Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 70 Review

げんしけん: 二代目
Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 70

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 70Yajima, Rika, and Hato walk into the Genshiken club room to find Sasahara giving editorial advice to Ogiue. Shortly after he leaves, Sue, Kuchiki, and Ohno enter, all wearing cosplay and wanting to do so at the Campus Festival, which Ogiue approves. In addition, she plans to use the stuff everyone has submitted for the revival of Genshiken’s Mebaetame Magazine for a special, festival edition and possibly sell them. Ogiue calls Yabusaki who confirms the Manga Club had sold a magazine at previous festivals. She neglects to tell Ogiue that she’s no longer in the Manga Club and she reject Naoko’s suggestion of joining Genshiken.

With that settled, additional contributions are thought up, including Rika doing some writing collaboration work with Yajima. Ogiue asks Hato about a contribution to the project, saying he can do BL stuff providing it is for all ages. Ogiue considers how good of an artist Hato is and tries to encourage him by saying she’d like to read a manga he’s created. Hato says he’ll think about it.

Returning to his apartment, Hato begins drawing a manga but immediately, it goes to far. So, he loses the girl’s attire and makeup, has dinner, and then tries again.  However, his new artwork comes out looking strange, revealing that he can only draw hardcore BL when dressed as a girl and weird stuff when dressed as a guy.

At Oguie’s place, Sue is hanging out while Ogiue can’t find anything to draw. Sue offers her lap as a pillow and to her great shock, Ogiue accepts to take a rest. However, this pleases Sue greatly and Sue makes a Yura Yuri reference, stating that Ogiue said something embarrassing in her sleep. Ogiue “guesses” it was “Sasahara-san” but Sue’s reaction has Ogiue apologizing and swearing she’d never say something so strange.

Meanwhile, Yajima and Rika “work” on their collaboration attempt.


It was nice to see Sasahara get and extended cameo, even if most of his dialog was dry material relating to whatever manga Ogiue is working on.  I’d still like to see more of their relationship in action, especially since they have been a couple for a while now.

Despite Yajima’s insistence to the contrary, it wouldn’t surprise me if she and Naoko ended up joining Genshiken.

As to Hato’s weird condition in drawing manga, I kinda have to roll my eyes a bit. I know its supposed to be funny, but it didn’t make me laugh.

Since I know nothing about Yura Yuri, I don’t get the reference between Sue and Ogiue at all. I don’t see Sue as having a yuri attraction to Ogiue, but what do I know?  She could for all I know, especially since her reaction to having her lap used as a pillow was a dreamy one. That’s usually reserved for those who have strong feelings for another person and while I know she’s always been close to Ogiue, I just never have had a sense of Sue having romantic feelings that way.  I still don’t buy it but as I said, what do I know?  I want a Sue x Madarame hookup. ^_~

Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 70

I will say that Sue, Kuchiki, and Ohno busting into the club room in cosplay did make me chuckle. I didn’t know any of the characters, but my first thought was, “Have they formed a glam band?”  *lol*

I couldn’t help but notice how feminine Ogiue is in this chapter. It looked like she was wearing a dress at school. I can’t imagine she’d just wear it to meet with her boyfriend, but she might have done.

Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 70

So, a fun chapter with some love spread to multiple characters this time.  Looking forward to seeing the school festival in action. ^_^

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4 Responses to “Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 70 Review”

  1. Ku_fei Lover says:

    Sue as the Princess of Crystal?

    This…is the greatest thing ever…

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I didn’t recognize the reference, but I’m glad some do. ^_^

  3. Saturn O))) says:

    Goo`!!!! thanks a lot, and by the way I found the scanlations in english as you said before, and far better for me I recently found scanlation sin spanish, anyway I like to have an eye on your thoughs on each chapter since many of the ideas you have on the matter seem similar to mine, so thanks a lot again, best regards from México city =D

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