Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 13 (finale) (War on Geminar – 13)

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari OVA Ep. 13 Review
異世界の聖機師物語 OAV Episode 13 (Blu-ray version)
War on Geminar – 13 (finale)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

War on Geminar - 13Lan’s forces wait at a checkpoint fortress that the Swan will have to come through in order to get to Seichi to liberate it. As expected, forces from Shurifon attack but the Swan does not make an appearance. Since the area around the checkpoint is devoid of Ena energy, Lan’s Seikishi take up defensive positions, powered with hard-lines to energy sources. However, a small infiltration unit cuts those power lines and removes that threat. The Shurifon use catapults designed by Kenshi to hurl the egg-shaped containment cases of their Seikishi over the fortress wall into the Ena energy canyon where they immediately activate. As Babalun has ordered Lan’s second and third lines of defense to retreat, her forces are now surrounded and cut off.

War on Geminar - 13In an unexpected move, the Havoniwa assault train avoids the sabotaged direct route and takes to the highlands to launch an attack on Babalun’s floating tower fortress. At the same time, the Swan, towed (and powered?) by Wahanly on her mecha, which uses the railroad to travel and is able to leap over the sabotaged areas when they appear. Thus the Swan is able to bypass the checkpoint and make it to Seichi. Dagmyer receives permission to greet them and challenges Kenshi to a duel. Since he has a reactor that upon exploding, would cause massive devastation. Kenshi easily defeats Dagmyer but the fight costs enough time for Seikishin to completely revive, whereupon Doll enters to pilot it.

War on Geminar - 13Seikishin, with the Gaia Shield, emerges and flies at Kenshi’s Seikijin in an attack. To everyone’s surprise, Kenshi is able to hold his own against the legendary Seikishin. Lashara sees this as the reason Kenshi was sent to them. Babalun is also surprised that Kenshi has kept up with Seikishin, so he “teleports” himself from his command center in the floating tower fortress to the top of the Gaia Shield. There, he dissolves into a black goo and is absorbed into Gaia before Gaia envelops Seikishin. The shell reopens and a modified Seikishin emerges, the perfected Gaia. Gaia-Seikishin then attacks with a particle weapon in its mouth, destroying most of the Havoniwa assault train and causing his own fortress tower to fall over and crash. Against such firepower, the Swan and others retreat, leaving Kenshi to face Gaia-Seikishin alone.

War on Geminar - 13Meanwhile, the Church’s ship has cut off the retreating forces that were to have backed up Lan, preventing them from reaching the rally point with Babalun’s main force. The Church Seikijin, piloted by girls from the Seichi school, attack in waves, thus keeping fresh Seikijin and Seikishi fighting while the enemy Seikijin and Seikishi do not have such a luxury. As such, the enemy forces are soon to exhausted to fight and are defeated. The Swan insures that that their ships land. The King of Shurifon reports that his forces have breached the checkpoint fortress and soon join up with the Swan, Church, and Havoniwa forces.

War on Geminar - 13After a reunion of family members and friends, Aura, Wahanly, Yukine, and Chiaia decide to return to Seichi to try to help Kenshi if they can. Despite the incredible odds, Kenshi has held his own against Gaia-Seikishin. However, any damage he makes to Gaia is instantly repaired, meaning defeating it is all but impossible. Seeing the discarded Seikishin reactor that Dagmyer had used to convince Kenshi to fight him, the four female Seikishi decide to charge it up with their Seikijin despite Kenshi’s protest. They nearly have it charged up with Babalun, as Gaia-Seikishin, realizes what they are up to and attempts to stop them. Chiaia breaks off to intercept him, forcing Gaia-Seikishin into a cliff wall.

