Some “Angel Beats” Love (Why not?)

Well, I’m off gallivanting with some British cousins and so I’m behind on me blogging.  That said, this does give me a perfect opportunity to share these cute, if somewhat suggestive, Angel Beats images that were sent to me by Lady D. ^_^

Angel Beats Tenshi
I also had this one in the archives, which I found amusing and so thought I’d share this as well.
Angel Beats Tenshi

Should be back to regular blogging tomorrow, depending on how late I get back tomorrow morning. ^_^;

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2 Responses to “Some “Angel Beats” Love (Why not?)”

  1. jajajjaaja hinat tuvo ke cubrirles los ojos a yui para que no vea xDDD y la ultima tmb estuvo re buena naio y hinata re furiosos

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yeah, it is funny how Hinata covered Yui’s eyes. ^_^

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