Negima! Chapter 282 SPOILER Images

Negima! 282 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 282 (Images)

Here’s what I know many of you have been waiting for — the original-sized, sneak-peek SPOILER images for Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 282 as brought to you by anonymous Japanese fans (click pic to make bigger, y’all).

Exposition time from Nodoka. ^_^ Keep checking back as I’m sure we’ll have more images (watch this be the only two now that I’ve opened my mouth).

Update: Two more.

Looks like an unmasking is going to happen…NEXT CHAPTER! *lol*

UPDATE! Next batch of spoiler images –> HERE!

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35 Responses to “Negima! Chapter 282 SPOILER Images”

  1. SL from MH says:

    That was quick.
    I thought that spoiler pic wouldn’t appear until an hour or two.

    So i was right that everyone would at last gather in this chapter (though it seems that Haruka’s group is missing there but can’t say anything for sure as there are only two pages pics of of the possibly 18 page chapter).

    Wonder how Negi & Chisame reacted towards fake Asuna.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The one thing I’ve learned over time about the spoiler images is that there is no longer a set time. For months, it used to be Saturday morning around 06:00ET. Now, it is earlier, but I’ve seen them appear as early as Wednesday night.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like two ships and two teams.

  4. SL from MH says:

    Ok saw the other two pics just now & it seems everyone has gathered here (even Haruna’s group) but whose that second ship belongs too.

    It seems that the job for protecting most of the Non-pactio members & the non-combat members is upto Kotaro, Kaede & Setsuna with possibly Konoka acting as back-up for them (since she does know a few combat spells).

    Also doesn’t that gate-port looks like the face of a bear (in the 3rd spoiler pic).

    Does it seems that Negi is going to go for a short training session because it looks like he is standing in front of one of those alternate plane glass balls in the 4th spoiler pic.

    It also seems that there is going to be a chapter next week as well (meaning we would possibly be getting a break after ch 283).

  5. Anonymous says:

    So from what I can tell from the Spoiler for the last page we don’t have a break next week? Will have 283?

  6. Leaf says:

    Heh The bear scares me =_=”

    Anyway, isnt the other ship the one where Kaede and the rest went? I think it was point B or something?

    I can’t read Japanese but I can kinda get what Nodoka is trying to say…or something. There are 1000 master keys which those summons have. And I think all of them(lol don’t think so but) kinda make the Grand Master Keys or have the power to make one…
    The seven Grand Master Keys make the Great Grand Master key or whatnot.

    I’m more confused than Negi’s face on that page!!

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Anon1 — I noticed that as well.

    @SL — It is an interesting breakup of the teams but it does give the non-combatants some decent protection without sacrificing too much offensive power. What I find interesting is that Asakura and Sayo are staying split up. Also, Takahata appears to be staying behind to keep Kurt off their tails.

    The face is coincidence but funny. *lol*

    As for the realm in a globe, I can’t tell for sure from the text, but I suspect he’s trying to convince Shiori-Asuna to go inside “for her own protection” and then he’d seal her in. That’s assuming that the globe is not some sort of flashback imagery.

    And yeah, it doesn’t seem like there’s a break next week.

  8. Boo!? says:

    Yes, it seems there will be no break.

    Also, Sayo is in Negi’s group. So I wonder if something might happen soon to her =)

    And the sports girls didn’t evenask Negi for a pactio now that everyone’s reunited?

  9. Nick says:

    Looks like at the End Negi brought up the fact that really isnt Asuna I look forward to seeing what Shori says to Negi after shes unmasked..
    All in all this looks like more of an information chapter and its about time we got one. That could be the reason no break or just eh keep it rolling!

  10. quigonkenny says:

    His line in the last panel is something along the lines of “I need to speak to Asuna alone about something”. At least according to Google Language Tools.


    I can’t read the furigana on the previous panels, but I’m guessing he’s asking her to go in the bottle with him. Likely so that if he has to kill—er, unmask her, he can do it without the others interfering. Should be interesting next week…

  11. Anonymous says:

    And one Ring to rule them all…

    Interesting. Looks like Nagi and Chisame are back in their real bodies, too. We’re heading for a confrontation! And Negi looks quite distressed about it. I wonder if he’ll be able to keep control of his dark magic…

  12. Vision says:

    My guess at the Great Grandmaster key is that it’s the one all the other keys draw there power from and has the most uses. I think the Grand Master keys can erase and heal while the Master keys can only erase judging by what I have seem so far.While the Great Grand Master key can do all the plus erase all and restore all.