War on Geminar - 13Once charged, Kenshi takes the reactor, which is on overload, and compresses it before launching it at Gaia after Chiaia gets clear. The resulting explosion causes massive damage to Gaia, but Kenshi immediately senses that it wasn’t enough. Sure enough, Gaia regenerates and comes out for more fighting. Doll-Mexiah makes telepathic contact with Kenshi, asking to be saved, so Kenshi goes all out. While Gaia is somewhat hindered, Kenshi still cannot overcome it and indeed, loses his stone sword. In its place is an energy blade but even that’s not enough. That energy blade converts to a Light Hawk Wing and Kenshi is able to slice Gaia’s head half off.

War on Geminar - 13Reaching into the Seikishin cockpit bubble, Kenshi uses his Seikijin to retrieve Doll. After saving her, she wonders which form Kenshi would prefer, her current form or her Mexiah form. She chooses Mexiah. However, Babalun isn’t done and attempts to reform himself. Ulyte arrives and shoots the gem eye (core crystal?), causing Babalun to return to goo. Ulyte collapses and turns into Leia, aka Neizai. This revelation causes Babalun to attempt to reform but the eye-gem cracks and he falls into the ravine below, returning to goo. After Leia explains things, there’s a verbal fight for Kenshi, forcing him to flee. Meanwhile, down in the ravine, Dagmyer picks up the shattered gem and pricks his finger as Emera guards his back from an attack from Lan.

War on Geminar - 13


War on Geminar - 13Well now, well now.

The final episode of the series is certainly an enjoyable one even though there are a number of unanswered questions, which is typical for a Kajishima-sensei title. Seriously, after Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA 1 and Night Before Carnival was released, Kajishima-sensei had to publish 101 Mysteries of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki in order to answer 100 questions from Japanese fans who wanted to know.

  1. When Wahanly had tow lines attached to the Swan, was power also being supplied to the ship since it wasn’t expected to be able to travel the way it did? I’m guessing so but after one viewing, I’m not sure.
  2. Why weren’t the lines that the Havoniwa assault train took cut as well?
  3. What exactly was Babalun? I gather his “eye” is in fact a core crystal but how that enabled him to absorb Gaia and the Seikishin is beyond me.
  4. Neizai was one of the original creations designed to fight Seikishin and had been reduced to a core crystal and was planted into Ulyte. Did Ulyte have a sister who was also implanted or did I just misunderstand? Was that sister Leia?
  5. Why did Seikishin need all that time to regenerate, only to now be practically invincible? Couldn’t Babalun have simply merged with it earlier and instantly regenerated it?
  6. When emerging from a Seikijin, the unit always goes back into its bubble-shell from what I recall. If that’s true, then why was Kenshi’s Seikijin still in its proper form long after he’d emerged from it?
  7. Why only one Light Hawk Wing for Kenshi?
  8. Who sent Kenshi to this world in the first place?
  9. Does Dagmyer pricking his finger on what I presume to be a core crystal mean that he will take over where his father Babalun left off?
  10. Kenshi’s Seikijin would often change to a combination of black and white. Why was this true?
  11. Who had the text conversation at the end?
  12. Kenshi aided the villains at the start because he wanted a way back home. Does he still want to go home or has that been forgotten?

I’m sure I could think of more if I thought about it. *lol* Well, that’s Kajishima-sensei for you.

War on Geminar - 13I can’t say that Kenshi’s ability to produce a Light Hawk Wing was a surprise (though I should note that the Japanese term for Light Hawk Wing was not mentioned). That he produced only one was a bit more surprising since three were produced in Dual! (at least, as I recall) and three were produced in GXP by the leads. My own theory on this would be that Kenshi might be more akin to a 3rd-generation Royal tree, which can only produce one LHW. Of course, I can’t help but recall the pendant Kenshi has which has a Crystal from Ryo-ohki and appears to be encased in wood from a Royal tree. I wonder what role, if any, they played.

War on Geminar - 13For the most part, the final episode played as expected for the good guys to win. The revelation that Ulyte was Neizai was a surprise at first, but like many things Kajishima-sensei does with his stories, it made sense when I stopped and thought about it. Well, I plan to rewatch the entire series before writing a final thoughts post, simply because I’m sure I’ll pick up on more things this time around now that certain secrets have been revealed.

