MORE Negima! Chapter 355 SPOILER Images — Final Edition

Negima! 355 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 355 (Image)

The first set of SPOILER images can be found HERE!

Additional: Regarding the supposed wedding between Konoka and Setsuna, that is not actually what the Japanese text states.  My understanding of it (until CanonRap’s translations can be read) is that the text states that the two got married in the same year, but doesn’t say to whom.  This has been purposefully left ambiguous so that people can make up their minds on whether it was to each other, or to other guys, which is a typical ploy in harem writing.

I have noticed as I looked around the web today that there are some who wanted the Konoka/Setsuna pairing are raging at anyone who doesn’t agree with their desired interpretation of the images.   Surprisingly, little is being said of Yue/Nodoka, which could ALSO be seen as them hooking up (again, not stated).

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  1. Knives says:

    Thanks God.
    Akamatsu not forgotten Konosetsu
    Well Two couples is better than none…

  2. Ku_fei Lover says:

    I’m not gonna cry…

    I’m not gonna cry……

    Yes, I am! I can’t believe it’s over!

  3. Thanks for posting these. The KonoSetsu wedding is surprising, but definitely a welcome sight. I’m glad he made them officially cannon. He certainly wrapped things up with the two other cannon pairings, I still have some hope that he’ll give us one for Negi, even later on after the series ends. 😉

  4. yakitatefreak says:

    It really feels like a coming of age moment for me. I started reading this series since middle school, when I was 13, and here I am, right before the age of 21, seeing this series end. This series revolutionized my concept of manga since I started out with the series before reading Love Hina (and yes Negima was the first ecchi series that I read).

    On a less personal note, I would like to take some time to give some comment about each character in the class.

    Sayo was a ghost of a character in the first arc. Not to be mean to Sayo, but I didn’t see much of her until around the festival arc. She was an enjoyable character to be around, but she didn’t get that much action in the manga.

    Yuna was an interesting character. I liked that she was able to be the active, outgoing girl that she was, but we never really saw her on the basketball court that much. I really wished that she was portrayed as more of a basketball person, especially given her background. Good luck with your father, Yuna!

    Kazumi and Haruna are characters that could spread news like wildfire. I liked that there were people that were able to gossip, making the manga feel more realistic. The photos that Kazumi can take – as well as what Haruna could make – be part of a celeb leak or something.

    Yue & Nodoka became a struggle between friendships, but I guess Negi does the best he can to make the friendship last. After all, a ménage-à-trois is not where Negi wanted to head anyway. Besides that, it was Nodoka’s crush that started this. I really had little connection in the library trio. It felt more like a DUO. Good luck on searching for your love, Nodoka, and same to you, Yue!

    Ako has grown into a wonderful character throughout the series. The mentioning of the scar made me feel like there was abuse in the story. Also, gunning after Negi when there are 30 other people competing… you have some courage! I hope that scar disappears soon, Ako!

    Akira was definitely a good character that I saw. I think that secret crushes are just as important as the crushes that are public in the story. It changes the story completely because of the fact that the person that is competing against the one that has a secret crush and has no idea that they are doing so. Hang in there, Akira!

    The cheerleading trio was an interesting set of people. Although they are the trendiest people, they felt outta touch towards the end. Not having pactiones with Negi makes me feel like the story gave a lesson: the trendy people are behind the times in some aspects. No one will be in style for an extended period of time.

    (to be continued)

  5. yakitatefreak says:

    Asuna puts me in a unique position. She was implied to be Negi’s aunt (via Royal Ostian blood). She was normal… except that she was of royal blood, can negate magical properties to an extent, and had no parents. I wuld have liked a backstory on how the Princess/Queen of Ostia’s parents disappeared sometime.

    The nun of the class was really the center of all of the gossip. If it were only Kazumi…
    Chacha-chan was really adorable in the story. A robot that gains the ability to become lived? Priceless! Good luck in the next century!

    Ku was at the center of attention in the latter parts of the storyline, but I would decline to think about a NegixKu combo. After the MahoraFest, Ku was way more important because of the fact that she was Chinese and not because of any other facts. It looks like 5 generations would pass before Chao would be conceived.

