Mobile Suit Gundam – 32

機動戦士ガンダム /Kido Senshi Gundam episode 32
Mobile Suit Gundam – 32

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Mobile Suit Gundam - 32A Zakrello mobile armor unit launches from the damaged Zanzibar to exact revenge for a fallen comrade in the previous battle with White Base.  Char is angry at the unauthorized launch and annoyed that he was unaware of the Zakrello unit but does not stop the pilot. He warns the officer who allowed the launch to happen that he will be court-martialed next time this happens. The Zakrello pilot is engaged by Hayato in Guntank but Guntank is no match. Amuro launches Gundam-Sky but finds his shots have no effect. Gundam-Sky takes a couple of damaging slices before Amuro manages to brandish his energy sword and puncture the units armor and engine, destroying it.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 32Returning to White Base, Amuro and Sleggar have a chat about Char when Sayla arrives to relieve Amuro, quietly noting to herself how everyone talks about Char. She takes a nap at the desk in the room overlooking the bay where Gundam is being repaired and remembers Char’s words on taking revenge on the Zabi. Meanwhile, Char contacts Dren and orders him to take his three Musai-class warships to attack White Base while on White Base, Sayla decides to chat with Amuro. She wants to know what it takes to be a good pilot and go up against Char, something Amuro advises against. Sayla says she just wants to survive. It is then that the Swamel, Camel, and Tokmel each launch their two Rick Dom units to attack White Base.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 32With repairs to Gundam still ongoing, Bright has Sleggar man the spare G-Fighter. Hayato launches in Guntank and Kai in Guncannon as Amuro helps Sleggar into the fighter and has some last-second tips. Sleggar launches with something to prove as Amuro moves to assist Sayla in her launch, noting that she’s been acting odd of late. The four engage the enemy with Sayla having to take command as Sleggar’s actions could get them killed. The three Musai-class warships enter White Base‘s firing range and while White Base makes a hit on one, Bright is not happy that the gunners aren’t targeting engines.  Sayla and company take out three Rick Dom’s before beginning a returning to White Base to help protect it.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 32Gundam finally manages to launch as White Base destroys the Tokmel. Dren is worried that Gundam has not been sited on the battlefield. White Base takes a big hit but concentrates its fire on the Swamel as Gundam approaches the Camel. White Base destroys another Rick Dom unit before destroying Swamel.  The lone Rick Dom engages Gundam but can’t stop it from using its energy sword to slice open Camel‘s bridge. The Rick Dom re-engages Gundam and Amuro loses his shield but destroys the mobile suit. He then takes an energy trident and hurls it at the damaged Camel, destroying it. On the Zanzibar, Char is disappointed that Dren wasn’t able to hold out while on White Base, Bright orders a course change to the neutral Side-6 station.

Meanwhile, as the Zeons were engaged with White Base, the Federation launches a fleet on a direct course to Luna II.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 32Maybe I’m mistaken, but I don’t remember gravity being an issue for White Base early on in the series when they were in space. This episode, a point is made of at times showing that there’s no gravity on the bridge or the hall leaving the bridge and that the observation desk room overlooking the giant bay where Gundam is has no gravity, nor does the bay itself. I don’t know if the production team suddenly thought of that or if they decided it wasn’t obvious enough.  While I don’t object to a no-gravity environment in White Base, what technology allowed them to hover in Earth’s gravity?  It seemed like anti-gravity to me and if they had anti-gravity, then they should have artificial gravity.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 32Sorry, but Guntank as a space weapon looks awful and a fail and a half. It just doesn’t belong in space and wouldn’t seemingly have much maneuverability. Naturally, they have Hayato magically move out of the way of incoming fire but it just doesn’t seem natural at all. Not sure why regular mobile suits don’t bother me as much.

On the other hand, using Gundam with the jet-half attached kinda worked for me.  I’m not exactly sure why, but while it looked odd, its faster speed with the Gundam top-half’s ability to aim a gun in any direction is what I think appealed to me.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 32Well, a character from earlier in the series is now gone.  Dren had been in for a long time and I didn’t think he’d bite it here but when it happened, I wasn’t surprised. That’s what happens when characters are routinely killed off. Makes the series certainly have a more realistic feel and it is nice to know that from episode to episode, one doesn’t know who might buy it and who might survive.

Speaking of which, I did think Sleggar might die in this episode after he didn’t get to talk to Sayla like he wanted, combined with his reckless behavior in combat. He didn’t die so I guess he’s around for a bit.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 32With White Base heading for Side-6, Mirai must be worried about running into her estranged fiance. A bigger question for me is what will Char do now that White Base is going to neutral territory?  With him so obsessed with White Base, does the Federation get their fleet to Luna II without Char knowing about it?  Does Char take the Zanzibar to Side-6 even though combat there is forbidden?  Considering how this is an action series, it doesn’t seem likely that the series will take an episode off, even to do some character work for Mirai (assuming she and her fiance run into each other).

So, an entertaining episode with White Base and crew getting better and better.

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6 Responses to “Mobile Suit Gundam – 32”

  1. Manae says:

    White Base has what is called a Minovsky Craft system, and just like almost everything else it was built for is a testbed for it. It uses a similar technology as the beam saber in that Minovsky particles are arranged in a lattice, but instead of a narrow ‘tube’ to contain plasma it forms a large bubble under the ship to let it hover. In essence, it is very much like a hovercraft, but replacing the bubble of air with a bubble of Minovsky particles.

    Oddly enough, it never sees widespread use. There’s no real explanation for why, whether its just a lack of need to be able to bring capital ships into the atmosphere, unreliable or expensive, or treaties against military-level spreading of Minovsky particles outside of combat.

    I can’t help but feel Char’s attitude to the Zakrello is more or less a mirror of the staff’s. “Who cares about a unit we didn’t even know about?”

    The White Base crew’s reaction to what char does next is actually pretty enjoyable.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Guntank in space was one of the things they took out in the movies. They get an extra Guncannon instead.

  3. junior says:

    Side 6 is going to be important in numerous ways…

    As for stuff in this episode, apparently a plush Zakrello was released at some point. Don’t ask me why…

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Manae — Ah, so it isn’t anti-gravity but some made up hover tech.

    Guntank in space was one of the things they took out in the movies. They get an extra Guncannon instead.

    Ah. Well, another of those would make sense since they are in space.

    Side 6 is going to be important in numerous ways…

    Heh! Looking forward to it (once I get the new Doctor Who off the brain).

    As for stuff in this episode, apparently a plush Zakrello was released at some point. Don’t ask me why…

    *lol* There’s money to be made for sure, even on the stupidest or strangest things. ^_^;

  5. Anonymous says:

    re the Tank
    Since space has no air resistance or gravity a flying pig would work with the proper thrust vectors.

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    True but Guntank doesn’t appear to be that maneuverable in space.

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