Hand Maid May Love Time

I had SOOO intended on being productive, but to tell the truth, I needed a down day to do N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Well, OK. I didn’t exactly do nothing, but outside of a few errands and starting my dishwasher, I didn’t do anything productive. So my day was mostly spent watching Hand Maid May as it is just one of those anime titles I can rewatch over and over despite its many flaws. That’s saying something. ^_^

To that end, I thought I’d do a quick blog entry to get something out before working on backlog stuff again (oh, and sitting down to read all the comments that have been coming in of late). So, to “celebrate” the goodness that is Hand Maid May, I thought I’d share some images I’ve picked up.

Hand Maid MayHand Maid MayHand Maid MayHand Maid May

Hand Maid May is one title that needs to be rescued, in my opinion. The animation is cheap at times and there are plot holes big enough to drive an aircraft carrier through sideways. Yet despite this, I just can’t help but love this anime. At the start of 2008, I pontificated about the series in a spoiler fashion, so if you read that piece, you can see just how much I gush about Hand Maid May. ^_^

On a related note, I did some poking around to see what ever became of the three-episode OVA spinoff-sequel, Hand Maid Mai. Unfortunately when the distribution company went bankrupt, it caused episodes 2 and 3 to be put on the shelf. Wonder Farm (the production company) stated that all episodes were completed. To the best of my knowledge, the legal crap that kept episodes 2 and 3 from coming to market in 2003 is still going on. Unfortunate.

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