Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 286 Review

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 32 Chapter 286 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 286
Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 286 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Nodoka and Yue have a chat on deck where Yue reveals she remembers her former life up until just before Negi came to Japan. Nodoka fills her in on how they both loved Negi, which Yue finds hard to believe. Nodoka gets Yue to show off her Ariadne Battle Maiden Knight Armor and Nodoka shows off her treasure hunter outfit that’s part of her pactio outfit. Both talk about the other’s growth on the Magic World and their desire to bring their friends back. Collet is a bit worried that Yue is being pulled away, leading Haruna to come in for some of her typical “stir the pot” fun.

In the Diorama Sphere, Yuuna, Ako, Akira, and Makie search for Negi and encounter him in his Magia Erebea form. Negi’s dark thoughts are of consuming his prey but he stops short of touching Ako, giving Eva time to ice him. He’s taken to bed where he assumes a more human look but is still consumed with the darkness. Eva challenges them on what they see and Makie states her belief that because Negi didn’t harm Ako, she has faith in him. She touches his hand and it returns to a human appearance. Yuuna, Akira, and Ako join Makie and somehow return the sleeping Negi to human form.

Chamo decides it is pactio time and starts working on the girls, focusing hard on Ako unto Chisame shuts him up Asuna style.

That evening on the beach, Chisame, Akira, Yuuna, Takane, and Mei meet and chat. Yuuna wonders why Negi would push himself so hard. Takane respects Negi for what he’s doing, feeling that this is what a Magister Magi would do — sacrifice himself if needed for the greater good. Takane feels that Yuuna’s parents have done the same thing, which puzzles Yuuna.

Inside, Makie goes for a potty break, leaving Ako alone with Negi and pondering a pactio.

Thoughts/Review: The conversation between Yue and Nodoka went about as expected. Any newer fans to the manga would be given an understanding of their friendship as well as a recap of highlights that happened to each girl (treasure hunting; the griffin-dragon fight). The whole “we love sensei” stuff is started again but we’ll see if any of that is played out in this downtime arc.

Sadly, there was no epic anything between Eva and Negi. That is disappointing, but there’s still plenty of time for a rematch. Besides, it will be more meaningful if Negi has full control of his faculties.

As expected, the Sports 4 had a purpose in showing up. As some speculated, Makie showed her normal bravery and her belief in Negi, something that has gone on since Negi first tried to become Eva’s disciple. Ako showed her normal fear but also bravery in light of what she saw.

So, how did these four girls cause Negi to return to his human form?

It is impossible to say now. That said, I do wonder if this goes back to volume 3. Eva had used her shinso vampire ability to place the four girls enthrall to her. After Negi caused Eva to concede, Negi did something to the four girls to “cure” them and return them to normal. He may have even done a forget spell ’cause the sports four have no memory of the events. That they still have some lingering effects from their encounter with Eva comes up in chapter 56. Negi is trying to convince Eva to train him, Makie comes up and greets Eva with “Eva-sama.” Makie catches herself and wonders why she’d do that. Then when Eva is looking down on Negi, Makie defends him and addresses Eva as “Eva-CHAN.” ^_^

So I figure Negi has a bond with the Sports 4 because of what happened in volume 3.

That brings us to the pactio elements. I had to laugh at Chamo’s going all out to try to get someone to pactio with Negi, preferably all four of the Sports 4. Makie has been set up for a pactio since volume 3, so I figure she scores one. Yuuna likely gets one too, not just because of the battle harem picture, but because of her parents. More on that in a bit. Ako seems a prime candidate for the sleeping kiss (and I did laugh at the jabs taken innocently at Chisame, who scored her pactio with a sleeping kiss) but she did toss the pill away and may not do it. Akira seems the least likely to me. We’ll see what happens though.

Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 286 Review
As interesting as that is, the one unexpected element (discounting having seen it in the spoilers) is Takane mentioning Yuuna’s parents to Yuuna. We know that Yuuna’s father is a mage and have always suspected that her mother was as well. Yuuna’s own use of those magic guns AFTER the Mahora Festival shows that she appears to have some sort of magical abilities of her own. So, maybe we will get some additional information on Yuuna’s family during this downtime.

Finally, there’s the new battle harem picture that I mentioned earlier. ^_^ I can’t wait for a CLEAN and colored scan of that to come out. Likely it will come out of Japan so I’ll keep my eye open.