War on Geminar - 13The comedy, harem ending was pretty typical but it still made me smile. Actually, this is the biggest prospective harem ever considering the sheer number of girls involved. ^_^; Well, after GXP and Seina’s harem, I suppose this was the one way to make sure that was topped in some regard. ^_~

With the mysterious text conversation at the end of the episode, combined with Dagmyer picking War on Geminar - 13up the crystal fragment from his father’s remains, things are set up for a sequel, especially since there are so many unanswered questions. However, the question is, “If there were a sequel, would we want more of the same antics?” That, I’m not sure of. I think that if Kajishima-sensei were to be a bit more plot-focused rather than texture-focused, it would work. Unfortunately, he loves the texture stuff such as the ecchi and comedy aspects of daily life and as such tends to spend too much time playing there.

War on Geminar - 13Finally, since I know people are going to ask, if I had to speculate on the persons behind the conversation at the end of the episode, I’d say for sure that one speaker was Washu. Assuming these were the Choushin (and it should have been), then one of the speakers had the feel of Washu. Does that mean the other was Tokimi? Possibly, but for all I know, all three could have been party to this.

So, it was a fun, entertaining episode with a few small surprises and a few more secrets revealed. Nothing to extraordinary but nothing to really complain about (aside from some bad-looking sequences in the final battle when Kenshi went in for the attack).

War on Geminar - 13

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32 Responses to “Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari – 13 (finale) (War on Geminar – 13)”

  1. Blogima says:

    Well, about one of the questions, by whta I understand from a subbed version (portuguese), Babalun says Neizai/Reia was who summoned Kenshi.

    Well, I find too much holes, but nothing that really bother me (despite Chiaia’s constant bitch/tsundere act). kenshi using a Light Hawk Wing was what caught my attention. I had the idea Washu could have put something like Ryouko’s gems on Kenshi (since is mentioned the gems can generate LHW like Tenchi, and Kenshi mention he had weak health).

    Anyways, nothing to be bothered. I LOL’d with megane girl (sorry, forgot her name XP) request to be Kenshi’s wife. Well, and Emera finally get the chance to stab someone, so, we can have a sequence in the future, since the epilogue kinda stated that Dagmeyer will be the next Babulun and Kenshi maybe have to give up of his back to home (Tenchi & harem comes to the rescue…?).

  2. First off some thoughts on a few of your questions

    3) The impression I got was that Babalun (like Ulyte) was “bonded” to a core crystal and Babalun’s was the crystal that was in the Seikishin in ancient times

    5) Perhaps it can only regenerate to its original condition, there was also no need to merge earlier and there may have been a drawback that we are not aware of (perhaps it was a permanent fusion)

    6) I noted that as well, however in the first episode the same thing happened when Kenshi went after Lashara. Its also possible that pilots can choose to leave the Seikijin in its active form but normally dont due to it either emitting Ahou (bad for most people) or using up their energy/resistance which they dont want to waste

    7) Two possible reasons for only 1 light hawk wing (assuming he has the potential for more in the future)

    First reason is his age. Kenchi is younger than Tenchi was when he produced 3 and he could later on produce 6, so it is possible due to his age 1 is his current limit

    Second possible reason is that he did not produce it directly but emitted it via his Seikijin. When Yosho battled Kagato in the Tenchi OVA he “only” produced a single LHW thanks to his bond with Funaho when a first generation ship should produce at least 3, so perhaps a similar principle is at work.

    Note on Dual!, Zinv only produced 2 Light Hawk Wings

    Anyway I enjoyed the series and hope it is picked up for another run, as there is still many questions to be answered. I also agree with you on Kajishima-sensei needing to be more plot focused or at least having a stronger emphasis on the ongoing story in the slice of life episodes

    Finally on the Ulyte/Neizai connection is that after looking at the end credits it becomes clear their was a major spoiler in plain sight for the whole series given how Ulyte and Neizai are portrayed.

