    ちいさめ: (Something)じゃなかったら、先生 生まれてないしな
    あさくら: ちゃんと現れましたかー?/バッチリこれは(僕)にも見せないとね
    ゴデル: フ…フフ

    [Insert text: His father and mother’s tale has concluded… and what is left behind is the course of a new hatred]
    Takahata: Well isn’t that’s swell, as for today/ we close off with a happy ending
    Negi: Father… Mother…
    Nodoka: H-H-How nice! And in just an hour, how becoming! Arika was rescued safely and the two of them came together. T-truly a happy ending!!
    Chiisame: Well if it wasn’t, then Sensei wouldn’t be born, duh?
    Asakura: He appeared right in the nick of time~? Even I couldn’t have seen that coming!
    Godel: Ha…haha…

    ゴデル: いやあ~何度見てもこの件はいいですねぇ
    女: 泣いてるよこのひと~!?
    ゴデル: ああご心配なく、この映画はほぼ事実ですよ/ナギとアリカ様お二人のみの場面も本人たちへの綿密な取材のもと作りましたから。
    のどか: (この人…) ……/クルトさん/あなたはアリカ様を好きだったんですね?
    ゴデル: は?
    のどか: 。。。あ、やっぱり
    ゴデル: 余計なお世話です

    Godel: *SQUEAL~* No matter how many times I watch this its wonderful~!
    Girls: This guy is CRYING?!
    Godel: Ahh, don’t worry, this movie is completely precise. / Nagi… Arika, the two of them together in the scenery… every single minute detail has beeen scrupulously collected in the data and has ben proudly produced and manufactured.
    Nodoka: (This guy…) ……./ Kurt, sir / You… had a crush on Arika, didn’t you?
    Godel: Haa?
    Nodoka: Ah…I knew it!
    Godel: That’s none of your business

    ちいさめ: オイオイオイオイ、ソレがあんたの行動の理由ってんじゃないだろうな
    ゴデル: ハハハハハ さすがはお嬢さん達良い着眼点ですが…本題からズレますので無視されて頂きますさて…/いかがでしたかMM元老院の悪逆非道/君の父と母がいかに世界の為に尽力したかおわかり頂けたでしょうか?/いえ何。。父と母を追うネギ君には全てを話し/事情を十分に理解して頂いたえうでその意志を継いで貰いたいだけですよ

    Chiisame: Hey hey hey hey, that’s the reason why you’re doing all this huh?
    Godel: Hahahahaha, as to be expected of our young ladies, you all have such great perception… however, we have strayed from the main point, so should I be so kind as to inform you? Well then…/ What do you think of it? The heinous crimes of the senate? For what they’ve done to your father and mother after all their effort and assistance in saving the world… you understand, right? Oh no… what? They persecuted them both… and now you’ve heard the whole story./ Now that you’ve come to adequetely learn of the circumstances, I have humbly succeeded in fulfilling my volition.

    ネギ: 僕の…旅の結論?/アリカ様。。/母さん。。/とても強い女性だった話してくれて良かったのに/「災厄の女王」。。そんなの僕は気にしない/父さん…やっぱり思った通りの人だった。いつもまっすぐのヒーロ/母さんのピンチにもちゃんと現れた…/その二人か結ばれて今僕がいる…/それを知れただけでもここに来た甲斐があったホントニ…/本当に…

    Negima: Is this… the conclusion to my journey?/ Mother Queen Arika… Father… I have been told well that she was a very strong woman, but… the “Queen of Calamity” that fact… I was never aware of…/ Father, you are just as I thought you were. Always the ideal hero. Even when mother was in trouble you appeared at just the right time./ Both of you came together… and now I am here…/ If this is the only thing I come to know then coming here has been worthwhile.