    I really had expected the KonoSetsu couple. I wonder what Secchan of the past would think about Secchan of the future?

    Makie was more of a side character in this series than anything else. I don’t have much to grasp about her because she was not that popular in the later part of the series.

    Mana, who claims to be of Japanese and Puerto-rican ancestry was actually 1/2 magical being. She was the mercenary of the series, which was a thought that I would not have thought at first. As Kaede’s rival, she was most impressive, but really didn’t think things through (as though up later by the fact she spent 2700 yen on a ticket.

    Chao was a genius. Guess that Negi’s genius was the reason why she was smart… XP.

    Kaede was a vital part to Negi and Kotaro’s growth. Although Kota-Kun would soon acknowledge her as a master, I feel as she was more interested in the training. Interesting side note: the two martial arts masters in the baka club happened to be Negi and Kotaro’s masters. Also, she was tied in with the twins so nicely playing ninja. I’m surprised that this baka member was able to save more money than Mana.

    Chizuru… One phrase sums it up. “Surprise Buttsecks!”

    The mad scientist was definitely interesting. But the magic that surrounded her mad her even more interesting, especially since eva partially powered Chachamaru.

    Chisame was like a mother to Negi, much more so than Asuna ever was. The fact that she was the anti-crazy made her even more crazy. Good luck on being the internet idol, CHIU!

    Eva was the master of negi when it came to magic, and some martial arts. I wonder how she would have to cope with Negi’s death in the previous storyline if it weren’t for Chao.

    Natsumi was a cute character that liked Kota-kun. Even the not-so ladies’ man had a character to marry!

    Class rep was over the top. I thought that towards the end of the story, when class-rep’s great-great-granddaughter was there, that the name wouldn’t be Yukihiro.

    The chef of the class was definitely a unique, underrepresented character. I like the flavor of the classroom, but it felt unbalanced. (I’m sure she would get where I’m at)

    Zazie was a silent character for most of the time that I read the story. I did like the fact that she was able to produce the many specimens of circus acting in the class.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “This has been purposefully left ambiguous so that people can make up their minds on whether it was to each other, or to other guys, which is a typical ploy in harem writing.”

    One should note that it is as ambiguous as the Kotarou/Natsumi wedding, so please add a line pointing out that the japanese is purposefully ambiguous there. It never says that Kotarou and Natsumi are married to each other, just that Natsumi married.

    And you care about the facts, right? We can’t have people misintrepete this usual harem ploy of being ambiguous.

    “I have noticed as I looked around the web today that there are some who wanted the Konoka/Setsuna pairing are raging at anyone “

    Huh, I’m in many places where such fans gather, and none of them is raging. I think you mean the negi/setsuna fans. Those sure are in a frenzy. Can’t blame em.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      >One should note that it is as ambiguous as the Kotarou/Natsumi wedding, so please add a line pointing out that the japanese is purposefully ambiguous there. It never says that Kotarou and Natsumi are married to each other, just that Natsumi married.

      I think you just did. ^_~

      >Huh, I’m in many places where such fans gather, and none of them is raging. I think you mean the negi/setsuna fans. Those sure are in a frenzy. Can’t blame em.

      The thread I saw this in has already been flushed, and I didn’t archive it. However, when someone posted that the Japanese text for Setsuna and Konoka didn’t say they married each other, there was a flurry of responses, basically incensed that anyone would dare deny the fact that they married each other, even if it isn’t expressly stated. That started a big debate over things.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “One should note that it is as ambiguous as the Kotarou/Natsumi wedding, so please add a line pointing out that the japanese is purposefully ambiguous there. It never says that Kotarou and Natsumi are married to each other, just that Natsumi married.”

    It does state that Kotarou and Natsumi were married. Reading it, it goes into “Finally, in 2015 the two were married…” while adding a bit more to it(I think it was saying that their friends threw the party, but that last kanji that says what their friends do is difficult to make out). Not to mention that the imagery is far more blantant.