  3. no surprise says:

    A typical Kajishima “plot” that collapses under even the slightest scrutiny and therefore has to be propped up with made up vague “answers” from “sensei” and unsubstantiated “theories” by fans duped into investing their time in this “masterpiece” by its tenuous connection to OVA Tenchi.

  4. Rhuen says:

    I have to say it leaves alot to be answered, to avoid repeating myself any one curious can vist the tenchi section of the funimation forums for my full thoughts and scramblings over what is going on.

    Also did you find a sub? I’m dieing to know what the text at the end said please?

    I gathered what what was happening through out the rest. Also surprised you didn’t point out Kajashima grabbing a western feel for this series as opposed to the Japanese feel his others have, especially with how the final battle went down (WHite Knight vs Black Dragon to save sleeping beauty and the world :Mexiah/doll being sleeping beauty I guess LoL being held by the dragon)

    I gathered he couldn’t merge until now as he needed Doll to be step one of reactivating it to a certain point and then from there going to a step 2 merger.

    But it also leaves questions over the core crystals and if Kenshi really is descended from one.

    I gathered with Ultye that the female form was the form of the Bio-android the core crystal belonged to. A simular silhoutte was seen before as the one that was destroyed. So I figured after he was merged with the crystal he could change into her form which is a stronger healthier form than his norm. So yeah he’s still a guy, but a guy that can turn into a girl…so Kajishim has his own Ranma who doesn’t mind being half girl and can change at will LoL.

  5. junior says:

    When Yosho battled Kagato in the Tenchi OVA he “only” produced a single LHW thanks to his bond with Funaho when a first generation ship should produce at least 3, so perhaps a similar principle is at work.

    In Tenchi OVA, Kagato explicitly states that any possible feed to Tenchi is cut off – i.e. Tenchi is generating the wings himself. Additionally, Tenchi actually does generate three wings. They form a three-pointed star pattern that blocks Kagato’s energy blast. The two that you missed are used to upgrade Tenchi’s armor while the third takes the form of a sword.

    As for ANB’s write-up…

    Remember that “Leia” should have the same name as Kenshi’s mother (and yeah, I know that they’re effectively the same in Japanese)…

    – Given that the Swan is staying aloft, energy is coming from somewhere. But if I understand correctly, Kenshi’s “bullets” are being used which implies to me that the energy used to compress them is stored in the bullet until it’s either fired or released (the latter apparently being the case here).

    – One of Wahanly’s quadropeds is seen towing the train, so it’s possible that the holes were also put into the tracks on that line but the quadroped once again helped get past them (Rule of Cool in this case trumping basic physics).

    – What exactly Baburun was is never explained. But given that his family had already messed around with the crystals I’m guessing that the core crystal was something that his family had discovered a while back and managed to successfully unlock. It may have also been what allowed him to control Mexiah/Doll in the previous episode.

    – It sounded as if Reia was indeed originally Ulyte’s sister, and they were both implanted with the same crystal. Presumably the crystal can absorb anyone who’s bonded with it and still alive. The follow-up question, then is whether Nezia is literally Reia, or “merely” an alternate personality bonded to the crystal as was the case with Ulyte.

    – Presumably the long-term regeneration included things like regenerating the instant regeneration system.


    – Non-bubbled pilotless Seikijin – apparently the bubble’s an optional thing. A masked Dagmyer can be seen standing in front of his when he berates Kenshi for the latter’s failure in the first episode.

    – He only got one LHW because he only needed one? Of course it’s also possible that he can only generate one since we don’t know exactly how he gets the ability. But his lone wing in this episode doesn’t preclude the ability to generate more later, imo.

    – Dagmyer’s finger – imo it’s merely a nod regarding Dagmyer’s apparently misplaced loyalty toward his father.

    – The color of Kenshi’s seikijin appeared to be tied to his current state of mind. The last time we saw it was when he went berserk due to his anger over the treatment of his friend. i.e. negative emotions appear to cause the black. There’s also a comment in one episode by a character regarding the possibility that the black will overcome his white, and that such an outcome would be very bad.