SPOILER watch starts later tonight. ^_^

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32 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 286 Review”

  1. SL from MH says:

    It has been confirmed in Vol 29’s Q & A section that Yuuna’s mother was also a mage & she was a pure “knight” type. It is also mentioned by Ken in there that Yuuna might be like how her mother was.

  2. Leaf says:

    My eyes are waiting for more Negi!
    Also Ako’s pactio and I guess my guess of Negi-loving came true two chapters later!

  3. Nick says:

    So i wonder what that bracelet is and why it made Negi stop, plus looks like we going to learn about Yunas mom and dad now hopefully… i still think it will be cool if Takane pactios with Negi i wanna see her fight again same with Kotaro we havent seen dog boy ina while.

  4. Ultimaniac says:

    Did anybody notice Negi’s glove disappears for one panel in the last chapter. In page 8 when he’s thinking about becoming a monster.

    Also note to Astro:

    I REALLY hope you find a high quality version of that battle harem pic, and if you do, that you’ll share it with us 😉

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @SL — I missed that. Thanks. ^_^ Still, it will be nice for Yuuna to learn the truth. ^_^

    @Leaf — Yeah, my eyes are waiting as well. *lol*

    @Nick — I believe the bracelet is one that they won during the Mahora Festival when they entered that couple’s contest. I think there are matching bracelets. I don’t remember seeing Ako wear them before, but then I never paid attention.

    @ultimaniac — I hadn’t noticed that either.

    As to the image, you can bet I’ll share if I find one. ^_^

  6. Nick says:

    @Astro ok i do remember now, maybe the bracelet made Negi remember and stop, like with the girls during Godel fight. It prolly triggered feelings in Negi not like love but how he worked to make Ako feel better.

    Also was kinda freaking weird Negi was like “Eat them”

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Yuuna’s own use of those magic guns AFTER the Mahora Festival shows that she appears to have some sort of magical abilities of her own.”

    I guess the weapons from the mahora festival can still be used, even after the battle against chao. no matter who uses them. that didn’t give a hint, that she has an affinity for magic imo.

  8. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The only reason the students could use the magic guns during the Mahora Festival was because of the World Tree overflowing with magic. That Yuuna could use the guns after the World Tree returned to normal suggests to me that she has some magical abilities.

  9. 93143 says:

    I’m, uh, pretty sure that’s just the back half of “defeat”… probably just a poor stylistic choice on the part of the translator… but I can’t find the raw, so I can’t check…

    It’d sure be creepy if I was wrong, though…

  10. clint says:

    Chamo kun’s pactio time…ive been maybe Yuuna Will also be pure knight type as well or something Like his father (don’t Know his ability)
    But knowing her personality, she suit knight type Like Asuna

  11. Anonymous says:

    the bracelet is the prize he and ako won when they went on a date at the mahora academy. T24

  12. Anonymous says:

    he probably means devour as corrupt in darkness or they could be a tasty snack. Quicvenom

  13. arimareiji says:

    Yeah, the impromptu healing of Negi by the girls did seem to come out of left field. Akamatsu-sensei is pretty good about having everything eventually make sense, so my guess is that it’s actually a hook for new plot threads that’ll help make the pactios meaningful. Especially since he let Akira be the straight man, and openly question why it would have any effect.

    But it’s possible he actually just had a bad day with this chapter… Yue and Nodoka’s conversation was extremely believable, but the “Wuh?” factor elsewhere was a little too high. Negi somehow not hurting the sports four, Kaede and Setsuna’s absence until everything was over, and the touch-healing all seemed to be right-angle turns away from what we saw in the previous chapter. (Which also sometimes seemed a bit too sudden to be believable.) I hope he’s not getting into too much of a hurry to finish the story.

    One more random thought… the mention of Yuuna’s mom made me realize there’s someone else besides Natsumi and Setsuna who seems likely to pactio with someone other than Negi: Yuuna. With her dad.

    @93143: On the part of the typesetter, actually. The original translation by Cnet was “…eat them… / …Defeat them…!”

    (In the raw, it was “…せ …倒せ!” or “…se …taose!”)

  14. orion says:

    @Nick: for an alternate take on “EAT THE ENEMIES” Negi seemed to be transforming into some sort of dragon-like thing, so he might just be literally thinking that.

    Also, AK is notorious for making plot twists seem obvious in retrospect, so there’ll probably be an explanation of how the Sports 4 retain very minor vampiristic abilities and were absorbing the latent dark magic off Negi or something.

