Mobile Suit Gundam – 40

機動戦士ガンダム /Kido Senshi Gundam episode 40
Mobile Suit Gundam – 40

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Mobile Suit Gundam - 40White Base docks at Solomon to allow Mosk Han and his engineering team to try to make modifications to Gundam based on Amuro’s reports.  At Granada, Kycilia receives word of Challia Bull’s death and Char’s report, which annoys her, that states his belief that a Newtype is piloting the Gundam mobile suit.  Gihren has the Mahal colony evacuated to be turned into a weapon while at the same time, he plans to eliminate a large number of Zeon people to eliminate overpopulation. He presents his plan to his father, saying that A Baoa Qu base and the Granada Fleet will be their last line of defense, which along with their Solar System weapon, they can keep the Federation at back. Degwin says his son is following Adolph Hitler’s footsteps, something Gihren seems proud of.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 40Zanzibar detects a small Federation fleet and dispatches Lalah in the Elmeth mobile armor as well as some Rick Dom escorts as Zanzibar fires a couple of J-missiles as cover. Char launches in the Gelgoog while Lalah engages the Federation fleet.  Her escorts seeing the ease with which she destroys a Federation ship decide to fall back behind her rather. As such, she can’t concentrate as well because she’s not experienced in combat.  Char arrives and is not happy to see the Rick Dom’s not in front providing cover but their pilots see no need to risk their lives. As such, Char comes out in front to provide cover fire, giving Lalah the confidence she needs and she is able to then destroy the rest of the Federation fleet. Char praises her before they head back to Zanzibar.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 40Upgrades to Gundam complete, White Base launches to catch with the fleet they are assigned to while Char has a talk with his Rick Dom pilots regarding their recent actions in the combat with Lalah.  After hearing their side, he and Lalah agree that the Rick Dom’s will take the rear in future action.  Char and Lalah report to Kycilia, who orders Lalah be placed in a regular uniform immediately and doesn’t want to hear any excuses.  She’s impressed with Lalah’s performance in destroying two Federation warships and orders Char to take command of her attack forces.  Char recommends that a force of Newtypes be created to take advantage of their abilities.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 40Char and Lalah immediately attack the Federation 13th Autonomous Corps fleet as Amuro tests out the upgrades to Gundam.  He detects the attack on the Federation fleet and signals White Base, who comes in to support. Amuro uses his abilities to detect Char and Lalah and he goes after Char, taking out the Gelgoog’s arm. Lalah is afraid for Char and angry with Amuro for being “evil” in his attacking Char. However, the Zeon’s are forced to retreat since Lalah can no longer attack thanks to Amuro.  Lalah is personally thanked by Kycilia for destroying four Federation warships in a single day but Char knows the Gundam pilot will be a big obstacle for them in the future.


Mobile Suit Gundam - 40Its interesting that Degwin specifically cites Hitler when talking to his son about his son’s plans for the people and the war.  Gihren has long acted like Hitler, going back to that Sieg Zeon speech, but I don’t specifically remember Hitler being mentioned by name. Degwin is trying to sound like someone with good intentions that went wrong, but I’m not buying it.

I have to admit that I got a chuckle out of Kycilia’s annoyance with Char’s report and recommendation.  He’s the kind of guy who’s annoying as all get out, but because he’s so good at what he does, you can’t get rid of him.  Kinda like me in that regard. ^_~

Mobile Suit Gundam - 40Speaking of Char, as protective as he is of Lalah, I’m surprised that he didn’t really go off on the two Rick Dom pilots for leaving Lalah hanging in the wind. I’m also surprised that they were as truthful as they were about why they left her out there alone.  There’s no doubt their actions could be considered as cowardice because they wanted Lalah to shield them rather than they become living shields for Lalah so she could attack the Federation ships at will.  I was also surprised that the two pilots offered to surrender themselves to be court-martialed since what they did disobey orders twice.  That said, I guess Lalah and Char are cool with it and so the Rick Doms will take up the rear from now on.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 40Now that Gundam has been upgraded to keep up with Amuro, I guess Char should thank Lalah for saving his life. Had she not been there, I’m pretty sure Amuro would have pursued him until he got the kill.

I can understand Lalah getting angry with Amuro for trying to kill Char.  She doesn’t know the history between the two and to her, Char is a savior, having treated her quite well over the years (at least, that’s how I see it).  Amuro looked a bit befuddled by her anger, but then he doesn’t know how much Lalah cares for Char.  I’m guessing it will be safe to say that next time Amuro goes for Char, Lalah will be around to try to protect Char.

Not too many more episodes left but I’m looking forward to seeing how it all concludes.

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2 Responses to “Mobile Suit Gundam – 40”

  1. Manae says:

    I don’t believe Gihren’s plan is meant only for Zeon. His extermination plans mirror the Aryan propaganda in that space-born people are superior to those born on Earth. He plans to wipe out everyone not born in a colony after Zeon wins the war, which he believes his plan will lead to.

    The next episode is one of the most important of the series. Enjoy.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Ah. That makes sense, though the way the episode was done, it seemed like he might kill off his own folks.

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