Negima! Chapter 303 SPOILER Images

Negima! 303 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 303 (Images)

Here’s what I know many of you have been waiting for — the original-sized, sneak-peek SPOILER images for Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 303 as brought to you by anonymous Japanese fans (click pic to make bigger, y’all).

It’s no Motoko, but it IS Tsuruko! ^_^

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38 Responses to “Negima! Chapter 303 SPOILER Images”

  1. Theron says:

    Is it just me or does that remind you of the sealed sword Keitaro found at the Hinata Inn?

  2. Sian says:

    Urashima Blade prehaps?

  3. Philip says:

    I’m under the impression Tsukuyomi stole the sword before going to the magic world…

  4. Blogima says:

    Holy HELL, Tsuruko! Stole your sister’s sword and put in Tsukusadist’s hands? I knew Tsuruko was “excentric”, but this was too much… ^^”

  5. J. Teeth says:

    I wasn’t expecting to get Setsuna’s backstory at this point in the plot, but I’m not complaining. Looks like the sword Tsukuyomi has really is the cursed sword from Love Hina (or at least one like it), and Setsuna really did know Tsuruko. Of course, that begs the question of how Tsukuyomi got her hands on it…
    Wonder what she’s going to use it for.

  6. Anonymous says:

    wait… isn’t that sword the one from Love Hina? the urashima clan one:P

  7. veron says:

    Thank you. Looks like its going to be an interesting chapter.

  8. Anonymous says:

    does that mean tsuroko, motoko and keitarou(able to win 16 times but loses 27 times to motoko)is on the same level as setsuna?

  9. Anonymous says:

    …Is that the Urashima family cursed sword?!

  10. komett-kun says:

    YAAAAAAY Setsuna flashback FINALLY!

  11. AstroNerdBoy says:

    My understanding is that this is the cursed sword from Love Hina. That would explain a few things about Tsukuyomi. ^_^

  12. Kota-kun says:

    Lets give the sword a name shall we? I believe its the Youto Hina, according to my recent reread. And how did it get into Tsuruko’s hands? This looks like it was 10 years ago which puts that about early ’90s in story, before Keitaro even found it to give to Motoko. So either this is a little discontinuity with Akamatsu-sensei, or a completely different sword, or something completely different, which still doesn’t explain how Tsukuyomi got a new black sword (which she had last chapter as well)

  13. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Akamatsu-sensei is pretty good about not retconning to date so I think that the chapter will give the full account of the sword.

    Still, I’m just happy to see Tsuruko at all since I’ve long believed that she and Motoko should have a role, even if limited, in Negima!

  14. Mz says:

    O!M!G! that is AWESOME!

  15. Senpai17 says:

    That would be the Cursed Hinata Blade from vol. 9, ch 73… or so it would seem. I cant wait for the next chapter now. They’ve picked a really good spoiler pic to spark our interests. You’ll keep us posted right ANB? ^-^

  16. tadrinth says:

    Wait, so now I’m going to have to go read all of Love Hina just so I can understand how awesome this chapter is? =P

  17. hurin says:

    Cronologically Negima takes place about 5 years after Love Hina, so there is nothing strange about Tsuruko? showing the sword to a preteen Setsuna.

    This reminds me of the scene in Kill Bill II with Beatrice and Elle. I wonder if Tsukuyomi is going to claim to have killed someone dear to Setsuna and stolen the sword.

  18. Given that this seems to confirm in print that Love Hina and Negima take place in the same universe. I wonder if AI Love you may come into play at some point given that we have already seen Nitta sensei and how similar Fate’s appearance is to Spider-Zero’s (as ANB has previously mentioned)

  19. Sian says:

    @Hurin . I actually went to fish for some Timeline estimates in my Love Hina books and coupled them with Negima … Keitaro enters Hinata in in November 1998, fails together with Naru in Spring 1999 and they both enters in spring 2000 after having played around on Pararakelse.
    Urashima Blade is unearthed just after Pararakelse, while Keitaro still have a broken leg, so late spring or early summer 2000 is a reasonable guess as of when the Aoyama Family get the blade

    Negima in turn starts in the winter 02/03 (January prehaps?), rapidly forwarding to spring 03 (somewhere around Ch13 if memory serves) and by now is somewhere around Late August 03

    So there is at most (if the swords are the same sword which by appearence is highly likely) just short of 3 years between the Sword being unearthed and Negima start

  20. Anonymous says:

    The Kyoto Shinmei School looks like the background in Konoka’s house.


