Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 292 Review

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 32 Chapter 292 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 292
Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 292 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 292 ReviewNegi and the girls emerge from the Magic Diorama Sphere to receive a communication from Takahata, who has Kurt with him. With the global crisis currently ongoing, Kurt asks for help from Ala Alba since most of the world’s forces will be powerless to stop what is going on. Negi says he has to consult with the others and as the Great Paru-sama docks with Johnny-san’s ship, Negi, Paru, and Asakura lay it out for them. The problem with assaulting the Graveeeper’s Palace is that a powerful barrier surrounds it, strong enough to withstand Chachamaru’s artifact. Shiori-Asuna reveals the way in through a weak spot at the base of the floating palace, which causes some confusion for those who don’t know that Luna (Shiori) is in fact playing Asuna. Negi covers for her and they proceed.

The plan is (1) get through the barrier, (2) go in from the base of the floating structure, (3) rescue Anya, (4) acquire the Great Grand Master Key, then (5) escape and return to Earth through the lone surviving gateport. Paru figures that they’ll have to battle stronger and stronger opponents as they climb up from the bottom. However, Negi has a different plan in mind. He divides the groups up into four — the first staying on Johnny-san’s ship at a safe distance; the second group will be on the Great Paru-sama to provide the escape; the third will rescue Anya; the fourth with get the Great Grand Master Key and likely encounter Fate. With that, everyone agrees to the plan and Negi makes his report to Kurt.

Meanwhile, on the deck of the Great Paru-sama, Collet, Bea, Yue, and Nodoka are talking. Collet wants to take a trip with Bea and Emily to Japan once everything is over and asks Yue and Nodoka to be their tour guides. Their conversation is interrupted when Tsukuyomi arrives on the rail and announces she’s going to take out the puppet (Collet). As she goes for the kill, her sword is shattered and she finds herself lifted by the neck from behind by Negi, who’s choking her.

Thoughts/Review: Talk about an epic end to have a lightning-formed Negi choking Tsukuyomi like that. Thanks to all of the buildup on Tsukuyomi going back to the Kyoto arc, we know what an incredible and psychotic fighter she is. After all, she managed to take down Setsuna and humiliate her. I’m looking forward to seeing how the fight goes but why do I suspect that this Tsukuyomi will end up being a shikigami copy? (Well, I know what happens now, but at the time when 292 was released, these were my thoughts.)

Question is, why did Tsukuyomi lead an advanced attack? Was it on her own or at Fate’s orders?

Anyway, there was a lot of exposition here, though that’s not unexpected considering that volume 33 will be the execution of the plan with a fair amount of action. However, the plan is pretty straight forward though we know what often happens with plans.

I found it interesting that Luna had a conversation with her Asuna personality. That pretty much secures the notion that Luna is down for Ala Alba. I kinda would like to see her replace Chao in Negi’s classroom once they get back to Japan.

I had a chuckle at seeing Misora having her back turned early on with a sweat drop as she listened to Negi’s call to arms. I figure she’ll be on the team going after Anya since she has battle experience.

The breakdown of groups wasn’t laid out beyond the Sports Four being on Johnny-san’s ship as well as Natsumi. Kotaro I can see staying with that group as well, mainly to help protect them, though Yuuna has an offensive artifact. I suspect that we’ll see Chachamaru, Paru, Asakura, Konoka, Chisame, Nodoka, and Sayo remain on the Great Paru-sama. After all, Sayo’s got a gun, remember? ^_~

That leaves the two assault groups. If I had to guess, I’d say the group going after Anya (and Asuna) would consist of Yue, Bea, Collet, Misora, Cocone, Mei, Takane, and Kaede. Kaede uses her ninja skills to sneak in while hiding the rest of the group in her cloak. I’d say Luna might go with this group since she might know best where Anya would be at as well as Asuna. Of course, she might not want to be separated from Negi.

