Japanese Music: SDP – Disco System

Scha Dara Parr (スチャダラパー), better known as “SDP,” is a Japanaese rap group that I stumbled into a few years ago while doing some research on what happened to electro-funk music in the U.S. (something I was very big into back in the early to mid-80’s).  Unlike some of my recent Japanese rap music shares, SDP aren’t a gangsta rap group, but have been compared to the Beastie Boys in terms of being rebellious, not gangsta.

The song below, entitled “Disco System,” came out in August or September of 2006, shows the groups love of old school music styles.  In this case, it is an electro-rap sound similar to some things I listened to back in the 80’s.  The official video is rather bizarre but I enjoy the song just the same.

I noticed a lot of German comments with this video, but I’m thinking that’s because there’s a German band that also goes by “SDP” and thus snagged more German viewers.

This isn’t my favorite SDP track, but it is the first one I ever heard. IF I can swing it, I may try to pick up a couple of their albums from Japan after my birthday.  We’ll see if I have the cash to score these or not. ^_^;

Scha Dara Parr (スチャダラパー)
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  1. […] For my birthday, I’m going to try to score the SDP CD with “Get Up and Dance” on it and one other SDP album with “Disco System.” […]

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