  21. DOmen says:

    That IS Hina, not a different sword. Tsuruko says its name in the fourth panel of the first spoiler pic (ひな). Since Keitaro says it was passed for generations down the Urashima line, we can assume that Tsuruko got it as a special occasion, then gave it back, should it be left unexplained.

  22. setenshi says:

    OMG is tsuruko konoka’s MOM? cause the shinmeiryuu school looks just like eishun’s/konoka’s palace

  23. Yami says:

    I havent watched/read Love Hina before but Tyukuyomi could have possibly stolen the sword during the Kyoto Trip/Konoka’s house/Petrify chatper before she confronted them with the summoned demons.

  24. It makes sense chronologically that Tsuruko was the Master of the dojo.

    Think about this: Secchan appears to be between 5 and 8, which would mean that it would be between 1993-1996. Judging by the appearance of Tsuruko, she was the master before the start of Love Hina. Remember the panel on Konoka’s flashback in Volume 5? That was about 1995, when the school was in the Konoe Estate. That was when Secchan was about 7 years old, and the Head of the Shinmei School was… you guessed it, Tsuruko. And also, in the Magic world, don’t forget that this was in 2004, so Secchan was ~16 at the present arc. So Setsuna trained under Motoko’s sister, and Motoko at this point (2003) is the head of the Dojo. wonder if Secchan will become Motoko’s apprentice in the future? That would make the story even more interesting than before…

  25. Sian says:

    @Setenshi . an audio Drama said that Eishun by birth is an Aoyama, just like Mokoto and Tsuruko … doesn’t remember the specifics but he should be close in family with them, but not to close … my cookie is on him being Motoko/Tsuruko’s Uncle :p

    if you’d look at timelines you’d know how unlikely it is for them to be wife/husband … Tsuruko is at LH, at most what … 25? and at Negima time most 30, Eishun was a relatively highlevel Mercenary doing the great war back 20 years ago and proberly a share older than Nagi … lets put him mid-40’s …

    Tsuruko getting Konoka while 15 years old? with one from the same family proberly twice as old? … not likely since as far as i remember she was just recently married when she surfaced in LH

  26. Sian says:

    Direct rip-off from Vetus’ translation from Q/A in volume 31 :

    What’s the relationship between Eishun Konoe and Motoko Aoyama? (Again, English question)
    They are thought to be close relatives in the Aoyama family. It’s not like they’re parent and child, though.

  27. Kota-kun says:
    Look in the corner of the first panel, it says 2002.07 meaning July 2002. So, he (Negi) has been there a year, July 2003. This flashback dates back several years, before 1999, before LH started. And if i remember, Keitaro found it after arriving at the inn, so it might not be the actual “Youto Hina”, just a sword named Hina. And it sounds like “Hina” has been in the Aoyama’s possession for a while, (according to CanonRap)Open to any corrections and theories 🙂

  28. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Heh! I’m REALLY looking forward to this chapter, though we’ll have to see if Tsuruko or Motoko are mentioned in 304 (which will be in two weeks due to the break, if I’ve understood things correctly).

