Negima! Manga Vol 35 Ch 318 Review

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 35 Chapter 318 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 318

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Negima! Manga Vol 35 Ch 318Setsuna’s fight with Tsukuyomi does not go well so Setsuna buys time by asking how her opponent can laugh at the thought of 1.2 billion people dying.  Tsukuyomi counters that instead of Setsuna caring about the people of the Magic World, all she cares about is her “ojousama” Konoka.

Meanwhile, Negi faces Fate while in human form, which concerns Paru and others greatly.  Anya and company teleport in and they too are concern that Negi is facing Fate while not in his lightning form. Fate opens up negotiations with a massive right hook which initially seems to have blown Negi’s head and torso off, but when the smoke clears, Fate sees that Negi’s mastered Magia Erebea defended against the blow.  Negi returns the favor by landing a massive body blow on Fate which knocks him back a ways.

While this is going on, Chamo and the others realize that Negi has become like Eva thanks to his mastery of Magia Erebea — he’s no longer true human.

Since Fate won’t accept any solution Negi has, Negi has no choice but to speak with his fists.  As such, the fight between Negi and Fate is on.


Setsuna is in pretty bad shape so it made sense for her to try to buy a little time by yacking at Tsukuyomi to try to recover even a tiny bit.  While we haven’t seen much of their fight, I’m wondering where Setsuna’s artifacts are.  She has two and could draw upon the power of both Negi and Konoka.  Negi has proven to be such a powerhouse that having so many partners with artifacts doesn’t slow him down at all.  As such, I don’t see why Setsuna shouldn’t draw on Negi and Konoka’s power to aide her in her fight with Tsukuyomi.

I laughed when Negi shifted from lightning form to human form and his hair band magically appeared and put his hair into a ponytail.  *lol*  Ah, Akamatsu-sensei. ^_^

Anyway, I liked how after Negi punches Fate that Fate makes a remark to Negi to remind him of what he told Negi back during their first fight in Kyoto.  Now, Negi is doing what was impossible for him to do in Kyoto when he needed a bailout from a full-powered Eva — fighting Fate and landing a blow despite Fate’s defenses.

Since this chapter is naught but setup for the massive fight that’s sure to come in chapter 319, the only other thing I’ll say is what I’ve said previously, and that is that I hope that once the Magic World arc has concluded, Negi gets to go up against a full-powered Eva, even if only within her magic diorama spheres.  ^_^

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13 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 35 Ch 318 Review”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor Eva just isn’t going to know how to react to this…

  2. Ultimaniac says:

    Agreed, agreed, agreed! We need to see how Negi stacks up against Eva now.

  3. MJ Mata says:

    Perhaps that will happen. Even if for just a chapter, having Eva’s ass kicked by a super-powered Negi might be a refreshing change.

  4. nickspals says:

    Perhaps one possible answer to why Setsuna is not drawing on Negi/Konoka in her fight is that she feels she has to win with her own power, possibly to prove something to herself. Just seems to fit her character well.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The pactios are only a drain on Negi when they’re “turned on”, and the partner is consciously taking magic; it’s not something that’s on all the time (though basically all the girls do it on their own these days).

    Right now, the only drain Negi is feeling from Pactios is likely Ku Fei, and possibly Chachamaru.

  6. Orion says:

    Anyone else thinking this is the most underhanded and awesome setup for a Negi/Eva ending?

    They’re both “not fully human” at this point, who knows what the effects of internalizing ME are? He might just stay that age forever~

  7. junior says:

    Keep in mind that the actual artifact that Setsuna got from Negi was… a bunch of seemingly normal throwing knives. Not exactly the most useful of artifacts, and other than the brief distraction that they provided during Negi’s arena battle with Jack Rakan, I can’t remember when else they’ve appeared.

    She could, of course, draw power from Negi. But she’s probably concerned that he needs his power more than she does.

  8. ivanov_2020 says:

    yup i’m also eager to see how eva gonna react wen she see negi… she missed out alot. i bet they gonna have a fight after negi is back
    anyone else think that these two should kiss?

  9. SL from MH (GI from AQS) says:

    Maybe the reason Setsuna isn’t using her artifacts now is because she is wait for Tsukuyomi’s Hina Blade to absorb all of her ‘Ki’ so that she can make place within herself to take in the magical energy flow which she would get once she activates her pactio’s without it conflicting with her ‘Ki’ energy.

    I think she is trying to do this because she knows she would need the power of both her artifacts to defeat Tsukuyomi who is presently weilding the Hina Blade.
    Another reason is that she must have not been able to train herself with the compatibility of ‘Ki’ & ‘Magical Energy’. And so she found another way.

    This idea of my is actually based on a recent ‘Fariy Tail’ chapter.

    @Junior: Setsuna’s artifact “Sica ShiShikushiro” doesn’t only act as just simple throwing knives, they have other functionalities as well like acting as a 2nd blade during a fight which can constantly repair itself from damage. She can also use sealing/binding spells & arts using those knives, don’t forget that they also have homing abilities (which can be quite useful in a battle).

    @ANB: Well Eva can only go full power against Negi if she is fighting him in a “Phantasmagoria” and not in the “Diorama Sphere” because if i remember right the curse on her works there as well (though it is a bit weaker in there than the outside world) and that was the reason why she had to drink Negi’s blood to get some of her strength back in order to train Negi.

    Now if i am right, when Negi returns to Mahora he would most likely remove the curse on Eva with the most logical solution of forming a pactio with her. But maybe Eva asks him for a fight to prove whether he is really able to be her master which would lead to a fight between them.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I know Setsuna is gonna pull an “Ichigo” and take Tsukoyomi out with one hit when she gets serious.
    “BAN” er “in celebration of my first kiss with ojou-sama special”

    By the way since poyo is working for chibi-mage and c-m is now on Negi’s side, has Mana’s fight been called off.

  11. arimareiji says:

    They really don’t tell you anything, but there are a few spoiler images up at mangahead.

  12. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yeah, thanks.^_^ I didn’t make a post on that but I did throw a tweet up about it. ^_^

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