FUNimation’s 2010 Roll-out Riot: Day 3 — A License Rescue

FUNimation’s 2010 Roll-out Riot: Day 3 — A License Rescue

With day three, FUNimation returns to anime and a license rescue, this time of the six-episode wacky OVA series FLCL, aka: Fooly Cooly.

Fooly Cooly (FLCL)
I remember watching this back when it appeared on Cartoon Network (one of the last dubs I’d watch). This was one insane anime to be sure and now that it has been license rescued, those of you with Blu-ray players will get to see it in that format. ^_^

One of the things that surprised me as I read the announcement is that FUNimation scored the license from Production I.G and not GAINAX. When Synch-Point had the license, the Production I.G aspect of the production was not discussed very much if at all. The GAINAX angle however was heavily discussed. Now I see that Production I.G apparently played a role in producing the English version of the anime. I hadn’t realized but then again, I’d never bothered to even look before.

Regarding the dub, people have been asking if FUNimation would redub it or not. FUNimation made this announcement on Twitter.

FLCL has been dubbed before and we think it’s awesome. As soon as I know for sure if we will go with the old dub or new, you guys will know. nothing [sic] wrong with FLCL dub – just don’t want to give a definitive answer until I know for sure….give me 24 hrs, folks.

I’m guessing they’ll go with the original dub, which is pretty good.

Update (7-Dec-2010) from FUNimation:

New this morning: We WILL be releasing FLCL with the Synch-Point dub.

So, if you haven’t seen this nutty anime, it might be worth your time if you like crazy comedy stuff.

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4 Responses to “FUNimation’s 2010 Roll-out Riot: Day 3 — A License Rescue”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You like a dub? Never thought I’d hear the like.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Heh!heh! Doesn’t mean I’d watch the dub again, though I admit that the South Park parody in FLCL works best for me in English. ^_~

  3. Todd says:

    As Otaku Review said regarding this license, “It was a good day.” I will be buying this on Blu-ray.

  4. cxt217 says:

    Very nice. The original Synch-Point release was difficult to find even when it just came out. It is nice that people can hear what was Kari Wahlgren’s very FIRST dub role in anime…EVER.

    …Of course, I need to buy a Blu-Ray player for it now…


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