By my reckoning, that leaves Negi, Setsuna, Mana, and Ku Fei as the big gun to go after the key. Did I forget someone? (And where was Ku Fei in this chapter?)

Now, it is possible that Nodoka may be brought along because of her artifact to mind read. Akamatsu-sensei has set her up to show that she can act on her feet pretty well when required. As such, combined with the knowledge she obtained on operating the Master Key, I can see her going with Negi’s group. She’s a big wild card though.

I liked the many cameos Akamatsu-sensei managed to work in during the 2-page spread. ^_^

So, a talky but still good chapter with an epic win of an end!

Spoiler watch for 293 294 will happen, but there may be some delays in getting them posted since I’ve got other stuff happening at the time. If at all possible, I’ll try to get these out as soon as they appear but I wanted to let you guys know if you hear they are out but haven’t shown up here.

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14 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 32 Ch 292 Review”

  1. Philip says:

    Don’t you mean 294 spoiler watch? 293 spoilers were already out…

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yeah…rather rushed and typed out the wrong number. ^_^; Thanks for the correction. ^_^

  3. SetsunaAngel99 says:

    well i loved this chapter Astro. many fans believe negima is almost over as in, its near the end, would you disagree? because i don’t even think the series is near over. in fact i believe this magical world arc will be a sub arc of a giant saga. there are many obvious reasons why. i mean first off Akamatsu has given us a bare grasp of what is going on, we don’t fully know everything yet and that is superb story telling if we dont know fully about Chao, Mars, nagi and Akiras relationship, fates true emotions, the magia erebia crisis which isn’t solved and so many other stuff not yet answered. we may have a naruto or bleach thing going on but with better story telling since in my opinion bleach and naruto milk everything. sure negima milks stuff, every manga does but rarely does negima drag itself. so i am guessing that this supposed fight between Setsuna and Tsukyomi will be pretty long since they have developed a great hero-villain relationship. despite who wins(setsuna obviously) it will be a fight worth waiting.. but i love Tsukyomi so much i don’t want her to die. i still think Tsukyomi wants Setsuna as in steal her from Konoka don’t forget the almost rape incident setsuna went through. overall im psyched that Negima is getting better. i will not predict a chapter on which it will end but it certainly won’t end in the 300s because i doubt Akamatsu would rush Negima. what do you think man

  4. Reed says:

    I agree, there’s no need to rush.

  5. Philip says:

    Makes me wonder… there could be a “return to the magic world” arc… way after this one…

  6. Anonymous says:

    The impression I have is that magic world people like Collet are similar to characters in a computer game, and cannot exist in the real world.

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @SetsunaAngel99 — I’ve heard that coming from French fans the most. I think that the Magic World arc is coming to an end for sure but supposedly, Zazie will be featured in the final arc and since she’s not around, I don’t think we have anything to worry about at present.

    Were I to guess, I’d say that the MW issue will be resolved in some fashion or other (whether in the destruction of the Magic World or the rebirth), at which point there will be a return to Japan. Since I expect the grabbing of Asuna/Anya, fight with Fate, and grabbing of the Great Grand Master Key to take at least three volumes (WILD guess), that would leave a down volume for light stuff on the return to Japan and Mahora.

    Now, after that, I could see the next major arc as being the last one but we’ll see.

    @Philip — There might be but I would venture something more along the lines of Earth being in danger. For some reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a bit of time travel.

    @Anon — I think you are right to an extent. I think that Akamatsu-sensei has stated that Al is from the Magic World and were is he trapped at on Earth — under the World Tree for its magic. He can’t venture out until the World Tree fills with power.

    Now, I know that Cocone is from MW too but she may be a real person (ala Bea or Asuna, who are also from the MW) whereas Jack and Al are illusion beings.