    – I’m guessing that the people having the conversation at the end were the same people who had the conversation in the first episode.


    On a more serious note, Washu seems a likely culprit, although I’m not sure *why* she’d send Kenshi to an alternate world. Nor am I sure why the rest of the group (including Kenshi’s parents) would allow it.

    – Going home. I’m sure it hasn’t been forgotten. At the very least, his obsession with crystals is due to homesickness.

    And finally… as much fun as Kajishima can be, I’m starting to get annoyed with his insistance on providing ever larger harems for his protagonists… There’s a reason why so many shows end up with the protagonist being paired off with a specific member of the opposite sex.

    • It was kenshi mom and washu sister that sent him there cause kenshi mom is from that planet there tell u in that series at the beginning theres writing to. And in the series it also states that if one of the three that was created to fight the meklord have a child that child would be stronger than all of them

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Tokimi did send Kenshi over from additional information I’ve seen. Indeed, Tokimi is in the most recent ISM doujinshi from Kajishima-sensei.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing that Kenshi’s LHW isn’t of the same caliber as the individual wings of Tenchi and Z. Even a single wing from them seemed to cause spreading destruction that reduced large objects to nothing, but Kenshi’s sword, while effective, didn’t just up and annihilate the Seikishin…or do you think the Seikishin was related to the Choushin as well, such that it was resistant on a cosmic level?

  7. shanpark_232 says:

    Standard procedure for me was to watch an episode of the show and then read your commentary. I especially needed it when I was confused about something, and plus you’d notice things that would escape my attention.

    While, I appreciate all the questions and comments that you and others have. I only have one main concern… am I even going see Doll again?!

    Now that we know that Mexiah and she are the same person (or maybe I’m wrong on that account. It’s masochistic what I go through for these shows!) the chances that I’ll see her again are slim to nil. Mexiah is the form with all the goods and Kajishima-sensei like to off the girls’ goods. Which I understand and have decided to put up with. Its only better if I actually like the character or if there is one that I can focus on.

    Doll is the one character that I REALLY liked from the very beginning and focused on through every single one the the episodes. (Often a disappointing focus because she wasn’t in many of them, however, it made her presence all the more special!) I was crazy happy when she started to get a bigger part and even more happy when it was revealed that she was Mexiah. To me it was an end to a character that I honestly wasn’t really feelin’ without her really going anywhere. (Plus, it made Doll all the more interesting)

    As soon as she changed back into Mexiah, it was the end to my elation because if she could change back I knew there was no way that Kajishima-sensei was going to keep her in the form of Doll. Not with Mexiah’s… voluptuousness.

    Still, I had hope.

    My hope is gone now that I’ve seen episode 13. (The thing that really gets me is that she’s not even dead! She chose to continue on as Mexiah! Irrrgh!)

    I don’t think it’s something you were really concerned about. What, with so many other BIGGER questions to consider. Still, I’m curious to hear your thoughts…

  8. Rhuen says:

    One thing I noticed, not sure if it means anything is the slight resemblance between Kenshi’s seikishi and the creature Ryoko can summon.

  9. junior says:

    My hope is gone now that I’ve seen episode 13. (The thing that really gets me is that she’s not even dead! She chose to continue on as Mexiah! Irrrgh!)

    Not really surprising from a character standpoint, as Mexiah’s the one that had all of the fun. Plus, along with every other female (except *maybe* Reia) she’s after Kenshi, and Kenshi always refers to her as ‘Mexiah’ and not ‘Doll’.

    But I’m in agreement with you. Mexiah’s antics did get rather tiresome, and Doll’s more staid personality was a welcome change.

  10. shanpark_232 says:

    JUNIOR: “But I’m in agreement with you. Mexiah’s antics did get rather tiresome, and Doll’s more staid personality was a welcome change.”

