‘Tain’t no Negima! 284 spoilers today, y’all

‘Tain’t no Negima! 284 spoilers today, y’all

Unless something VERY strange happens (and anything is possible), there will be no Negima! chapter 284 spoilers today since the manga is on a break.

So instead, how about a promo image from the “Another World” OAD (魔法先生ネギま!~もうひとつの世界~)?

Negima Another World

I’ll try to get the previous chapter review up later today. ^_^

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12 Responses to “‘Tain’t no Negima! 284 spoilers today, y’all”

  1. Nick says:

    Its going to be interesting on what goes on in the next chapter, and how KA plays out this Shori thing. I also am curious on how much long its going to be before we get to the show down Negi v Fate, Setsuna v Tsukuyomi, and im wondering who will be fighting Dynamis either Kaede whom i hope fights him or Kotaro. More so when Negi gets back to mahora will he continue training his ME or will he work on another class of spells (since he can already do strongest thunder spell), and is Asuna really the Life Maker on that i do not think she is the Life Maker but eh anything can happen.

  2. Leaf says:

    That looks EPIC!

  3. Leaf says:

    Wait a second, I see text at the bottom:
    Evangeline Athanasia Ecalerina Macdovell apostola Dysasgalii succesaori Magiae Eroboae

    I probably didn’t see correctly but I think its prob. Evangeline’s pactio/latin name, apostle of Darkness(?) and successor of Magia Erebea?

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Nick — I’m just sad that some of the story is relegated to audio drama. 🙁 Well, at least Yue’s story will be an anime.

    @Leaf — I think you are right.

  5. arimareiji says:

    @Leaf: Pretty good approximation. (^_^)

    Personally, I’d translate Evangelina Athanasia Ecaterina Macdovell apostola Dysangelii successori Magiae Erebeae as “Evangeline Athanasia Ekaterina McDowell, harbinger of the Cataclysm, successor to Magia Erebea”.

    The TLDR explanation:
    * I suspect it was supposed to be Ecaterina (thus Al’s “Kitty”); maybe someone made a typo.
    * The “v” in Macdovell is being used as a substitute for “w” – there’s no “w” in Latin, but the “v” is pronounced as a “w”. (The famous Veni, vidi, vici usually gets mispronounced as “vinny, viddy, vichy” but should actually be “wayny, weedy, weeky”.)
    * It should be successori and Magiae Erebeae – not sure whether those were typos or just horrible pixellation. But I’m really not sure why they used the dative of successor (successori = to the successor), other than to look cool.
    * It took a bit of looking to hunt down Dysangelium, the source of Dysangelii – it’s from the Greek, and it’s the opposite of evangelium, “gospel / good news”. Roughly, it means “prediction of evil/death/terror”. I can also completely agree with alternate translations I’ve seen for apostola Dysangelii, such as “apostle of calamity” or “Dark Gospel”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Negi is looking really grown up in this chapter he is suddenly a lot taller also i find it confusing in the story so far jus when did Arika get pregnant and give birth to Negi it mustve been during the end of the war or just afterwards i think shes in the real world probaly in Turkey. Quickvenom

  7. Anonymous says:

    hey, wait a sec
    filliuz zect become more grown up, like negi.
    in manga, he like child.

  8. Anonymous says:

    one more thing,
    i’m really disappointed ’bout Arika.
    because her colour use white.

    i think gold will be suit on her.
    (sorry about my poor english )

  9. Lillliee says:

    I wonder why Asuna ( Princess-chan)is in the middle of the group with Nagi and Arika. *_*
    Anyway,when are the spoilers gonna come out? Does anyone know? TT_TT
    Can’t wait for the chapter where Negi rescues Anya and Asuna! ^_^
    @ Anonymous
    March 22, 2010 11:58 AM
    Gold would suit Arika but white still looks good…

  10. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’m keeping a sleepy eye open for the spoiler images, but likely they won’t appear until sometime late Thursday night or early Friday morning at the earliest.

  11. jjh says:

    In chap 284, real Asuna showed up. The last secret of the magic world was told. Simply, it showed why Chao Linchen came to past. We may imagine what Nagi have done so far.

    If Fate is honest to Asuna, it seems he is not that evil. However, I’m curious if he is really honest. The reason is, when he showed up to Negi to talk before his real purpose was Asuna, not talking, dealing something. Also, he wanted Negi to seal Negi’s magic.

    Because Fate can’t do anything to Asuna,(not effective magic, even rewrite, also he can’t kill her) it seems he tries to pursuade her to get his job done.

    Now, the problem is how Negi acts and where Nagi is. In order to resque Asuna, he probably is going to face Fate. Their return is not the problem now. There are some girls to do pactio with Negi, and They only can deal with Fate (because of Rewrite).

    I think Nagi has been doing something important to avoid or postpone the end of Magic World becaus he also knew the secret.

    Chao LInchen came to past, it means the destruction of the Magic World will be around Chao’s time (about 100 years later.) Chao wanted to open magic to human world, and then she thought people can do something to future. It also means Nagi and Negi will fail to save the Magic World.

    Honestly, Negi and his students are still no match to Fates even though Chachamaru showed some serious power. I’m curious what 4 athletes’ artifacts will be(especially Yuuna.)

  12. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I tend to suspect that no matter what course Negi takes, the result of that will lead Chao to return to the past and complete the circle.

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