Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 09

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari OVA Ep. 09 Review
異世界の聖機師物語 OAV Episode 09 (Pay-per-view version)
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar – 09

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09With the evacuation of Seichi complete, Babalun has what he wants — Gaia’s Shield. Dagmyer sets a trap for the Swan and has Emera make contact with Chiaia with a communication link to Dagmyer and a mission to kill Kenshi. Chiaia finds she cannot kill Kenshi and is talked to by Lashara, who knew what she was planning. Chiaia gets Emera safely off Swan, which has been restrained by the Church regarding the attack on Seichi. Lashara breaks confinement to rescue Chiaia, who’s gone to see Dagmyer, only to have the Swan taken out of the sky thanks to Dagmyer’s Ena trap, which denies Swan access to Ena energy it needs to stay aloft.

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09Using Seikishi on power cords, Dagmyer’s forces attack, only to find themselves opposed by Wahanly and her mecha unit, which does not require Ena energy nor does it use Ahou technology. Kenshi takes out Dagmyer’s guards and rescues Chiaia before locating an empty Seikishin, which he takes. Using it, he frees Swan from the trap just as the Black Seikishin and Doll arrive. Lashara has Swan swing by so that Kenshi can escape with Chiaia.

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09Back on board, Chiaia submits to Lashara who forgives her before laying out her plan to have all of the other nations support her. Kenshi points out the flaw in her plan as the Church may not be so kind. Meanwhile, the Church leaders meet to discuss the situation while the Pope talks with the school principal, Lithia, and Lapis. In Shurifon, Lashara arranges for a meeting with the king, Aura’s father, and gets Kenshi to slip out and give Aura a message.

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09Aura agrees to help Lashara and her father and his best warriors are talked into a race where each stage gets hard. During the race, the king is amazed at Kenshi’s skill and how Kenshi remains ahead of him. However at race’s end, Kenshi takes 2nd place because he stopped to gather mushrooms and the like. The king declares Kenshi the winner and that he can marry Aura. Before anyone can celebrate, Dagmyer’s forces attack the palace.

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09


Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09Ah, another good episode. ^_^

My first question from last episode appears to be answered — Babalun unearthed Gaia’s Shield and apparently this shield is leftover from a now departed civilization known as Gaia. I’m guessing this will play a greater roll in the story as time goes on, especially since I expect the Seikishin to eventually be fully repaired and able to go head-to-head with Kenshi.
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09
Now that Babalun has control over Seichi, Dagmyer revealed that the next two targets would be Shurifon and Havoniwa. Well, the move on Shurifon has begun as apparently, Babalun wants to rule the world.

Doll revealed a few interesting things in this episode. For starters, I think she misses her life as Mexiah, as seen when she looked mournfully at Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09Kenshi’s things. Second, that despite being an artificial construct of some kind, she has limits. Finally, she revealed that Dagmyer and Babalun may not be in control of her as much as they like to think. I kinda expect a Doll defection by the time the story is over but in the meantime, I look forward to learning more about her.

Lashara has effectively been deposed as ruler of Schutreiyu thanks to Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09everything that has transpired. Lashara shows why she’s money hungry though (to have her own funds separate from the funds from her parents), which I liked. I also like how she’s such a sharp cookie in spite of a few weaknesses here and there. She knew of Chiaia’s betrayal but let things play out just the same because she believed Chiaia would come back. That plays into Lashara’s gambling nature. I just like how the Lashara character is.

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09Speaking of Lashara and Chiaia, the scene where Chiaia goes to kill Kenshi is very similar to a scene in Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA 2 where Zero has a similar decision to make. Even Lashara’s waiting for Chiaia after Chiaia couldn’t murder Kenshi was similar to the outcome of the scene in OVA 2.

While on the subject of OVA 2, I found Aura’s father to be kind of similar to Aeka’s father, Azusa. The main difference being that while Azusa could not accept Tenchi, Aura’s father accepts Kenshi. *lol*

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09The thing that I found most interesting in this episode is Lashara’s belief that Kenshi was sent from his world and not summoned from his world. That makes a huge difference because if Kenshi were sent over, then that suggests that someone on Earth saw a problem and sent Kenshi to solve it (maybe the Choushin?). Of course it could have been accidental as well (Mihoshi horsing around with Washu’s equipment and sending Kenshi away accidentally). I look forward to learning more about that.

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09Kenshi’s pendant made an appearance again. I’m still going to say that it plays a roll in the story and likely a critical one.

So, why did Neizai help Lashara’s group by warning them about the trap? I half suspect that Neizai may be someone we know from the Tenchi series but I admit, that’s a long shot.

