Dirty Pair – 11

ダーティペア (TV Anime) Episode 11 Review
Dirty Pair – 11

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Dirty Pair - 11Having worked for two months without a day off, Kei and Yuri complain about this to Gooley, their supervisor. He tells them that after they complete their current job, they can have a week off without pay, so Yuri and Kei blow up the facility they are at and return home, excited to have time off and to go on dates. Kei attempts calling guys but finds that no one is available because of her erratic schedule and personality. Yuri finds this funny until she runs into the same wall. However, an invitation from a G.A. Frances to attend a formal party on the planet Belenous has the two in good spirits again.

Dirty Pair - 11Taking Lovely Angel, Yuri decides on a detour to a planet to buy some new dresses. While at the mall, Kei is mistaken for a criminal named Pete and when Yuri comes out of the shop, she’s mistaken for Pete’s partner Moila. The pair race for their ship, only to find a bunch of kids playing on the external elevator and unwilling to move. The police think Kei and Yuri have taken the kids hostage which leads to more frustration as the kids run ramshod over the girls. However, being the adults, Kei and Yuri soon have the brats all captured and bundled into an escape pod (?) to return to the planet as they make their own escape into warp, only to find one more kid in the ship.

Dirty Pair - 11Returning to the planet, Kei and Yuri are thrown in jail to wait for their identities to be confirmed by the authorities. They have no intention of waiting as they are already late for the party and make their escape. However, when they happen upon the scene of the latest Pete and Moila crime in progress, Kei can’t help but see their lookalikes. With the authorities asking Dirty Pair to help with the situation and local TV station crews recording, Kei and Yuri resolve the incident in fifty-eight seconds but are dismayed to see themselves compared to criminals who are obviously middle aged.

Dirty Pair - 11Leaving for Belenous, Kei and Yuri do a double warp to make up lost time and arriving at the planet, they are excited to see the mansions. Their own destination is not nearly so luxurious but is cozy. Kei and Yuri try to play this off and arriving at the front door, they are greeted by their middle aged boss, who’s used a photo of himself at a young age to lure them there. He’s throwing them a small party to thank them for their work, meaning no rich young men are there. Disappointed, Kei and Yuri attempt to be the good guests.

Dirty Pair - 11


Dirty Pair - 11Since it had been well over a year since I last watched a Dirty Pair episode, I’d forgotten how much I got into the catchy, 80’s-styled OP music (though I did mention this kind of music in my White Album final review). I’m rather tempted to try to see if I can get the CD with this song on it, but economic times being what they are, I’ll wait for now. ^_^;

I think Dirty Pair is supposed to take place around the years 2138 to 2143. As such, I laughed out loud at the traditional mall setting, complete with some Dirty Pair - 111980’s-styled cars in the parking lot, that Yuri and Kei went to so that Yuri could buy herself a new dress. I never saw a mall when I lived in Japan in the late 80’s, but I’d guess there were some (there are now). That said, why a mall of 2138 would have 80’s-styled cars in the parking lot and an all-around 80’s feel to everything is beyond me. It made Yuri’s and Kei’s spaceship seem very out of place.

Further, I went to my own local mall the other day as that used to have the closest Radio Shack and was stunned to see it all but empty and dead. That trip also made me amused Dirty Pair - 11at this mall scene because I don’t think too many traditional malls will be around in the near future.

Beyond that, the story was pretty straightforward with the predictable hindrances cropping up
to keep Kei and Yuri from the party. The brats were annoying but I was amused by Kei’s and Yuri’s argument being accidentally broadcast over the loudspeaker while they were trying to deal with the brats.

So, nothing too special here, but I did find the episode mostly fun and nostalgic on some levels.

Dirty Pair - 11

Dirty Pair - 11

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2 Responses to “Dirty Pair – 11”

  1. evgenidb says:

    Well, showing the future cities that looks exactly as the current ones (or at least are mostly based on) is very common in the anime. Especially cities with Japanese style. And I don’t know why they do that. Probably the creators are too lazy to think of something new. Or they don’t have time and concentrate only on the story and only the necessary technology for the plot. Which, basically, sucks!

    But, on the other hand, creating a setting as complicated as in TM!R or Ghost in the Shell is not easy task. Oh, and this reminds me of an anime called Mnemosyne – the interesting thing about this anime is that it shows how the setting changes over time. The first episode start in 1990 and the last one ends in year 2055. Watch it if you want (it’s only 6 episodes long, but every episode is 40 mins long). But I think its worth it.

    P.S. You could watch First Squad as well; just to remind you! 😉

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    What’s weird is that in Dirty Pair, there are futuristic cities, vehicles, etc. However, now that I think about it, episode 9 had a planet where the town they visited was like an old western town from the U.S. ^_^;

    I did grab “First Strike” a while back for the record. It is sitting with the huge pile of other anime recommendations I haven’t gotten around to. ^_^;;;;

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