    Let’s face it. Ken trolled everyone outside of Nastumi/Kotarou.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      So, the previous comments were troll comments, eh? *lol* I hadn’t seen anyone speak of the text for Natsumi and Kotarou (I haven’t been looking in a few hours either), so I had nothing I could say.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t call it troll comments, just responding to the Anon above regarding Konoka and Setsuna.

      Reading what I could, it really does sound ambiguous. Setsuna’s paragraph ends with basically, “She married in 2017”. Konoka’s paragraph, if I read it right, also mentions Tsukiyomi. From what I could understand in 2017 she cures the people turned to stone in Negi’s village, and soon after got married.

      Personally, I’m not a fan of KonoSetsu but even I’m surprised he didn’t go into more detail in the paragraph and in the picture of them both if it was indeed both of them that tied the knot. There’s just no point not to at this time at the end and the image of Natsumi and Kotarou is so utterly blatant you can’t really take it any other way.

  8. Yuri wedding… Akamatsu, I HATE YOU… WHY DID YOU DO IT TO KONOKO!? WHY!? T-T… Seriously, this ending dissapointed me a lot… A lot of questions, a few answers…

  9. Mz says:

    gg ken, T_T gg

  10. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Heh. Here’s my “proof” image, showing whom Negi truly loves. ^_~

    (Let me know if it doesn’t show up.)

  11. Thundersama says:

    I feel empty…also, i don’t remember seeing Anya anywhere…

  12. Knives says:

    Cap in English:

    Nagi is alive and was released Lifemaker control.
    Unfortunately nothing is said about Arika.

    It seems that the twins married and had children and it seems incredible Hakase married a governor may Kurtis.

    Setsuna and Konoka were married but the author did not dare to say with all letters whether or not between them.

  13. arimareiji says:

    Boo on Akamatsu-sensei for never naming Negi’s girl… the funny thing about making no one unhappy is that it also makes no one happy. Even if it were a character I don’t really care for, like Yotsuba or the Narutaki twins, I’d have still felt some sense of closure and been glad for them. Oh well.

    I’m not sure what to think about the hints he seems to be dropping that there will be a Negima spinoff… “How things went with the one she loved is a story for another time”, “…would be a story much further into the future”, and so on. They almost seem TOO obvious, if that makes any sense. Hopefully the itch to start creating again will indeed return once he gets a well-deserved long vacation. (^_^)

  14. Thethhron says:

    HAKASE AND GODEL!?!?! My mind. gone. Through a window

  15. Arabesque says:

    You know, on the topic of the hook ups …

    HakaseXGodel … like, WTF lol? For an ending where a lot of the end pairings were more or less telegraphed at some point in the manga (even the twins and SakurakoXFate, though none of these were developed in the first place, they were still hinted at) this one came out of left field. I have no idea how was it possible in the first place …

  16. DeltaResilience says:

    This ending is full of WIN!!! But now it really is over. There are some bits here and there needed to be explained, but this is it, it truly is the end. Any chance of a ‘sequel’ is practically gone and all I see are ‘side story’ materials.

    Still, Kudos to Akamatsu-sensei.

    • DeltaResilience says:

      Though I need to elaborate now that I’m still recovering from knowing that this series has just ended, its full of win in the regards that we get some explanations here and there, and see how far the characters have come.

      But I’m also on board the ‘its too rushed’ train as well as the ‘didn’t hate this ending’ train as well.

      But the real train I’m on is, “This would have been the perfect ending if one more arc was made before this”.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, did Paru became agent Paper from R.O.D.? 😀

    Is Chisame, with the best figure of all, hikikomori? Aww…

    Wow, Hakase is a fine women at last.

    Yue… ToT

  18. QUICKVENOM says:

    What a gyp we didn’t find out who Negi likes or what happened to his mother.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the last volume has a chance to sell itself with these informations.

      As I see well, Eva came back to Nagi. Then Eva will be the stepmother of Negi, mwhahaha. XD

  19. Anonymous says:

    I was dissapointed with the mange ending there. There seemed to be so much more to tell, so much more story to explore. Instead it was a half-hearted “well…this is what happened in the end” kind of thing and a “never mind how it happened it just happened” thing.