Man, can’t wait to see the next episode. ^_^

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar - 09


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45 Responses to “Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 09”

  1. Blogima says:

    I’m watching this series thanks to your reviews, Astro. ^^

    Well, I just like Kenshi’s character (Chuck Norris Level Characters are always good for me) and how he have large diferences comparing with Tenchi and Seina. About Chiaia, this episode was the only one I find she’s interesting (and I have a high disgusting for tsundere like characters).

    I only think that kenshi and Doll have more than a nemesis for each other, maybe she’s from Kenshi’s universe. I don’t know, but is pretty exciting! Do you know something further about Kenshi and Isekai’s end?

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Glad to be of help to a fellow Negima! fan. ^_^

    I’ve never had a problem with Chiaia because I don’t consider her a high-level tsundere character. I see her relationship with Kenshi as being one of an older sister and younger brother. Her frustrations with Kenshi are rooted in their initial encounter.

    Knowing Kajishima-sensei though, I’m guessing she’ll develop feelings for Kenshi at some point though. *lol*

    As to Kenshi, I like him too. He’s certainly similar to Tenchi and Seina, but at the same time, he has a much higher self confidence level. Then again, having grown up with Tenchi’s harem, no wonder Kenshi is so easily able to go with the flow. *lol*

    As to Doll, she could be from anywhere. She’s so similar to D(ee) from “Dual!” that she might be from there. With Kajishima-sensei linking his creations at the corner, it is hard to say.

    As to ISM and the ending, I’ve no clue. I know episode 10 is out but I’ve not looked at it. I’ve not read up on anything spoiler-wise so I’m seeing this all new with everyone else.

  3. Todd says:

    This was a great episode in terms of fun and in terms of moving the plot forward.

    What do you think about the theory that Isekai is set on the same world as Photon was?

  4. Mike says:

    I’ve watched episode 10 already don’t expect much in plot development. However, the preview for 11 looks like some interesting turn of events.

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Todd — Kajishima-sensei seems to have his game on with this series. ^_^

    As to the theory you mention, it has been mentioned to me before. It is an interesting idea as koro are on both planets and Ahou technology is on both planets. However, Kajishima-sensei has already established the concept of parallel universes so it is possible that ISM is set on yet another parallel universe. But on the other hand, it would be neat if this were the same planet that Photon was set on, only at a different time period.

    @Mike — Did you think 10 was good though? I’ve not watched it as I mentioned.

  6. junior says:

    10 appears to be a good episode. It also looks like it’s one that will really be helped by the release of a translation.

    And the episode 11 teaser… oh dear… ^^;;

    I think my favorite sequence in this episode was when Doll got annoyed with Dagmyer’s ranting (he has a problem treating people well unless he REALLY needs their help), pointed her gun at him, and in effect said, “I could always tell your father that I got here too late to help.”


    I suspect that Doll must obey the letter of Babiron’s orders, but Dagmyer is another matter entirely. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she can creatively misinterpret what Babiron tells her. I still think, though, that the ultimate betrayal will come when Emera finally opens her eyes to what a monster Dagmyer really is. Dagmyer clearly loves no one but himself (and holds nearly everyone else in contempt), while Emera is completely devoted to him. That’s got to pay off at some point.

    On an unrelated note, when I heard Dagmyer finally explain his philosophy I had to laugh as following it to the logical conclusion would mean that Dagmyer followed Kenshi.

    The dinner table conversation was pretty amusing. “It would be nice if someone could find Aura.” “If only someone could sneak past the guards.” etc…


    And in that same scene, I’m curious which sister Kenshi was going to refer to.

    Sent vs. Summoned

    The intro to episode 1 seems to hint at the former if you check the dialogue during the heartbeat monitor sequence. Among other things, someone wishes Kenshi good luck.

    One last note – matter compression (i.e. the method used to create “bullets” for the Seikijin rifles) is something that we’ve seen before in another Kajishima series, albeit in a different fashion. Zinv in Dual! is capable of generating micro singularities to make things implode, and uses that ability in the second to last episode.

  7. al103 says:

    >Dagmyer clearly loves no one but himself (and holds nearly everyone else in contempt), while Emera is completely devoted to him. That’s got to pay off at some point.

