Remember, No Negima! 288 This Week!

Since Negima! is on hiatus for two weeks, there are no spoiler images for chapter 288. So I figured I’d do my normal reminder posting with image to go along.

First, thanks to AsunaH for sending me to this color-trace work by LBC.

Negima! Magia Erebea
Since Nodoka and Yue finally reunited, I thought I’d toss in a couple of their images as well.

Negima Yue NodokaNegima Yue Nodoka
And finally, the latest pactio kiss collage, this time with even more players.

Negima pactiones kissing
Bet this is updated sooner rather than later. ^_~

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52 Responses to “Remember, No Negima! 288 This Week!”

  1. Nick says:

    thats a sick picture i cant wait to see whats coming up i missed the raw and rp was taken down or something (i was in the ER for about half a week) but a few things i look forward to is finding out not sure when many of them will happen tho
    1. why Al cant leave his spot at mahora
    2. wanna see a pactio between Eva and Negi
    3. Evas curse being broken
    4. If Eishun has a pactio with Nagi
    5. The Godel v Takamichi fight
    6. Return of Chao
    and last but not least
    7. The revival of the great Rakan

  2. Anonymous says:

    negi sure is one lucky kid =.=
    get kissed through the mouth by hot girls 13 times!!!!

  3. ShiNi_GoD says:

    Hey ANB just writing here to say thank you, your blog has saved my negima fan self from dying, your spoilers alert are always just on time. Nice pictures in this post btw.

  4. arimareiji says:

    The blank spaces they left are pretty telling, if you ask me. The Thousand Pimpster will probably have them all filled up before we get to 300. (^_~)

  5. fg7dragon says:

    That Dark Negi pic is AWESOME!
    Regarding Pactios, I wonder if the one with Theo was really canceled. I mean, we never saw it happen, did we?

  6. Anonymous says:

    WOW that EVIL negi pic is just pure awesomeness my new wallpaper. Quickvenom

  7. SL from MH says:

    @ fg7dragon: It has been already reveled by Ken in the Q & A section of volume 28 that the pactio between Negi & Theo has been canceled.
    But i do believe that he would be making a new one maybe with Asuna being the master in this case.

    @ ANB: Have you found a coloured pic of the group shot which was in 286. I have been trying to clean & redraw that pic using Rena-chan’s raw but i am not good at that & i am using the basic “Paint” to do the work since i am not good at using PS. Also i am not sure whether i can colour it as i have not done anything like that before.

    But if anyone wants that page (of rena’s raws) for editing tell me i will try to give them to you.

  8. arimareiji says:

    *has evil thought*

    Dark Negi does look extremely cool. Almost enough to make you wonder what Dark Nodoka v2 would look like?

  9. Karla says:

    Wow, this is my fav blog, it always keeps me updated with all Negima related things. Thank you so much ^ ^

    And well, the first and last pic are awesome, but the pactio with Shiori is missing, that would leave it with just one more to fill the blank gaps XD.

  10. Boo!? says:

    Theos’s pactio is officially said to be cancelled in an interview with Ken Akamatsu.

    Still missing Shiori pactio in the picture, but it would look like another Asuna kiss.

  11. BLACK D. M says:

    WTF 😛 the pic of the corruption was pretty damn AWSOME 🙂

    thx man for ur sopilers > PS : isn’t chapter 287 out yet ?

  12. veron says:

    In response to the first picture

  13. Anonymous says:

    wow somone should draw an evil negi with dark nodoka in his arms super sexy/scary. T24

  14. Anonymous says:

    ngh why noone translate 287 yet taking a longer time than usual. Quickvenom

  15. Ultimaniac says:

    O…M…G…Words cannot describe how much I love that pic. Thanks soo much for that!

    Also, I think the wait for 287 is sorta okay. It gives us something to keep our minds off of 288. By the time 287 comes out it’ll probably seem like another normal wait for the next chapter…I don’t know if that made any sense…it’s just the way I see it :/

  16. hata@aqs says:

    resent since it doesn’t seem you got my first post,

    and I don’t quite agree with your theory, since that does not explain how Nodoka is able to calm Negi down when he went berserk against Godel.

  17. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Thanks to everyone for commenting and you are welcome. ^_^

    @Hata — I’ll check with Frank but I do know we’ve had issues with comments not showing up, duplicating themselves, or our not being able to publish them. Right now, the queue is clear.

    Nodoka’s was a different situation. Negi was still conscious and heard Nodoka, though it was Chisame who “knocked” him back to human form. With the Sports 4, Negi is completely unconscious and the Sports 4’s simple touch restored him to human form.

  18. negima ---A says:

    man …..understandable that there is no manga 288 this week ,but why is 287 english version..hell not even full raw is out yet

  19. Anonymous says:

    the power of polygamy lol. Quickvenom.