    This led me to think the series was cancelled by the publisher and the last few chapters were just a rapping up thing. Unless there’s going to be a sequel, though why there would be a sequel rather than have the story continue in the current manga would be a mystery to me.

    I just hope there will be more. I has been a very enjoyable manga.

  20. Personally, I enjoyed this chapter. It really felt like a solid concludion. Not the most solid conclucion, but solid nonetheless. I fell in love with Negima in my second year of high school and even though I thought that it’d go on for another hundred or so chapters, this was perfectly fine with me. I loved seeing what all the girls did after school and it just felt like one of the best possible ways to end the series! Thanks Ken Akamatsu! Now you can start a sequal or something!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I hope that Negima goes the Shaman King route and comes back as a spin-off/interquel series that explains everything else that happened. Although if that does happen, we won’t be seeing anything for about four years. ^^;

  22. Anonymous says:

    Well I will give Akamatsu credit for giving a “this is what happened” ending instead of pulling one of those terrible open endings on us (I despise those kind of endings). But still, there’s so much that I want to know, like what happened to Negi’s mother, or how did Nagi become the lifemaker? Hell, how did they even defeat Nagi, and did Negi ever best his father? What about the demon world, and for the love of crap, who did Negi end up with? I was hoping it would either be Asuna, Nodoka, or Yue, but I guess we may never find out. At least he bothered to tell us why Asuna took too long to wake up.

    • WMC says:

      Of course Nipponese and American cultures are different, but I find it hard to believe that the Japanese actually like this kind of ending — ambiguous to the point of insanity. However, dubious agendas reside in both. Akamatsu deliberately scammed us after he Pied Pipered us into “Magicland.” In the process, he painted himself into a corner several times, Asuna and Megi stand as the most obvious example.

      • WMC says:

        NEGI, damnit, not “Megi” as above.

        Asuna and Negi stand as prime examples of Akamatsu’s purposely painting himself into a plot corner with no escape in order to maintain the myth that the Japanese are masters of ambiguity. Often, ambiguity is deliberately distilled into obfuscation to avoid making a decision. I can name at least ten very strong demonstrations of Asuna’s romantic love for Negi, but I can also show about the same number of cases for Asuna’s big-sisterish affection for him. When accused of loving a ten year old boy, she always protests way too strongly. That reaction is never ambiguous. On balance, Akamatsu included more of these strong hints of Asuna’s being in love with Negi.

        This yingyang, teetertotter portrait of Asuna his not entertaining. Furthermore, if an author insists on ambiguity, then I insist on my interpretation. Asuna loves Negi. Akamatsu made the mistake of including too many unambiguous displays of that powerful love.

        Only one of several examples of the author’s schitzophrenic creation of “Negima!” All of which justifiably incite our scorn.

  23. Anonymous says:

    i don’t think who negi ends up with was ever going to be answered even if the story had continued. he is only ten after all.

    i am upset arika was completely forgotten however.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Hello fellow Negima fans T_T