    Nah. He really do believe at least in half of his rants. Remember his reaction on that boy seikishi who run to find his true love. Or his relationships with his 3 trusted henchmen – though her certainly chosen WHO to be close with as they are also competent. And his contempt to Emera is not because he considers all people beneath him, but because of her blind devotion which he passionately hates even if it’s to him. Compare with his reactions on Chiaia who DO her choices by herself, or to bandits. Actually to think of it he possibly believes like 90% of his ideas, not just 50%…

  8. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Junior — Well, I’m certainly looking forward to more fun. ^_^

    I agree with your Doll and Emera assessments. I too wonder which of the girls Kenshi was going to refer to. Oh well. I still hope for decent cameo from Tenchi and company.

    As to the intro of episode 1, I need to rewatch the extended version. I just keep not doing it.

    As to the bullets in “Dual!,” I’d forgotten about that ability of Zinv. Just another connection I guess.

    @Al103 — Dagmyer can believe half of his rants and still not love anyone but himself.

  9. junior says:

    al103 –

    The difference between Emera and everyone else that Dagmyer interacts with is that Dagmyer needs to work to gain/keep the cooperation of all of the other people that you listed. Dagmyer doesn’t need to do anything to maintain the cooperation of Emera. She’s hopelessly attached to him. It’s the same with Doll and Neizai. They’re two of the most physically talented/skilled/powerful individuals that we’ve met, and yet Dagmyer is casually contemptuous of them.


    Because he doesn’t need to do anything to maintain their attachment to the cause.

    Everyone else – the bandits, the male seikishi, Chiaia – can up and leave at a moment’s notice. In fact, I think that it’s indicated in this episode that some of the male seikishi did just that following the events of episode 8. IMO as a result, Dagmyer’s forced to “play nice” in order to get on everyone else’s good side. Nearly EVERYTHING that he does appears to be a smoke screen designed to hide his arrogant, self-centered nature. It’s only with people that he no longer needs to impress (Emera as she’s devoted to him; Doll as she’s under Babiron’s control; Neizai as she’s Ulyte’s servant) that he doesn’t bother to put the mask into place.

  10. al103 says:

    Or certainly he do not love anybody but himself. But he do have compassion to group of people – to that male seikishi that despite his weak character rebelled and decided what he want for himself, to his close-up gang – which is obviously organized by that principle along with competence. Even to Chaia – his look when she left him speak more than any words. Even for that bandit girl… though not her mother he sleeps with i think.

  11. tsaicho says:

    As to the sister Kenshi was referring to, my opinion is that the most likely is Sasami (or maybe Washu, but most likely Sasami).

    I believe it’s most likely Sasami because Kenshi believes Lashara is much older than 12 years of age that she claims (obviously due to Lashara’s tactical/political capabilities). Sasami of course is generally the most mature of the girls, even though she seems the youngest (even though she’s hundreds of years old).

    The other small possibility is Washu, since she spends most of her time in her “child” form (and has everyone call her “Washu-chan” or “Little Washu.” Washu, of course, has an adult form which we’ve only seen once in the Tenchi Muyo OVA and once in GXP since she hates the problems of adults due to her previous heartbreak. Perhaps Kenshi might have seen Washu switch to her adult form.

    Of course, these are my theories, so I could easily be wrong. But like I said, my opinion is that the most likely reference was Sasami.

  12. junior says:

    Not sure what you’re refering to when you mention Dagmyer’s expression when Chiaia leaves. Chiaia’s expression shows distress. Emera looks a bit distressed, but then turns a bit happy (she shows a faint smile – probably because Chiaia’s not going to be around). Dagmyer’s expression just shows anger and irritation, which fits with the idea that he’s angry because he was rejected by someone (specifically Chiaia in this case) and shown up once again by Kenshi.

  13. al103 says:

    >Dagmyer’s expression just shows anger and irritation, which fits with the idea that he’s angry because he was rejected by someone (specifically Chiaia in this case) and shown up once again by Kenshi.

    Yeah right, and that is why he have that shocked expression and sound like abandoned puppy? Yes, he quickly overcame that and tries to sound like it’s all rainbows and flowers but it don’t look like that he believes that himself. Emera is too shocked how much it struck him, and only then thinks that it’s for the best.

  14. al103 says:

    And it’s really funny how audience buys his, Lasharra and Chiaia “toughguy” acting… when they obviously are not.

  15. evgenidb says:

    to tsaicho,
    I think it’s a reference to Washu. Usually Sasami and Washu are cheerful and easy going (even in tough situations, especially Washu), but when needed, Washu also become very serious and mature.

  16. Gonbawa says:

    In the episode 10, I think that the main change is that Lashara no longer has political power. Kenshi is considered on its own as a political force (thanks to his awesome power, but also because he is then considered as an ambassador from another world). This is the single reason that allows Lashara to keep the Swan.
    We also see that all these accumulated losses (her parents, her kingdom, her title) cause her much grief, even if it does not show on surface. The worst thing that could happen to her is that they deprive her of Kenshi : this is what happens in episode 10. There is little fighting, but still a lot of political intrigues, making it an excellent episode.