    😀 Glad to see someone agrees with me! But now that I think about it, I guess, storytelling wise it makes more sense for her to stay as Mexiah because that character had more screen time. I just don’t really like her. :/

    JUNIOR: ” Kenshi always refers to her as ‘Mexiah’ and not ‘Doll’.”

    I think part of that is because Doll isn’t a real name, just what she is: a doll. No one ever bothered to actually give her a real name, she was nothing more than a tool.

    By calling her Mexiah then its like he’s refering to who is is as a person and not WHAT she is.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I beg to differ. Screw Doll (not literally), long live Mexiah! She’s so much more fun personality-wise and much better looking.

  12. Beagle-san says:

    Sheesh, where to start? Thinking back on Kajishima’s series, I’ve come to the conclusion that the man hates to end his stories…and so he doesn’t.

    I really hope that this show gets licensed, because it really, REALLY needs an excellent and detailed translation, as I’m positive there are small details, and perhaps not so small details, which would be better explained by a better translation.

    Watching this show, I was enjoying it more than I had TM!R-O OVA 3, as it didn’t feel as “cramped” as OVA 3 had. Heh. Well, that cramped feeling came back in the last few episodes, as Kajishima put in a bit too much revelation in the last few episodes. I think ANB’s right, Mr. K likes to play around with the fun stuff a bit too much, not properly balancing the fun and info parts of his shows.

    Of course, the question arises: How can he top THIS harem ending?

    This show would’ve been better if it’d had a few more episodes to spread out amd absorb the data dumps. The alternative would be to cut down on some of the lighter fun stuff in the show…but I enjoyed the lighter, fun stuff in this show.

    Open endings are common in anime, but Kajishima’s tend to be more open than most. I really think that the man needs 2 things: One a large canvas on which to tell his stories (at least 12, preferably 24or more episodes), and somone who’ll sit on him to put some kind of ending to his series. One can argue about Nabeshin’s merits, but he at least managed to put a real ending on GXP. Given the reports that Mr. K wasn’t too happy with Nabeshin’s work on GXP, it sounds like I might be on to something.

    Still this was a fun series, though the ending wasn’t all I could’ve hoped for.

  13. AstroNerdBoy says:

    My only problems with Nabeshin’s direction of GXP were that he went a bit too far on the ecchi stuff (even further than Kajishima-sensei goes) and NB was downright annoying most of the time.

    IMO, one of the reasons OVA 1 is considered the best of the lot is that Hayashi kept Kajishima from wandering off the reservation and kept things tighter. Nabeshin does much the same with GXP. Kajishima-sensei is a prima donna, and I’ve said that repeatedly. Nothing wrong with that, but that’s how it is.

    I’m really working on blogging ahead for several days so I can take time to rewatch ISM from scratch in a marathon.

  14. Beagle-san says:

    No argument about Hayashi’s contribution to OVA 1. But I’m reminded a bit of Rumiko Takahashi who also falls in love with her story and the universe in which it lives, and only rarely can come up with a satsifactory ending.

    As you know, I didn’t mind Nabeshin’s ecchi antics. Heh, and considering Masquerade, Spaceship Agga Rutter and the various doujin Mr. K has done, I must respectfully disagree that Nabeshin goes to greater ecchi depths than Kajishima, lol ^_^

  15. Anonymous says:

    Great OVA, not what I was expecting, and I rather hope it made enough to cover its production costs (so that we’ll see more of it again? The main harem girls in this were fleshed out and interesting enough I’d like to see more). Certainly a harem/mecha anime with enough cohesion that I would place it above most others.

    Where it fails to deliver is the resolution – what about the unification of countries, the political situation with the Church, etc. after all that, and I think the chase at the end was unwarranted, I would’ve appreciated individual scenes with all the women alone.

    The fight at the end was also quite lame. Gaia should have been made sleeker to allow for more “beautiful” combat. All it was Kenshi bashing him with his sword for 10 minutes.

