Spotted Flower Chapter 05 (Manga)

Spotted Flower manga chapter 05

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Spotted Flower Chapter 05The unnamed wife of an otaku gets her ultrasound and is told the child might be a boy.  She tells her husband when he gets home, causing him to go into his “otaku retreat” and realize he wouldn’t want his son to see this, as there’s lots of porn.  His wife asks if it is OK to show to a daughter, to which he responds that he figured a daughter would take after her mother.  His wife realizes that father and son would likely enjoy the same things.

Over dinner, the otaku husband realizes his wife is angry with him, which she half-denies, but points out that his first thought upon hearing that he might have a son was his precious, doujinshi collection. His worry is that he doesn’t have what it takes to raise a son, but she reminds him that he became an otaku on his own, not because of his parents. Further, she reminds him that he used to be a hopeless otaku, but now is married, had sex, and gotten her pregnant. As such, his past is the past, and so the two of them will raise the child together.

He agrees with his wife’s assessment, but confesses that he would have preferred to raise a girl. This causes his wife to be grossed out, and tell the infant in her womb that its father is a lolicon.

Later, they discover that the child would be a girl.


Heh! I have to say that I really like this look at otaku life in a married situation.

It is interesting how the otaku husband wouldn’t want his own son to see the massive collection of porn doujinshi, games, and manga that the otaku husband-father has.  Of course, it is amazing that his wife allowed him to collect such a massive amount of things, but I do appreciate the husband’s concern and not wanting his son to see such a collection, much less follow him in the otaku lifestyle.

The wife is certainly a long-suffering person.  It actually is amazing that she married him at all, much less have sex with him.  I would like Kio-sensei to explore that at some point, especially since her husband is still so insecure.

I certainly laughed at the end of this chapter, with the wife telling the child in her womb that her father is a lolicon.  *lol*  On the other hand, were she really worried about that, well, that would push us into really, creepy areas, wouldn’t it? ^_^;

I find myself really enjoying this short, manga series.  More pages would allow for more of a story to be told, but Kio-sensei is doing fine with the pages he produces.  I hope he keeps it up.

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  1. Lan says:

    Oh my god! i love the scene with the grandma naming their kid. hilarious!

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