Dirty Pair – 23

ダーティペア (TV Anime) Episode 23 Review
Dirty Pair – 23

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Dirty Pair - 23Yuri and Kei are about to bust a priest drug lord when 3WA pulls the plug on their operation. As a result, the building’s security system detects them and Yuri gets shot in the process, to be rescued by a handsome, rich man named Daniel Sezar. To avoid suspicion from security patrols, Daniel kisses Yuri so they look like lovers making out before taking her to his pad as Yuri passes out. When Yuri comes to, she recognizes Daniel’s name as a big time swindler who targets super rich. As such, she realizes that Daniel’s new target is Mahogany, the priest that Yuri and Kei were going to take down.

Dirty Pair - 23Meanwhile, Kei is angry about the aborted mission, the loss of Yuri, and Gooley’s apparent lack of care. Yuri makes phone contact with Kei, proving she’s not a ghost. Kei comes by Daniel’s place where Yuri lets her partner know what Daniel is planning. Kei’s on board with pulling a con on Mahogany to buy the worthless planet Heldora though she doesn’t completely trust Daniel and neither does Yuri. Kei teases Yuri a bit about how good looking he is as they set the plan in motion. At a upscale bar that Father Mahogany is at, Kei poses as a bartender and passes a note to Mahogany, pretending to mistake him for someone else. Mahogany decides to follow up on this since there appears to be a big payoff to pretend to be this other person (Meinard).

Dirty Pair - 23Stopping by the appropriate building at the right time, Mahogany is met by Daniel, who addresses him as Meinard. Yuri pretends to be the wealthy lady of this condo and addresses Mahogany as Meinard-sama, the prospective buyer of one of her planets, Heldora. Mahogany is further taken in by the apparent wealth and thinking the others to be fools, goes on a trip to Heldora. Mahogany reports to his people that he’s about to make a killing as more false information is fed to him regarding Yuri, Heldora, and the supposed vast amounts of gold there. Mahogany is shown a vault full of gold as Yuri says she will sell for 20-million. Mahogany figures to get the money by delaying his drug project as he’d make a large amount on gold mining.

Dirty Pair - 23As Mahogany relishes the thought of additional monetary gains, he happens to overhear Yuri on a video call to the real Meinard (Kei in disguise). Meinard-Kei offers 25-million which leads Mahogany to enter and eventually bid 30-million on the planet, the amount Daniel wanted to get from Mahogany. Kei leaves Yuri alone with Daniel, who makes a move on Yuri, proclaiming his love. Yuri isn’t having it since she doesn’t trust a conman. The next day, Mahogany and another arrive with the 30-million but some of Mahogany’s security people arrive, stating that Mahogany is being conned by Dirty Pair. Daniel takes the money and escapes but is caught by Kei and the money ends up in an incinerator, denying both criminals of a huge sum of cash. As they leave, Kei again teases Yuri about Daniel.


Dirty Pair - 23I think this episode would have been more interesting if it had some time to set up the corrupt church and priest. Because there was no setup, it was hard to see how Mahogany would have been as stupid as he was to fall for Daniel’s con. I suppose that letting us know that Mahogany is a criminal is supposed to be enough in that this would automatically make him mega greedy. Thus, he willingly buys a worthless planet that supposedly has a ton of gold without questioning why the supposed owner of the planet (Yuri) is selling.

That said, while the episode was pretty much a plot by the numbers, it was still fun. I liked how Yuri didn’t let herself get played by Daniel and how she and Kei were prepared for Daniel’s double cross.

Beyond that, there’s really not much to say. I am looking forward to this series coming to DVD. ^_^

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