Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 66 Review

げんしけん: 二代目
Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 66

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 66Madarame and Kousaka catch up while Hato observes how the two are not acting like rivals. He then reasons that Madarame just stood on the side and observed Kousaka and Saki as a couple.  Hato then notices that Kousaka isn’t wearing makeup even though he’s in drag. Kousaka confirms this by saying he’s supposed to be cosplaying a crossdressing character, not a woman. Hato then realizes that Madarame doesn’t have a chance against Kousaka and wonders if Madarame should date Angela, but decides that is wrong. Madarame sees Hato’s facial expressions as they return to the lower level and figures he’s worried about looking good as a girl against Kousaka, thus Madarame tells Hato that Kousaka is on another level.

Hato puts his wig back on and decides that he wants Madarame to not give up. As such, when Angela starts making another move on Madarame, Hato gets onto her for her actions since she’s going back to America. Angela counters that a one-night stand might be even more memorable because it is what it is.  This shocks all of the guys and Hato disagrees with Angela, stating that feelings that have had time to develop are stronger. Angela reminds Hato that she’s had feelings for Madarame since the previous summer but simply held out on telling him until today.  As such, she feels it isn’t Hato’s place to interfere.

Hato is at a loss for words since he wants to tell the truth about Madarame being in love with Saki. Instead, he goes the boy’s love route and says that Madarame is an uke.  Since Madarame’s uke aura is real, he can only be paired up with guys.  Hato then goes through a Madarame pairing with Tanaka, Kugayama, Kuchiki, and Sasahara before stating that his favorite pairing for Madarame is one with Kousaka.  Hato immediately becomes embarrassed by his words, but Angela is excited to have someone else share her opinion of Madarame as an uke.  However, she feels that Madarame as an uke is one thing, and her having sex with Madarame is another.   As such, she takes Madarame’s hand and pulls it to her breast.

Sue slaps Angela’s hand away and Angela realizes that Sue is really angry. She kicks Angela in the butt, hard, and then gives Hato a thumbs up for what he did. Angela tells them that she’ll see them next ComiFes and blows a kiss at Madarame, leading Sue to start kicking her butt again and drive her away.

Hato apologizes to Madarame for his words, which Madarame says is OK since it got him out of a tough spot. However, Madarame is horrified to learn that he’s thought of as an uke.  At the same time, Kugayama, Tanaka, and Kuchiki have a chat about Hato’s revelation and Madarame’s reaction.


Last chapter, all of the former Genshiken male members, sans Sasahara and the first president, were at ComiFes and in this chapter, Sasahara makes a cameo with Ogiue, whom he is tending to since she’s sick.  I had intended to say something about this during my previous chapter review, but I’m glad I held off because their usage in this chapter was much more humorous with Hato pairing Kugayama, Tanaka, and Kuchiki off with Madarame. *lol*  That was on top of their reactions to Angela’s straight-forward press for a one-night stand with Madarame.  *lol*  Great to see all of the guys again.

Speaking of Angela, she had to handle Madarame slightly differently, though the (failed) breast-grab was potentially a good move to get Madarame interested despite Saki.  Madarame is someone that would have to be handled carefully.  Angela being too aggressive would be a turnoff for him. Her not being aggressive enough would mean nothing would happen.  So, having Madarame cop a feel at her direction would certainly wake him up to the sensation and possibly make him want more, which is what Angela would want. Then again, doing it in public wasn’t such a good move on her part.  Now, she has to wait until the next ComiFes to continue her plans for Madarame, assuming things remain he same for him as they are now (meaning he’s still single).

I neglected to mention last chapter that I had no problem with Kio-sensei incorporating the anime-only story of Angela and Madarame in the Genshiken club room into the manga storyline. Normally, I’m not a fan of retconning, but it isn’t an egregious retcon in my opinion and it does help the Angela-Madarame storyline.

Based on Sue’s irritation and anger with her good friend Angela over the breast-grab (and her thwarting it), I now am firmly in the camp that could buy a Sue X Madarame pairing. We’ll see if Kio-sensei does anything else here.  Sue kicking Angela in the butt and saying, “Yankee go home” made me laugh out loud.  *lol*

Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 66

The other really funny moment was at poor Madarame’s expense when he learned that he was thought of as an uke.  As Kugayama stated, that revelation made him forget about nearly getting a hand full of Angela’s breast. ^_^;

I think this catches me up with the current chapter of the new Genshiken.  I’m really hoping we get some sort of licensing announcement ’cause I sure do want to see this officially in English in the U.S.

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2 Responses to “Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 66 Review”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think we can expect more Angela attempts at scoring with Madarame during the winter Comifes. I really hadn’t thought of Sue being interested in Madarame and I’m not sold like you but there could be something there. Otherwise, Sue may have just been concerned like Hato was about Madarame’s discomfort.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I really hadn’t thought of Sue being interested in Madarame and I’m not sold like you but there could be something there.

    Yeah, that was mentioned to me on Twitter (your sentiments that is). Well, I’m game either way whether Sue is in or not.

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