    ゴデル: 何を迷うのです?君の敵がMM元老院であることは明白でしょう…彼らはオスティアの地と/「黄昏の姫巫女」の力を手に入れるためにアリカ様を陥れたのです/それに失敗すると次はアリカ様の遺児である君を笑った…この意味はわかりますね?/そう…君は彼らと戦うことで母の名誉を守り君自身の復習を果たすこともできるのです!!
    ネギ: !!
    ゴデル: そして君は未来を作ることもできる追うべき理想・継ぐべき志君も父と母の道を行く為に…答えは一つです/私とともに戦いましょう!世界の為に!!
    ネギ: …ッ/(父さん…母さん…)

    Godel: What are you so lost about? It’s obvious that the Megaromesembrian Senate is your enemy, aren’t they?/In order to obtain the power of the Twilight Imperial Princess they set up Queen Arika through Ostian Soil./Moreover if you make a mistake next time they will laugh at you, the orphan of Arika… do you understand what I’m saying?/ Yes… in order to defend your mother’s honor you yourself must be able to battle the senate and fulfill the expectations of your calibur!
    Negi: !!
    Godel: And therefore, if you want to make a future you should chase your ideal purpose, and succeed your father’s legacy.
    Negi: tsk (father… mother…)

  24. pedroami says:

    ゴデル: 答えを/迷う理由は何一つないと思いますがね
    高幡: クルト、それはぼくたちかやるんだ

    Godel: Answer me… / there’s no other single reason to hesitate, don’t you think?
    Takahata: Kurt, we’ve done all that we could do.

  25. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Thanks for the translations. ^_^

  26. pedroami says:

    No problem! I just realized there’s one small part I left out from page 3. I might translate more tomorrow if I have more time. Anyways, its the part where Asakura asks Godel his intentions and Godel asks Negi to take up arms with him to fight together and end his journey.

    Full Page 3 with missing section:

    ちいさめ: オイオイオイオイ、ソレがあんたの行動の理由ってんじゃないだろうな
    ゴデル: ハハハハハ さすがはお嬢さん達良い着眼点ですが…本題からズレますので無視されて頂きますさて… / いかがでしたかMM元老院の悪逆非道/君の父と母がいかに世界の為に尽力したかおわかり頂けたでしょうか?
    あさくら: で 結局何が言いたいのさ、アンタ
    ゴデル: いえ何…父と母を追うネギ君には全てを話し/事情を十分に理解して頂いたえうでその意志を継いで貰いたいだけですよ / さあ、ネギ君、我々と共に戦いましょう。意志を継に世界を救うこれこそが君の今回の旅の結論のハズですよ。

    Chiisame: Hey hey hey hey, that’s the reason why you’re doing all this, huh?
    Godel: Hahahahaha, as to be expected of our young ladies, you all have such great perception… however, we have strayed from the main point, so should I be so kind as to inform you? Well then… / What do you think of it? The heinous crimes of the senate? For what they’ve done to your father and mother after all their effort and assistance in saving the world… you understand, right?
    Asakura: Hey, in the end, what exactly is it that you’re trying to say?
    Godel: Oh no… what? They persecuted them both… and now I’ve just told Negi the whole story. / Now that you’ve come to adequetely learn of the circumstances, I have humbly succeeded in fulfilling my volition. / Well then, Negi, shall we take arms up together and fight? / We will fulfill the intention left behind your father and mother to saving the world, and this is precisely where your journey will come to an end.


    Maybe more tomorrow, depending. Later!

  27. Anonymous says:

    umm yogata means thank god not how nice. it’s at the top. nodoka says oh! thank goodness! (or w/e)instead of how nice

  28. pedroami says:

    Ah! You’re right! I translated it literally. Yoi means good. Taking out the i and adding katta at the end makes it past-tense. That is the origin of “Yokatta” literally meaning: “It was good”. But used emphatically in this case “It was good” can mean the same in Japanese as “Thank goodness!” expressively. Thanks for the catch. Looking at how things flow it makes a bunch more sense. I’ve updated my translation at mangahelpers here:

  29. Anonymous says:

    How do they plan on activate the gate in the ruins of Ostia? It’s dormant right, so do they just hope they’ll get lucky and manage to activate it on accident? Plus I have always thought that its kinda suspicious for their to happen to be only one other gate (besides the one they came through)that no one else seems to know/care about.

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