  20. negima ---A says:

    waiting for …….
    1)pactio between eva and negi
    2)evas curse broken
    3)nodoka learnin magic rite..waitin for her activation key
    4)wat happens of shiori(especially when she meets every1 )
    5)how negi overcomes magea erebea

  21. Veron says:

    well the term “in the hands of” can just be taken as “responsible.” but in latest chapter when they touch Negi it started to cure it. And back when he was facing off with Godel, Nodoka and Chisame were responsible for bringing him back. Now for the cause is a little more generalized and can be disputed but Negi has pushed himself this far to protect the girls. Now you can say its Godel’s fault for pushing him or it’s fate fault for him wanting to learn M.E. But i feel that its a bit of everything that pushed Negi. But for the sake
    of the Image I just wanted to generalize it.

  22. clint says:

    ….NEgi~~~ awesome~~~

    seems like yuuna know how to use and about magic,she may also know that her parent’s are mage afterall~(i saw it on a raw 287 but i don’t understand what they are saying)
    so maybe she can use magic but hiding it~

  23. Anonymous says:

    >> man …..understandable that there is no manga 288 this week ,but why is 287 english version..hell not even full raw is out yet

    Two full raws have been released. Rena put one out yesterday. The Japanese had one out a few days ago.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure if this is related to the topic but…here goes..
    when you look at this pic <---link on the bottom the poll again and this time.. Yue is the 1st, 2nd is Setsuna, 3rd is Nodoka and 4th is Asuna and Ako Man….How do you vote for the poll anyway? I want to join.. LoneWolfx03-]—

  25. Anonymous says:

    Its been fully translated on mangahelperds and yuuna really is a maje o_0. Quickvenom

  26. arimareiji says:

    Cnet’s trans of 287 is out… not much happening this time around. A couple of developments, but with the possible exception of Yuuna there’s nothing here that affects the characters we really care about. Mainly just laying the groundwork for the next arc.

    I’m vaguely curious how Dean Konoe could have instantly realized K.E. was responsible for the gateports’ destruction by virtue of the World Tree glowing, though. Kinda reminds me of the old parody:
    “What’s that, Lassie? Timmy fell down the well again?”
    “Woof woof!”
    “Along with seven rabid badgers and an escaped bank robber?”

  27. Anonymous says:

    Ive just had a crazy thought but with all this time travel talk it might be possible that what if instead of Nagi saving Negi and his villiage ten years ago it was Negi himself using the power of the world tree to travel back in time and change history creating an alternate time paradox worthy of a Doctor Who episode. the story would then be a complete mess but it might be happening. T24

  28. AstroNerdBoy says:

    My theory about that has always been that Nagi disguised himself as Negi and then at some point, traveled in time to close the circle and give the staff to “Negi.” So you are on a similar track, just the player aspect is changed. ^_^

  29. rachiel says:

    i’ve been thinking about that since he got that TM but i guess that would be less possible cause he doesn’t have the cassiopea.(is this right?)
    chao didn’t replace the one he broke

  30. Ultimaniac says:


    Who else but the remnants of Comso Entelecheia could/would do all this messing with the gateports?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I think the cassiopea was made by Chao for convience rember Negi is a majic genius and he also has to fix the world gates which requires much more powerful mage to work such large spells and majic but this entire incident could be orchestrated by fate so someone powerfull enough to fix the gates like Negi appears. Also who the hell is Zecht aside from being the 1000 masters, master i think he was also a part of fates group from what we saw. Quickvenom

  32. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I suspect that a wizard who’s able to make his own custom spells could figure out how to cast a time-travel spell. ^_^

  33. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Man….How do you vote for the poll anyway? I want to join..

    I just checked that image. Not sure how the voting goes. ^_^; Sorry.

  34. clint says:

    if that is possible then~
    he/she will have godlike powers~
    i mean if she/he can create~
    his/her own power(spell)~
    even though it’s hard~
    he/she may possibly~
    poses an incredible magic~
    that he/she can manage to~
    defy laws of the world~
    it is possible that~
    you can create your own spell~
    but mostly it came from a base~
    unlike time~
    time is a base~
    creating your own base element~
    is something~~~~~~
    can’t say lol~

    oh yeah…~
    negi’s most custom spell
    were just copied or created from~
    other spells which he synth~
    he didn’t really make a base of it~
    (im not sure,just my idea anyway~)

    ps. if ken-sensei did make it that way then…i wonder lol~

  35. Anonymous says:

    Togu said…

    I suspect that a wizard who’s able to make his own custom spells could figure out how to cast a time-travel spell. ^_^

    Thats true.

    If Negi can become a higher beeing just like Eva said he could possibly absorb the Worldtrees magic or even control it directly.

    So he can possible travel through the time or kick Fates ass or ressurect the “Stone-Head-Villagers” in Britain or absorb not only his own but others magic, too.
    This could be an advanced form of ME.

