Keroro Gunsou – 103

ケロロ軍曹/Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunsou Anime episode 103

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Keroro Gunsou - 103Fuyuki threatens to destroy the world rather than let Garuru’s platoon have it.  However, he doesn’t know which button that is and just presses buttons at random, allowing him to get lucky and avoid or even counter-attack Zoruru and Taruru.  However, Fuyuki is soon defeated, so Natsumi gets involved, punching Keroro. He is not phased and captures Natsumi, demanding that Fuyuki hand over the Kero Ball. Fuyuki gives a tearful plea which causes Keroro to remember their happy times and he again demands the Kero Ball, only addressing Fuyuki as “Fuyuki-dono,” a signal that all is well. Fuyuki complies and Keroro makes a speech while reviving and recalling his troops. As such, Tamama is able to defeat Taruru and Dororo causes damage to Tororo’s operations center.

Keroro Gunsou - 103Tororo thinks he still has things under control and launches several of the Keroro Platoon’s mecha units. However, Kururu has taken over his system and the mecha and destroys Tororo’s command center, causing the others to return. Zoruru has no interest in the invasion, only in fighting Dororo, but becomes depressed and leaves when Dororo can’t remember him.  Garuru orders Taruru to retreat, officially citing that they are not strong enough to take on the job. After a few parting words with Giroro, his platoon leaves. While humanity is still frozen in time, Keroro’s Platoon and human friends clean up and get things ready for when time moves forward again. Before time starts again, Fuyuki and Keroro take a walk around the town, where Keroro looks forward to buying the new Gundam models.


Nothing like a good old cliched ending about the power of love and friendship trumping any conditioning or the like. Well, that was pretty much the only way out of the situation to return things to the way they were for future stories.

Keroro Gunsou - 103

Beyond that, not much to remark on with this episode.  The story gets wrapped up neatly and half the episode is dedicated to aftermath, with Fuyuki’s and Keroro’s friendship being shown, further reinforcing the idea that Fuyuki could reach the reprogrammed Keroro.

Keroro Gunsou - 103

One thing this episode (and the prior two episodes as well) prompted me to do is to reread the manga that TokyoPop released. It has been a while since I last read them and I’m curious to reread the story depicted in this 3-parter just to compare differences.

Keroro Gunsou - 103

Looks like the next episode returns to the 2-story format.  It also looks like an anime-original story so well see how it goes.

Keroro Gunsou - 103
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2 Responses to “Keroro Gunsou – 103”

  1. Kirbstar says:

    I remember how I was disappointed (in both the manga and this episode) that Zoruru and Dororo did not have a showdown there. I think this problem got rectified later, but I don’t have the exact episode number for when the duel happens.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I was surprised that they didn’t battle in this episode. I seemed to remember that they did clash at some point, so it must be down the road.

    Well, I’ve started re-reading the manga (slowly, before bed) so I’ll get a refresher soon enough.

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