  17. Gonbawa says:

    As to Kenshi sister, she could be Sasami : he talks about a twelve years old girl. (ok, Washu sometimes looks like a girl, but it’s “Washuu-chan”, not “onee-chan”)

    As to compressed matter : you can see that in the end of Tenchi Muyo GXP : Seina use a giant robot (powered by a 1st generation tree’s seed) to compress an enormous pirate spaceship to nothingness.
    Very impressive, to say the least.

  18. shadow_s_writer says:

    I think I talked about this before, but too me Doll seem closer to Zero than any other Tenchi OVA character, even Ryoko. The idea of a bionoid developing a personality because of having a human shape matchs Zero story very closely.

    As for Kenshi ‘sisters’, he seem to have talked about all of them in the series but Noike. What I am waiting for is a mention of Tenchi, other that in a refernece to the harem.

    BTW has any one notice the number of trees that are simular to Juraian Royal Trees? In Eps 10 there is even a tree grow in the middle of a lake.

  19. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Gonbawa — Sasami is a lot older than 12 at this point in Kenshi’s life. Indeed, in the doujinshi that depicted Kenshi playing with Ryo-ohki (in young humanoid form), Sasami is in high school. Kenshi’s use of the term “oneechan” is generic to all of Tenchi’s harem. Since Tenchi is his brother, it is only natural that Tenchi’s “wives” (whether officially thus or unofficially thus) would be Kenshi’s sisters and thus his addressing them all with as “oneechan” would be appropriate.

    @Shadow — I didn’t notice the similarity to the Royal trees in the way you did, but I did note that Aura’s father mentioned how the forest seemed at peace with Kenshi and that the trees were essentially happy with him. That would be understandable if they are connected to the Royal trees and Kenshi’s pendant is made from the wood of a Royal tree (holding the crystal which would obviously be from Washu, which again the forest might positively react to).

  20. Anonymous says:

    I saw a mention elsewhere about the high ranking for this show at Anime-Planet, and you saying that was no surprise. I’m glad it has a good rating like it deserves, but it doesn’t paint the full picture. If you look at how many people are actually watching the show, it’s merely 200 or so. Compare that to two other shows that have the same average rating right now: Toradora and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig both have around 8000 past and present viewers. Even an obscure show called Tsumiki no Ie that I’ve never heard of has the same rating with about 500 viewers. What I’m trying to say is, even though it’s a great show, we need to get way more people watching Seikishi before we can congratulate ourselves on its popularity.

  21. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Based on traffic flow to my own blog, I do think more people are starting to take note of the series. Hopefully, the series doesn’t go out with a thud, but rather with a bang. ^_^

  22. tsaicho says:

    Check the first picture out for Episode 11. Something’s happening to Kenshi’s Sekijin:

  23. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Doll and Kenshi are both inside.

  24. al103 says:

    Just want to ask a question – when i want to talk about Negima i go to AQS, when i want to talk about Nanoha i go to Animesuki… is there forum with good Tenchiverse/Seikishiverse/AlHazard community?

  25. AstroNerdBoy says:

    There are only three still active Tenchi forums that I’m aware of.

    (1) Seidou (The Sanctuary). Not too much happening on the Tenchi front.

    (2) Tenchiboard. This is probably the most active of the three, though you’ll find quite a bit of “OVA 3 sucks” talk. I moderate the Tenchi forum here.

    (3) Ayeka Fan Club Forum. I’m an admin here and one of the oldest surviving members. Some ISM talk here but not too much Tenchi talk any more as most of the Tenchi fans left for various reasons.

    I don’t know if El Hazard is heavily discussed on any of these forums, but it could be.

  26. Yaku says:

    AstroNerdBoy, did you get my email about Hakubi?

  27. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’m behind on checking e-mail. I’ll check now.

  28. al103 says:

    >(3) Ayeka Fan Club Forum.

    Heh, was reading all that “why Washu made Noike head of family and allowed her at all” discussion… No one touched obvious answer – because she wants her personal Naja Akara, which was root of all that shit with Kagato, duh. And Seto is bad choice by many reasons, lol.

  29. al103 says:

    Heh. Looked at 11th raw… Lashara and Dagmeier nicely cracked and proved my point of view. I want to see translation ;_;

  30. al103 says:

    >(1) Seidou (The Sanctuary). Not too much happening on the Tenchi front.