    Also @ Astro I think the reason that Asakura and Sayo are staying split up is so communication between the two groups does not get jammed. Sayo has shown that she is able to share info back from her doll to the fake body through jamming and I am guessing that works in reverse.

    And one last thing I saw. There are 7 Grand Master keys and only 6 known enemy’s(not counting Asuna yet besides I bet she would have the Great Grand Master key). I went back and checked the gate port attack and there is one more person there that has not been introduced yet. So at least one more unknown that could mess things up. As to who that could be I am guessing Filius Zect, Nagi’s master from Ala Ruba.

  13. Anonymous says:

    @Boo yes Sayo is with Negi and so is Mana. Oh the possibilities.

  14. Zefyris says:

    yes she’s saying that 7 grand master key were made, and then again 1000 master key were made for the underlings.

    And yes, negi is asking asuna-shiori to go with him inside the bottle because he needs to speak alone with her.

    Looks like also that nodoka is blamming herself for not being able to protect others and not being helpful/a full fledged member of ala alba before the first spoiler pics, and negi answer than she can’t say that, and she’s one of his comrades, and a full fledged adventurer.
    She then said that she’s going to reveal what she learned by reading the mind of dynamis of cosmo enteo-I don’t remember-that-name.
    saying that she established that they found the code of the lifemaker, a magical tool allowing them to use the power of this world’s creator.
    Then talking about lower master keys (too blur for the most part, sorry) and then about the great grand master key, which allow the one “using” it to draw out a power of the same level than this world’s creator himself. That you really can call it the ultimate key.
    That if you use this power then without a doubt you should be able to bring back those who were erased.
    Mana find that nodoka is amazing, saying that even with her artifact, discovering so much is amazing or something among those lines.
    Chisame add something, that i can’t read, and add again that it may be a talent.

    About the second ship, it’s called the flying manta. I think we saw it used earlier, but I don’t remember where. Maybe by one of the group while coming to ostia?

    Also, the point between the 2 ships says “you are currently here”.
    so they are no longer in shin ostia and already escaped.

    The remaing part is self explanatory, rescuing anya, stealing the great grand master key and using it to bring back those erased, then breaking through fate and his minions in order to go back to the real world.

  15. Thanks for the summary Zefyris

    According to Hata on AQS Chisame is saying that There is a reason Fate considers Nodoka dangerous.

    I suspect the COLM staffs must have been what Megalomesembrian senate were after in the Gravekeepers palace and similarly what Fate was after (and got) recalling his thoughts in the petrified diary.

    As for the significance of 7 Grand master COLM staffs, I have 2 theories, the first is that it is “a random” number happening to coincide with however many were initially needed. My second theory is that the core membership of Cosma Entelecheia is made up of 8 constructs tasked with preserving the perfection of the Magical World. These are the leader who is the Lifemaker and 7 subordinates – Fate, Dynamis, the 3 extras in Rakans film, Zect (assuming him to be the boy) and one other yet to be revealed (perhaps Alberio as he is almost certainly not human given that he must have lived for a long time to get all those dead pactio cards and is recuperating at a location which is a major magic source).

    Anyway I am happy that we have an exposition chapter and I wonder if the truth of the magic world is also revealed in this chapter as well as the COLM information.

  16. Zefyris says:

    Now there’s something which have been bugging me for a while…

    Why the heck did fate and the others attack the governor general’s palace? What was their aim?
    They just retreated too easily, and we know nothing of why they did come for. Except killing the sacred dragon of Helas and rakan, and casting a veil of terror in every ostia inhabitants and soldiers, what did they do?

    Because of what they did, negi’s group now know a lot more about fate’s trump card, about their plan…
    And he also discovered than asuna was a fake. Their whole plan may not be interrupted by negi’s party.

    What was important enough to risk so much by coming there? And then retreating so easily?

    Surely, there was a goal. A really important one.
    No. Rather, an indispensable goal that was reached during that battle. Something that had to be done just like capturing asuna earlier.
    Like kotarou said, that goal wasn’t ala alba. Then what? Something they did during all this mess that we don’t know? Something that we know but that will play a surprising role later on?

    Again, just like when asuna was kidnapped, something really important was done here and we don’t know what…

  17. Zefyris

    I think the attack again plays into what we learnt from Fate’s Mind.!/229/12/

    The distraction point (In the Del Ray translation Vol 25 the point is put countries power in check).

    This whole attack seems to me to have one main purpose – to inspire panic amongst the governments of the world so that Fate’s group can have more freedom in accomplishing their true goal without interference as the governments “run around in panic” trying to formulate a response to the attack.