  29. Wolfshadow says:

    Anyone else think that, maybe because Keitaro’s granny seemed to be connected to various high-level things (calling in helicopters to make an impressive exit, tracking her grandson and his love interest across town and possibly around the world, somehow having an adopted granddaughter with freaky energy-blast powers, etc…) she might have been in contact with the Aoyamas (she did/would have one living at her inn/dorm) and might have loaned them the sword. Just because Keitaro found it in what, ’99, ’00?, doesn’t really mean that Granny didn’t know exactly where it was the whole time. Besides, too much freaky stuff happened at that place for her to have no part in it. Hell, she might have even been an Aoyama or Konoe herself, since we never learned her maiden name (or really her given name, as far as I can remember). It would answer a lot of questions about how and why so much f**ked up stuff happened if she herself, and by extension her descendants, were magical in some way… might explain the whole immortality/invulnerability thing too…

  30. DOmen says:

    @ Wolfshadow: going by Vetus’s translation of the spoiler pics, Tsuruko tells Setsuna the sword was lent to them by the Kyoto Magic Association. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Grandma Hina is in the magic business (Headmaster Konoe or other members of the association could’ve just asked her to lend them the sword), it certainly makes it a possibility.

  31. Anonymous says:

    All of Ken’s works take place in the same universe. When Hakase found out that Chachamaru had a crush on Negi she went on a long, LONG rant about her ability to have emotions and referenced the main characters and other things from A.I. Love You. Also, during the tournament arc of the school festival Naru and Keitaro are in the audience (I don’t remember the chapter and I only know that they were on the far edge of the page). Not to mention that during Setsuna’s back-story we see Motoko and her sister coming to train her. Fans need to stop asking this EVERY TIME there is some kind of reference.

  32. 93143 says:


    Negi’s diploma said July 2002. That doesn’t mean he hopped on a plane to Japan the very next day. I can’t track down a source, but the prevailing opinion seems to be that he was only there for a month or three at most before April hit and 2-A became 3-A.

    My vote is for late February or early March; when Negi arrives, people are still wearing jackets and scarves and mittens, which would be odd for early September, and it seems to get dark early, but the trees look fairly alive, and the cover illustration plainly depicts cherry blossom season (which doesn’t show up in-story until vol. 3, but eh…). It would seem a crying shame to begin a series like this by having Negi arrive in September and then skipping straight to April without so much as a nod to Christmas or New Year’s or [*cough*] Valentine’s Day


    Are you referring to page 8 of chapter 89? That looks like Seta and Naru to me.

  33. ReddyRedWolf says:

    My take on this Tsukuyomi stole the Hina in 2003. This would explain her shift to a Yangire.

    Motoko still had the Hina in 2001. Now Tsuruko said to young Setsuna the Kyoto Magic Association lent them the sword.

    How can we reconcile this being a Urashima family heirloom? As evidenced by Keitaro’s Cursed Pen that can take on the Hina the Urashima’s have a capacity to curse objects. For that matter the Love Annex as well.

    Centuries ago Kyoto burned because somebody got possessed by the Hina. It was contained and held in safe keeping by the Kyoto Magic Association.

    Now Hinata Inn is located at Kanagawa this makes it the Kanto area, territory of the Kanto Magic Association.

    Possibly as a gesture of good faith the Hina was returned to the Urashima clan.

    Judging by the abilities of the Urashima females, the Urashimaryuu, the layout of Hinata, and that ninja outfit Keitaro wore the family is pretty much in the masquerade.

    Grandma Hina may have reputation herself as she was once called by Motoko, The Demon of Hinata.

  34. Lee Jacob says:

    It’s too bad that I can’t relate regarding Love Hina since I haven’t reading the manga!

    Anyway, complete 303 raw is in mangahead. Team 2’s encounter with Fate is kind of… creepy! Looking forward to it!

  35. Kota-kun says:

    Well according to CanonRap’s trans on Vetus, it seems like it is the Youtou Hina (He even underlined it lol). So I was wrong there. I think its time to jump ship. I like ReddyRedWolf’s theory. It seems to fit. And seeing as Motoko is head of the Shinmeiryuu, Tsuruko just instructs, seeing as she she was one of the best. Kinda like Sengoku and Garp in One Piece. I want to see the next chapter! It might explain more!

  36. So the cursed sword of Hina against Yuunagi?

    Now this SHOULD be interesting.

  37. Nana the Dwarf says:

    So Yuunagi against the cursed sword of Hina?

    Now this SHOULD be interesting.

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