xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 193 Review

xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 193

 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 193Watanuki enters the Dream World to have a visit with Haruka.  They discuss Doumeki (Shizuka) as well as Watanuki’s shamisen customer. Watanuki took no damage from the  encounter and thanks Haruka for his lessons in dreams.  Haruka plays down his role and says that Watanuki’s abilities really come from the sleeping power he had from the start.  He reminds Watanuki that he made no payment to Yuuko-san to have his wish granted.  Watanuki states that this was done by Yuuko-san so that he could inherit the shop, something Haruka agrees with.

Haruka continues, stating that though Watanuki’s powers had been sealed, his eyes had been left opened so he could see the dangers and avoid them.  Because Yuuko-san did not take any of Watanuki’s power as payment, those powers are awake and growing.  That power brings risk of disaster instead of happiness.

Haruka reveals that he met Yuuko-san in a dream and that she requested he take care of Watanuki.  With that, Haruka states that if Watanuki truly believes he will see Yuuko-san again, he must not do anything to make her cry.  With that, Haruka is gone and Watanuki is left alone with his pipe on the engawa, missing Yuuko-san.


xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 193Let’s see, I just read the Del Rey release where Haruka and Yuuko-san met in the dream — that happened at the end of volume 14 (and I believe this chapter will be in volume 17).  Haruka did all the  talking there so this revelation by Haruka provides some additional details of his chat with Yuuko-san that had not been previously revealed.  Yuuko-san clearly cared a great deal for Watanuki to do all that she did, but to perform the bow that she did really struck me on how deeply her love for Watanuki is.  I don’t mean romantic love as I never have sensed that, but love nevertheless.

On the other side, there’s Watanuki.  His decision to man Yuuko-san’s shop until she returns (which doesn’t seem likely given that she’s dead and the dead cannot be brought back according to Tsubasa) showed how much Watanuki had cared for Yuuko-san.  However, after his chat with Haruka in this current chapter, one clearly sees how much he misses Yuuko-san and how much he had cared for and loved her.  Again, I’m not going down the romantic love path but he did love Yuuko-san.  I wish we could have a visit from Himawari-chan to give a basis for how deep Watanuki’s feelings for Yuuko-san are now.

I like that CLAMP revealed that Haruka has been teaching Watanuki how to do things and use things in the shop.  While Yuuko-san had trained Watanuki quite a bit, to include wish granting, there is still stuff for Watanuki to learn in order to have perfectly balanced granting of wishes.

It will continue to be interesting to see where CLAMP takes xxxHOLiC now.

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2 Responses to “xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 193 Review”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i feel an end is coming to this manga:
    watanuki want to be with yuuko soo much he went to the past, and as the price, his time now continue… as clow reed. we start again with the Mokona Modoki story… where both clow and yuuko prepare for the coming “event”.
    and even though haruka domeki warn him not to make her cry, he love yuuko soo much that he still gonna made that mistake of accidentally made yuuko time freezed (well we know that watanuki has alot of power now.. so i guess he will have evenmore power then)
    aaand we’re back to the xxxholic story where yuuko have a hard time of holding her feeling toward clow… ehm… i mean watanuki, and become sad when she know that the time when she will no longer be with watanuki is coming….

    i’m just making this up… but still i felt that the end of xxxholic is coming.. prolly at chapter 200

    PS: seeing it this way then “xxxholic” really do mean “love holic” isn’t it?

    taken from mangaupdates’ forum

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I had thought that the manga would end after Yuuko-san departed. CLAMP could have done as they did with Tsubasa and just implied that the story would continue on, only CLAMP wouldn’t be telling it.

    Instead, CLAMP pushed the timeline a few years forward and started telling new tales. With that, I became uncertain as to whether or not the manga would end. Depending on what CLAMP does, it could end at 200 as you speculate or it could shift directions and go somewhere dark and sinister before becoming a confused mess that they have to just kill. *lol*

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