    As you pointed out Fate and Dynamis did not hang around to see the outcome of the attack suggesting that the attack itself was the important thing rather than anything in the palace or the deaths it causes

  18. Anonymous says:

    Negi should also include Nodoka in their soon little talk with Asuna-Shiori. That way, they could learn more about asuna and fate. Well I guess Nodoka had her glory scenes in the previous chapters. Having too much glorious scenes on a single character at once would also be not good.

  19. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Just real quick (busy) — “Flying Manta” is one of Paru’s creations. She, Nodoka, and Chisame used it to escape Shirabe (Brigitte) in volume 25 chapter 224. It is too small to hold them all, so likely Kaede will house most of them in her cloak and since Nodoka knows how to pilot the thing, she could fly.

    As to the plan, that’s something I hadn’t considered but I’ll read through the remarks later and ponder a bit.

  20. Sarah says:

    It isnt clear, but that round ball with “Water” and a small island with it looks like a Training Sphere. Negi still needs training before he actually kick Fate’s butt. (Let’s all hope he creates new spells *-*)

    I shall await the HQ *-*!

  21. Anonymous says:

    The Manta ray ship could be just a ship they “borrowed” or they received it from Takamichi or someone else.
    Also Johnny had a similar vessel:!/220/08/
    The missing pages will probably reveal it.

  22. Alex says:

    This might be old but… I just noticed it.!/231/13/

    Anyone noticed that, in Rakan’s flashback, Fate is holding a charm that says ‘biolegeu’-something? Reminds you of anything?

    Sigun Bioregens – Shiori’s artifact, which took Fate ten years to perfect. And what does it do? Change appearances.

    It might be something really small, or I may be an idiot. Just thought I’d share it.

  23. Alex Voda says:

    Chapter 283 will be something to see.
    We will get to see how much of a gentlemen Negi is by how he unmasks Shiori.
    Even if that Asuna is fake he can not be blunt about it.As a gentleman he must be diplomatic.

  24. Maedhros says:


    Yeah, that was really old, we know that her artifact was an improved version of Signun Biologens already. She even said on another chapter.

    Well, the best part of these spoilers is to see Negi and Chisame back to their original forms (well, the ball is over, there’s no point of being in teen/loli forms anymore). I will assume that Chacha and Kotarou are on their original forms too.

  25. Philip says:

    Since I see Chisame and Mana overhearing Negi’s conversation with Shiori-Asuna in the last page (they’re probably confusing this for a confession), what do they plan to do?

  26. Rhyshaelkan says:

    Well if Negi was more knowledgeable about such things. He could put moves on Asuna/Shiori to break her glamor. And have Nodoka with him at the time(and the hilarity that would come from Nodoka watching Negi put moves on Asuna/Shiori) to ask Shiori questions.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Well I don’t think that Mana and Chisama would think of this as a confession, considering the fact that Chisame also knew fake Asuna. Also, I don’t think Mana would think that way, judging on her character.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I think Shiori will change sides after being uncoverd by Negi.
    I also think it would be really funny if she uses her Artifact to work as a agent for Ala Alba. She could possibly have some important information about CE and Fate himself.
    Now its really time for Negis Team to take action and kick Fates Team ass.

  29. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The training diorama has a 10:1 ratio, but what I don’t know is if it is a mandatory stay of 10 days for every one day outside or what.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when Shiori-Asuna and Negi enter the zone. ^_^

  30. Anonymous says:

    LQ raw is at Raw-Paradise.

  31. Anonymous says:

    raw is out at raw paradise

  32. EPICman says:

    Looking at the third pic, it seems that Negi’s gotten himself long black gloves… I wonder if they help negate the after-effects of Magia Erebea, or they could just be a new fashion statement. 😛

    Looks like the LQ raws will be later than usual this week… RP hasn’t gotten any weeklies out yet, how surprising.

  33. Anonymous says:

    LQ Raw out at raw paradise

  34. It seems as if I have though of the scenario correctly… I remember back when Nodoka had the artifact that Fate would attempt to recreate Asuna… in a Fake body. As time progressed on, the artifact that Nodoka has will reveal the names of others (bounty Hunters, anyone?), and she will eventually use it on Fake Asuna (Asuna-Shiori). When Negi finally had his pactio, he would be able to read Nodoka’s knowledge (and have some crazy moments). NOW: Does Negi know that Asuna is a fake?

  35. Anonymous says:

    The really LQ raw has appeared on RP, will you be putting the pics on the this page for the people[me] who have computers that Hotfile hate?

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