Spotted Flower Chapter 07 (Manga)

Spotted Flower Chapter 07 (Manga)
Spotted Flower manga chapter 07

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

NOTE: For the purposes of this and future reviews, until the characters are given names, I will call the woman “Oku-san” (a term for a wife) and I’ll refer to the guy as “Danna” (a term for a husband). The Ohno-like character I will refer to as “Oppai-san” due to her “huge tracks of land.” ^_~

Oku-san receives a visit from her friend, Oppai-san, who also has her infant with her. Since the baby wants fed, Oppai-san starts breastfeeding the baby as she chats with Oku-san. They chat about breastfeeding and how Oppai-san is also using formula so that she can leave the baby with the in-laws and attend something like ComiFest if she wants.

Oku-san marvels at how much larger Oppai-san is, then wonders if Oppai-san still had sex while pregnant. Oppai-san confirms it, asking if Danna-san is making to many sexual demands on Oku-san. Oku-san says its the opposite as her husband won’t touch her after he discovered her to be pregnant. Every suggestion Oppai-san puts out has already been tried by Oku-san, so Oppai-san says Oku-san has to do the cosplay. Oku-san admits to getting a reaction from her husband when she wore the striped panties (shimapan), but that annoyed her.

Oppai-san says that no man can resist when a woman tries to seduce him for real. She gets Oku-san to admit that she’s been “meditating” to take care of business, so Oppai-san suggests Oku-san “meditate” in front of Danna-san. Oku-san finds this way to lewd, leading Oppai-san to understand that Oku-san is actually bragging about how her husband isn’t having sex with her, and that she really loves him a lot.


Heh! So, if Oku-san is supposed to be Saki from Genshiken and Danna-san is supposed to be Madarame, then Oppai-san is obviously Ohno. Kio-sensei really is getting into the alternate universe version of Genshiken, even if Spotted Flower is only a side project that comes out a few times a year and is only a few pages long.

Kio-sensei must really want to do ecchi stuff since this was the most ecchi chapter to date. I just rolled my eyes at having Oppai-san’s ginormous breasts shoved into my eyeballs, up my nose, and into my ear-holes in a majority of the frames for this chapter. Then, to top it all off, he had to have the visual shown of Oku-san naked and “taking care of herself” on the bed (if you get my meaning). *_*  Seriously, I think Hata-sensei should just do an H-doujinshi for Comiket with the Genshiken character(s) and be done with it.

As to the chapter content, it is clear that Oku-san isn’t that serious about having sex with her husband since as Oppai-san suggested, she would have seduced him already. If wearing the stripped panties is what gets his motor running, then do it. Women do have a strong over men when it comes to sex, and that only increases when the man is highly attracted to the woman, and even more if he loves her.  So yeah, enough already about the being frustrated. Just do the needful and git-r-done.

I suppose moving on is too much to ask for, since Kio-sensei seems keen on ratcheting up the ecchi content. Oh well. We’ll see how the next chapter is.

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  1. Lan says:

    Lol i dont have too much to say regarding this chapter. I just wanted to read your reaction. Personally I think its about time there was a serious manga title with hentai-ish content.

  2. I agree with Lan, It’s about time. Good review AstroNerdBoy..

  3. […] it was also the visual tale of Ohno’s giant breasts. After his “opai” orgy in Spotted Flower chapter 07, where an Ohno-like character had her breasts in our eyes for most of the chapter, I suppose it […]

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