  36. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Well, someone had to create spells at some point, eh? ^_^

  37. Anonymous says:

    actually its posible for mages to combine spells to create new ones cause when asuna did the survival trainging with eva he made a spell to create a cave for her by using Sagitca Majica in his fist and i think an earth based spell plus if you consider physics you need energy to move through time and space the greater the distance the more you need. Quickvenom

  38. Anonymous says:

    Wasnt the creator of the Majical World a poweful female wizard also Negis ancestor. T24

  39. clint says:

    you didn’t understand what i mean~
    creating spell by combining~
    is called spell synthesizing~
    which negi synthesis many~
    lightning spear to create~
    lightning god lance:titan slayer~
    and other spell like ouka hoken~

    @anon(the other one)
    that’s one point~
    they say~
    that the mage of the begining~
    or whatever it’s name~
    was the one who created~
    mundus magicus~

  40. Anonymous says:

    We’ll have to wait for 2 weeks…for now….we’ll watch the trailer of negima OAD 3. YAY!


  41. Anonymous says:

    geez enough with the OADs and OVAs just make another original series that follows the story line Ala Alba Season 1 thankyou very much. Quickvenom

  42. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I vote for a COMPLETE reboot and proper adaptation of “Negima!” That way, the Kyoto arc isn’t hosed and we actually get the Mahora Festival arc.

  43. clint says:

    i want a mahora festival arc~~~
    really want it~~~
    most favorite arc~~~
    since mundus magicus arc~~~
    is on the way~~~

  44. negima ---A says:

    i to vote for it….
    a totally original negima series following the manga…..
    then we will have the kyoto,mahora festival arc tooo

  45. Anonymous says:

    I think the reason that they didnt follow the story line with the 1st anime was because of a demand for a Negima anime and the manga hadnt progressed far enough i think it was vol 8 or 9 when the anime came out the original anime isnt bad it just doesn’t follow the story line at all. Quickvenom

  46. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I don’t remember what volume was out in Japan, but I do know that Del Rey had already released at least six volumes of the manga by the time the “Negima!” anime ended. Since Japan is at least four volumes ahead of the U.S. (not counting the nearly two volumes worth of materials not in book form), I want to say the manga was far enough along so that this shouldn’t be an issue.

    My own theory on what happened is that Xebec screwed up the anime so much that they lost the rights to future “Negima!” stuff. As a result, they just did their own thing to wrap up the story and then SHAFT comes in and does something completely different.

  47. arimareiji says:

    That’s a very mild understatement.

    Monty Python would have been less “something completely different”, I think. (^_~)

  48. Anonymous says:

    Hey! I just realized something..I know why Asuna was still alive during the war until the day in the academy without ageing/ aging..please tell me if I’m right….
    Asuna was being crystalized/sealed away after the war..!/284/07/

    During the sealing inside that ‘crystal’, Asuna did not aged…
    I don’t know how many years have past but Nagi saved her!/284/08/

    and she was in the time that Takahata is now at a teenage age…maybe that’s why Asuna was in the war and the time when she was in the Academy.

    In English…She maybe have the same age as Takahata and no wonder she has a liking of older men…

    It’s just a theory though..or maybe someone just already posted it…
    I just realized it when I read chapter 284….that’s all… I just wanted to share it with you guys…


  49. Anonymous says:

    yo creo que nagi esta en esa otra dimencion donde fate averruncus envio a los amigos de las chicas, eso explicaria porque la carta de alberio sigue activa porque el mago no ha muerto, y en los recuerdos de negi en el momento que lo salvo su padre y despues lo salvo se parece cuando rakan reaparecio ante negi por un instante. y si, creo que chao volvera y dira el motivo por el cual queria cambiar el futuro, y alberio podra salir de mahora porque el solo puede salir cuando el arbol del mundo o gran arbol esta lleno de enrgia magica.
    y creo que sera un gran problema para negi traer a asuna de buelta, ya que recupero su memoria, lo que significa que su otra personalida de persona fria volvera y encima con lo que le esta contando fate en este momento supongo que se armara un buen lio.
    la unica duda que tengo es de donde esta la mamá de negi arika san, pero supongo que fue enviado a la dimencion de fate averruncus junto con nagi o talves murio, no lo se.
    pero la historia se pondra muy intresante de ahora en adelante

    y que ahiga hasta el tomo 40 jajajaja

  50. Anonymous says:

    Spanish to English translationShow romanization
    I think that other nagi was averruncus dimencion where fate sent to friends of the girls, that would explain why the letter of Alberi still active because the magician has not died, and memories of negi at the time that his father saved him and then it seems safe when Rakan reappeared before negi for a moment. and yes, I believe that chao will return and tell the reason why I wanted to change the future, and may leave Mahora Alberio because he can only leave when the tree or large tree in the world is full of magic enrgía.
    and I think will be a big problem for Negi Asuna bring in return, they since regained his memory, which means that your other personalities will return cold person and over with what he is telling fate at this point I suppose arm itself a good lio.
    the only question I have is where is the mother of Arika negi san, but I guess that was sent to the fate dimencion averruncus with talves nagi or died, do not know.
    but history will be very intresante from now on

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