  16. iamaman says:

    after ch 11 of ISM

    i think; are we sure Masaki REA is Jurai…
    with no blackground; appear on OVA3and her name, her eye color look so diffrent from Masaki Jurai Clan

  17. Anonymous says:

    Now here’s some very interesting information from Kajishima-sensei’s 10.8 doujinshi about Kenshi’s LHW generation.

    “When Kenshi in the end defeated Gaia with a Light Hawk Wing, it was generated by way of him controlling the focus of Tenchi-ken’s enormous light energy, it was not something Kenshi himself generated from scratch. If he were to try to generate a Light Hawk Wing again, he would likewise have to start from producing compressed matter that holds an enormous amount of energy.”

    That settles it then, Kenshi’s power is not like Tenchi’s.

  18. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Thanks for the 4-1-1!

  19. DaveB says:

    Well as for Question 11, in the Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari manga, Kenshi has a dream sequence during his illness in episode 1. In the dream there is someone giving the same talk as the text at the start of episode 1, and you see a silhoutte that looks to me like Washu.

    Image Link

    Not sure if the manga is official canon though.

  20. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Interesting. Is Kajishima-sensei’s name attached to it?

  21. DaveB says:

    With my poor grasp of Japanese, I think the front covers say, Manga: Hau, Original Work: Kajishima Masaki.

    Image Link

  22. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Hmmmm. If Kajishima approved the story, then I’d say it is cannon but I don’t know if that’s the case or not. How closely does that manga follow the anime?

  23. DaveB says:

    I’ve not had them long, and as I say, my Japanese is pretty terrible (note that I should of wrote Manga:Bau not Hau).

    The manga starts with the Kenshi and the gang already in the Holy land. The events in episode 1 are told in flash back (and are pretty close to the anime). But after that it seems to be more like a collection of side stories, rather than following the plot.

    There is one page that has original character designs and a small message from Kajishima-sensei. Which I think/guess translates into something like:

    “These are characters from the planning stages of ‘Seikishi Monogatari’, can you tell who everyone is?

    Incidentally, initially Rashara had completed her studies in the Holyland, and had begun to return to her homeland.

    Well then, until we have reason to meet again….

    Kajishima Masaki.”

    Image Link

    There are also a couple of notes by Bau that I haven’t guessed at a translation yet.

  24. AstroNerdBoy says:

    For Kajishima-sensei to make a contribution like that, I’d guess he may have had some say in the story’s creation. At this point, I’d lean to a “maybe” on the canon aspects. I know that none of the Tenchi manga are canon so this would be a first (as far as I know) for a manga to be canon, if it is indeed canon.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for this late comment but I was wondering, in the first episode or second. Ulyte actually had a shock from Kenchi Masaki’s name, but later presumed to be a coincidnece. Can anyone clarify from that?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Oh sorry and 1 more thing, I went to check up on the Masaki family but realised Tenchi has only 1 sister but Kenchi has a few more, like 3 or something.

  27. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Sorry for this late comment but I was wondering, in the first episode or second. Ulyte actually had a shock from Kenchi Masaki’s name, but later presumed to be a coincidnece. Can anyone clarify from that?

    I’d have to rewatch to see for sure (haven’t done that yet, but I need to).

    Oh sorry and 1 more thing, I went to check up on the Masaki family but realised Tenchi has only 1 sister but Kenchi has a few more, like 3 or something.

    Kenshi has no biological sisters that I’m aware of. Tenchi is his half-brother. The “sisters” Kenshi spoke of are Tenchi’s harem — Sasami, Ryoko, Aeka, Noike, and Mihoshi. In Japanese custom, it would be proper for him to addresses them with the “neechan” honorific or simply address them as “oneechan.”

    • Kenshi mom rea is one of the three artificial humans. like ulyte and his sister. he calls them sister cause there all like family. the two talking at the beginning and end is rea masaki washu sister from the ova lady tokimi

  28. Anonymous says:

    This is a late post, but I think the two text speakers at the end were Masaki Rea and Washu.

  29. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I didn’t recognize either voice, but that doesn’t mean anything.

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