    Still, even if they can’t exist off the MW, I’m betting that Akamatsu-sensei has them pactio with Negi, thus supplying them with the needed magical power to maintain their existence. ^_~ (That’s assuming they come to Japan at all.)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Awesomeness Negi all bad ass I think next chapter will be Assault on gravekeepers palace apart from Fates group we might get more secrets such as the Family history of Ostia Royal Family, another interesting fact is that the First Queens grave is there no doubt clues or artifiacts will be there to help advance the story such as the creation of the Magical World and its relations to the foundation ruins at Mahora academy. This story seems to be moving at a faster pace now its hard to imagine how much longer this story can go for after the Magical World arc is Negima going to end soon? thanks for RAWS they are also posted at the Frankyhouse forum. Quickvenom

  9. ANB

    On the Al issue IIRC he is seen in Turkey with Nagi and the others in one of the Asuna flashbacks so it is more likely that his problem is more to do with whatever happened 10 years ago, Collets comments about visiting Mahora also suggest that there is no significant impediment stopping “normal” magic world residents visiting Earth, perhaps because of the natural seepage of magic through the gateports to Earth.

    One thought that has struck my mind on the Pactio issue is that IIRC early on it is stated that using a Pactio drains the Master of magic, given how many Pactio’s Negi currently has surely it must affect him negatively at some point if this is the case especially given the likelyhood of multiple Pactio’s being activated at the same time in the forthcoming battle.

    Moving onto the issue of will Nodoka be brought along in either Group 3 or 4, I think that there is a very good chance given her artifacts mind reading ability and her prior experience handling a COLM staff. I am also assuming that the Pactio card telepathy and teleport functions will be jammed as they where during the attack on the ball (I assume the teleport function was jammed).

    In terms of who is in what team a big question is what will Kaede’s team be since given her cloak artifact she can be used for transportation of useful but otherwise vulnerable people like Nodoka (mind reading and COLM experience), Shiori/Asuna (knowledge of Fate’s group), Chisame (hacking), Konoka (Healing), “Asakura and Sayo” (scouting). So while Kaede’s covert “tendencies” would make her a prime candidate for leading the Third Group her transportation cloak makes her a good candidate to be in the Fourth Group, though the third and fourth groups may accompany each other for a large part of the attack negating this problem to some degree.

    One final thought is that it seems to me a virtual plot certainty that Johnny Sans “safe” ship will be anything but safe and be attacked at some point, possibly allowing us to see some of the new Pactio artifacts in action (we have still to see what Natsumi’s does).

  10. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Mister Random — Was Al with them in Turkey? I hadn’t remembered that specifically but then I have trouble remembering my name some days. ^_~ Do you remember the chapter off hand?

    There’s no doubt that whatever caused Al to be trapped happened some ten years ago, but I think it is clear he cannot function without the aid of the magic of the World Tree. In my mind, that would be because the World Tree allows him to keep his form and not disappear.

  11. AstroNerdBoy says:

    You know, as I’m working on reviewing the Del Rey volume 26, I’m struck that Negi’s choking of Tsukuyomi is very similar to how Nagi choked the demon during the attack on Negi’s village and Nagi’s choking of Fate. I’m just saying…^_~

  12. Zazie -is one secret that Akamatsu sensei has really kept on a reserve ,she surely is one mysterious character…..
    apart from Zazie ,there is still the issue with Evangeline…her curse ,even by my thought her being a shinsho(Immortal vampire) will surely have a arc for itself…..
    Negima is far from ending

    As for Negis magia erebia bersek can be solved about by the end of this arc (hopefully)…
    And Chao hope there is something about her too…
    And there is Negis parents stiill….
    Negima is still far from over

  13. ANB

    We see Al in the flashback in Chapter 100 and while it is not named as Turkey I am fairly sure that is where they are given the identifiable landmarks and it is almost certainly Earth regardless of location.

  14.!/230/03/ ….shows that the Ala Rubra along with Al are in the old world (earth)…..
    the problem with Al is to do with ten year ago(Nagis presumed death) time…
    he even knows Eva well , who never was allowed in MW as she says while telling abt her past to Asuna and Setsuna ,they surely must have met on earth somewhere

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