    I found it interesting how Yue’s “Mahora-Personality” is back to how it was in middle school, with her back to thinking of having feelings for Negi would betray Nodoka. Makes me wonder what she thinks of a kid teacher having 8 or something pactios with his students.

    Anyway, since the actions boiled down, I’ll be hoping for a Mundus Vetus scene soon.

  15. 93143 says:

    Thank you, arimareiji.

    …you know, I don’t think the typesetter is exclusively to blame for this. There’s a perfectly good ‘f’ in that word that’s usually considered part of the second syllable, and including it would have prevented this whole weird misunderstanding…

    Oh well… too late now, I guess…

  16. SL from MH says:

    This one is a bit of topic, but it seems ‘Raw-Paradise’ has been closed down. I still don’t know the reason why they closed down but now us MSN fans are in a bit of a trouble as translation & scanlation (& sometimes spoilers) of MSN would most probably get more delayed than usual.

    Since the only other place i know which provide MSN raws is on the #irc channels and is done by ‘Rena-chan’ but they come out one Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest.

  17. Anonymous says:

    What’s the IRC channel?

  18. Anonymous says:

    You can also find scans on Share, if you’re willing to install it and deal with the accompanying headaches. Just make sure to practice safe file sharing.

  19. SL from MH says:

    Found the reason why RP was closed down. It seems that in the Issue of Jump #20, there was a message posted by the editorial team of the magazine against raws & scanlation being available on the internet for free which is creating problems for them. If people don’t stop doing it they are going to take some serious action against them.

    To read what was actually posted in that message check,
    The message was translated by someone else on another forums.

    @ Anonymous (who posted on April 16, 2010 1:15 AM):
    Well #IRC channel is sort of a messenger type thing (i too am not familer with it, & is a noob at using it as well).
    If you want more info check,

  20. AstroNerdBoy says:

    That may mean no spoilers, though if the spoiler providers limit the spoilers to a few pages, it might be OK.

  21. Krono says:

    Keep in mind, that Shounen Jump is a different publisher than Shounen Magazine. Kodansha cracked down months down months ago, and it didn’t affect spoiler images too much. This is just Shueisha reaching the same point. No idea if it’ll change anything as far as spoiler pictures this week, but if it does, it’ll probably be back to normal in the next few weeks.

  22. arimareiji says:

    My cynical guess is that the people posting entire RAWs pre-publication (as opposed to those who just post a few LQ pics) aren’t concerned at all with the effect publisher crackdowns have on the scanlation community.

    All that they’re thinking about is getting to post it first within their own community, to people who don’t need scanlations – they just don’t want to wait until publication. From that point of view, it’s a matter of “Let’s get away with this as long as we can and not worry about the consequences, because voluntarily not posting spoiler RAWs is just as bad as having nowhere to post RAWs at all, ever.”

    (But before we all jump to condemn their self-centered behavior, think about it from the converse angle… aren’t we also thinking about it from the POV of “How does this affect us?” Not that this makes their actions right, just saying it’s human nature to care more about ourselves than others.)

  23. Anonymous says:

    Well, it was just a matter of time. I always thought, that these stupid watermarks were useless.


    Can you post a link, where it’s confirmed, that the equipment only worked during the festival, please?

    Although I guess you mean the fact, that you have to chant a spell to reload your weapon and since there was no other magical source than the tree(or a person that can (un-)counsciuosly use his/her magical power)…

  24. Anonymous says:

    I was little bit disappointed with the conversation between yue and Nodoka. I feel that there could of been something more to it. Also i was hoping for some fighting to but I’m sure that ken setting this all up for a better chapter.

  25. orion says:

    @anon: here is where I got the most clear reference that it’s powered by the world tree, with them saying you need to go to the magical hotspots to reload, but I haven’t been able to find a direct statement.

  26. Anonymous says:

    FYI: A clean RAW for 286 was released today. I’m guessing next week about this time, we’ll get the next chapter.

  27. Hello^^ I referred your entry. thank you!

  28. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Thanks, Kuroneko. ^_^

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  30. fernando says:

    A clear scan has been released. I found it here:
    It has been scalated by “White Wings” Scalations, but I cant find their site nor the download link for that chapter (the one i found is actualy reduced in size). Can any1 help me, plz?
    In exchange for the help I offer the web address of a new scalator who has alredy posted a clear scan of chapter 287:

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