    “You must register to view this forum”

    then it seems that i was banned by IP for trying to register…

  31. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Al — what ID did you try to use? I can give them a heads up and let them know if you like.

  32. al103 says:

    My usual – al103. Possibly it’s because of my default mail account, but it’s first time that it’s not “we don’t accept such email” but “fuck off, you are banned”.

  33. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I sent them a message.

  34. junior says:

    Heh. Looked at 11th raw… Lashara and Dagmeier nicely cracked and proved my point of view. I want to see translation ;_;

    And having seen that episode, I still disagree with you.


    With regards to the linked picture of Kenshi’s seikijin – all that I’ll say about that is that the clues as to how that happened are found in a brief shot in the episode trailer combined with dialogue from an earlier episode.


    Both 10 and 11 look as if they’ve got a lot of information in the dialogue. I’m looking forward to the eventual fansub releases.

    It also looks like there’s a new outfit working on this series. There are bunch of new subs for episodes 1, 2, 7, and 8, that have all recently been released with the outfit tag of ‘Wasurenai-Himitsu’ on them.

  35. junior says:

    New fansub is out. Tokyo Toshokan has it as usual.

  36. tsaicho says:

    Did anybody notice one other reference to Tenchi Muyo, specifically Kenshi’s Jurai heritage? The King of Shurifon described Kenshi as a forest spirit because the forest was happy Kenshi was around (the Jurai royal family is bonded to powerful trees)

  37. junior says:

    That caught my attention for the same reason that you describe, but it’s also possible that it was merely meant to once again emphasize Kenshi’s ability to fit in seamlessly with the wilds. Aura is impressed by Kenshi’s ability to forage without disrupting the forest. Lithia constantly refers to him as a wild beast. It’s possible that Aura’s father merely meant something similar.

    But then again…

    And on other matters…

    Hey nerdboy! You gonna post a review of episode 10 anytime soon?

  38. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Tsaicho — I too noticed the forest mentions and thought about the Royal trees. We’ll see if the forest reference means more than what was presented.

    @Junior — It is a work-in-progress. ^_^;

  39. Little Washu says:

    I want to hear you answer to this AstroNerd. How is it that Hakubi Fansubs can take care of business and get the Tenchi books translated but you’ve been talking about it for many years without anything ever happening? I know they’re having to pay money for their translations but they’ve also managed to get people donating to cover the expense. There were more active fans before than there are now so why didn’t you do that if you couldn’t get it done any other way? These are fair questions because you’ve been telling us for years that you’re to organizer of the Tenchi translation project. Were you even trying or was it all just talk?

  40. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Heh! OK, I’ll play along. ^_^

    I looked into paying for translations myself but the costs were outrageously high. Back then, there weren’t many semi-professional translators but the few that were suggested to me had other strings attached to their work other than money. Those conditions were unacceptable to me.

    As for donations, I had absolutely no intention of ever doing that. Doing something quietly on the side is one thing. Going and begging for money for this project was a line I did not wish to cross because I didn’t want to find myself on the negative end of the Japanese publishers (who had stopped previous translation project attempts).

    There have been numerous people who’ve offered translation help, but only one ever came through and then only in limited form. Others who had the skill had no interest in doing the work, and that’s fine.

    Basically, I was hoping to find a Tenchi fan who had the Japanese-English skills and the enthusiasm to match. That never happened.

    The guys at Habuki have my best wishes and support. However, I do know that they’ve had their own problems getting things done, which is why it is taking so long to get stuff out. It is easy to sit and criticize from the sidelines (which I’ve seen people do about them) about the slowness but until you go through all the headaches with such a project, you don’t know how difficult things are (especially since on paper, it seems a simple proposition).

    Thanks for writing. ^_^

  41. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, AstroNerdBoy, most of us appreciate everything you’ve done for the fans, even if you had no success with the novels. But what did you mean when you said you’d play along with the question, is there some sort of secret feud going on here? Sorry if I’m being too nosy, it just sounded intriguing.

  42. There’s no secret feud. ANB tells me he has talked with a couple of people using the ‘Little Washu’ screen name but we’ve no way of knowing if this is that person or not. As one of the people who helps screen comments, I suggested to ANB that this ‘Little Washu’ is likely just a troll, but he said to let it through so I did. 🙂

  43. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Little Washu’s post is rather snarky, hence the troll feeling. However, I’m not above addressing things if I feel like it. ^_~

  44. C_K3000 says:

    if possible could you (the creators) make a sequel to this series showing kenshi going down the path of darkness.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I don’t know what Kajishima-sensei’s plans for the series are. At the moment, doing a new Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki series seems to be his priority.

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