    Negima is the best thing that ever happened to me. I clicked one youtube video out of boredom one day over February break in 2010. I thought, “This looks so stupid. Why am I even doing this..?” after that, I was shocked, and I watched the two anime and went on to read the manga. That is when I realized that I had never felt so inspired and had so much fun doing anything but playing video games.
    I saw it through the eyes of a twelve- year old with no past otaku experience. Yes; Negima was my first manga and anime. So after I watched many more anime and started trying to learn Japanese, I realized how beautiful it sounded. I learned so many tv tropes endlessly. I learned what it was to pull off an all-nighter. I realized that the US culture is not what I can be happy with.
    I once went to Barnes and Noble with my dad with a humorous idea that I might see Negima. I did. I told him, “Hey, I’ll get this” and hid the title from him. I read every last punctuation mark in that volume 1 and from then on, I bought every volume until 13 with my own money. That is when he told me he looked up “Negima” and did not know if he saw animals or whatever. I managed to slip out of that one.
    I have seen what people do to otakus. The poor, missing-out people who have only experienced what they call “animei” through 4kids dubs and crappy voices for crappy shows, have dismissed something like this instantly. Otakus are shunned and treated differently. They are prejudged. What pains me the most is hearing someone talk about an anime I have seen and know more about.
    So, until the day that I get another storage container with a lock for my volumes of Negima that I don’t want prejudiced people to be aware of, I save every last penny I get. My sister is the worst. She knows about me through experience of friends like me she has. And ever since she saw that lock with the volumes in it, she has wanted to open it. 2010 was the year she graduated high school. I still have a bad relationship with her, as do my parents, who don’t enjoy speaking to her almost as much as I don’t.
    Not in all of the anime and manga I have viewed since that February day in 2010 have I seen something as amazing as Negima. Through it, I started learning Japanese, I decided to take Latin in high school, I learned to love Japanese music, I became an otaku, I learned how to draw real anime- style art (Akamatsu-sama’s style is still my favorite <3), I learned many new English words, I became less shy, I gained a sense of humor, my favorite number became 31, which I look for every day in every place,and so much more. I became someone who I could be satisfied to be. I learned about the better world out there, and how much it could relate to my life.
    Even Akamatsu’s website,, was founded on 5/16/97, the EXACT day I was born. When I saw that, I was stunned. Coincidence? I think it was fate… I regret not finding Negima earlier…
    Never have I seen a manga with such great quality. The artwork, the amazing storyline, the endless unique characters, the humor, the unnecessary fanservice(which I now just laugh at), the ties and relations everything comes together with, the voice actors for the animations, the inspiring quotes…everything is the best. It made me laugh, smile, cry, become enraged, become excited, and made me experience just about every emotion I didn’t even know I could feel.
    No day goes by in which I don’t think about Negima….Akamatsu-sama is my favorite person ever! My motivation at every challenge is “What would Negi(Asuna, Yue, Eva-sama, etc.) do?” It might sound cheesy, but I think “For Negima!!!” every time. I never get sick of Negima. I might not have the knowledge long-time fans have, but I am going to keep re-reading and taking notes until I can name and draw every character and summarize each chapter. My motivation is simply Negima.


  25. Anonymous says:

    The Negima community is especially nice. Everyone is smart and mature or funny and understanding. The fanbase is like one big family. I really feel at home and at ease when reading websites with Negima information. I am especially thankful to people who made it possible for me to have this life; Astronerdboy, Ken Akamatsu, Scantilation teams like Red Hawk Scantilations, Onemanga, the first place I read the first chapter of Negima, and even the founder of Youtube. Thank you all so much…T_T
    These two years have just flown….but I feel a bittersweet feeling….I am not sad. As a certain Magical Lyrical Girl (lol not certain magical Index) once said, “A goodbye is not an ending. It is a new beginning.”….or something like that.
    So, I look forward to Akamatsu’s next work, whatever it may be. Negima is still here. It is a story that was waiting to be told. If more is told, that is just fine… But something was told and it was life-changing for me. I love Negima so much; since I am not even religious, I can practice it more than a religious textbook. Religion aside, Negima matters the most in life to me…and if you read it to here, I love you. These are bottled-up feelings I have wanted to share for two years. Negima has made my life what it is. I intend to finish what started with Negima…I might come off as a social outcast, but know that assumptions lead nowhere almost always. Thank you…whoever might be reading this. Even if nobody does, I still feel glad after typing this…
    Negima is the best!!! I will patiently await Akamatsu’s next work; something I can stay the whole ride for. I’m glad I was bored on that day I watched the Negima video…I have never encountered such a creative masterpiece in art and literature. Thank you, everyone!

    This series has made me very happy! 🙂

  26. Anonymous says:

    Negima has been my first (and most probably my last) ecchi manga, I’ve been reading it for four years, waiting impatiently chapter after chapter, and I can’t believe that it has ended, it was totally sudden and unexpected.
    What bugs me the most though, it is not the way it ended, but the many open questions it left, and the strong impression that, if it had continued some more, we would have experienced so many other wonderful adventures.
    Finishing the last chapter has been like ending an era, like leaving forever behind some old good friends; even though I know that I can read the whole story from the beginning at any time, I’m still sad, feeling all the emptiness and the bitterness left by the end of a great story such as this…

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