Anime-Related Event at The American Museum of Natural History – April 17 & 18

Trying to catch up on my e-mail and noticed this came across my desk from the American Museum of Natural History. If you happen to be in the New York (Manhattan) area that weekend and attend, let me know how it was. ^_^



At the American Museum of Natural History


Festive weekend will feature performances, films, conversations,

and hands-on activities for the entire family



WHAT Global Weekends: Bollywood and Anime in America, a weekend program at the American Museum of Natural History that will feature performances, conversations, films, and hands-on activities with contemporary connections to the Museum’s exhibition Traveling the Silk Road: Ancient Pathway to the Modern World. Social media sites drive modern cultural exchange in a contemporary parallel to the ancient Silk Road. One example of such exchange is the spread of India’s Bollywood films and Japanese anime throughout the world. Learn about both art forms and enjoy music, dance, and more in this festival for the entire family.



· BAX Dance Company will perform a fun and colorful mix of popular high energy Bollywood dances. Pooja Narang, choreographer/founder of Bollywood Axion, will teach lively Bollywood dance movements. Shing02, hip hop rapper best known for Samurai Champloo’s opening song, will perform live.

· Re/Making of American Pop Culture, a cross-cultural conversation on Bollywood and anime, will feature independent Bollywood film critic Aseem Chhabra, president of New York-Tokyo event media company Taeko Baba, author of Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded the U.S. Roland Kelts, and Dr. Madhulika Khandelwal, director of the Asian/American Center at Queens College.



· Film screenings will include Chakde! India, which follows the life of a Muslim field hockey player; Yona Yona Penquin, an anime feature about a little girl obsessed with penguins; Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers, about a young soldier who heads to the battle to save his childhood friend; and Bride & Prejudice, a Bollywood-style musical that retells Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice.



· The Anime Galleria will feature an anime clip marathon, video games, manga, toys, character goods, and more.




Please note, not all performances/films are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. For a complete schedule of events, including a detailed list of dates and times, please call 212-769-5315 or visit Support for Global Weekends is made possible, in part, by the May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc., the Tolan Family, and the family of Frederick H. Leonhardt.



WHEN Saturday, April 17 (noon–5:30 pm) and Sunday, April 18 (12:30–5 pm)



WHERE Kaufmann and Linder Theaters, Grand Gallery, and other halls

The American Museum of Natural History



ADMISSION Free with Museum Admission




CONTACT 212-769-5315 or visit

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4 Responses to “Anime-Related Event at The American Museum of Natural History – April 17 & 18”

  1. arimareiji says:

    I miss Manhattan sometimes. This is definitely one of them. ^_^

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    It is such an odd mix to have — Indian and Japanese culture items.

  3. arimareiji says:

    But that oddity is part of what makes NYC special… walk down the street and you’ll see Somali/Irish/Thai/Russian/etc people and culture mixing freely as though it were the most natural thing in the world, instead of something that usually inspires politicians to spew bombast filled with hatred and/or PC hypersensitivity. ^_^

    Melting pot, indeed.

  4. GhostStalker says:

    Huh, it’s times like these that I’m glad I live in New York City. Sure, I’m only on Staten Island, but close enough. I am so in on this, probably on Sunday.

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