Jormungand: Perfect Order – 12 (24) finale

ヨルムンガンド Perfect Order episode 12 (24) Final

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Two years after Jonah left Koko’s service, she still hadn’t activated Jormungand and wars and terrorism are spreading all over. Kasper has a phone call Koko, where he reveals he knows of her plans for a new world, but assures her that Jonah didn’t tell him. Kasper and his team head to the New Soviet Union to help guard her. She has a miniaturized Jormungand on board a rocket and though the launch site comes under attack, the rocket launches without incident. Jonah does not meet with Koko, but Kasper asks her if she truly believes her plan will cause world peace. After all, even if she denies humanity the skies, Kasper will trade by sea. Further, no matter what she does, he’ll still sell weapons, even if it is only clubs. Koko is not happy about hearing this.

Kasper’s team leaves Koko, whereupon Jonah decides to leave, as Kasper predicted he would. Since he’s underaged, Kasper doesn’t stop him and they come to a deal on seeing the orphans through college. Chiquita is not happy to see Jonah leave and lets Kasper know it. It takes Jonah a few days to make a town, where he’s found by Lutz. Lutz leads him to a café where the rest of the team are. Each of them expresses their gratitude at Jonah’s return until Koko comes down. Koko’s team are geared up since they are about to go into a war zone. Once she activates Jormungand, she’ll immediately stop the invasion of an oil field by the Soviets. She expresses her belief that once humanity has lost the sky, they will sue for peace but doesn’t know if it will actually bring a peaceful future. With Jonah on board, Koko activates Jormungand.


Jormungand, how you fell off the wagon for me.  But I’ll save those remarks for my “final thoughts” review.

For this episode, skipping forward two years didn’t surprise me for some reason. It allowed for some of Koko’s predictions about Earth sliding to World War III come to fruition.

I also wasn’t surprised that Jonah went back to Koko. After all, the series has always been about the pair of them.

For me, the highlight of the episode was Kasper’s conversation with Koko. I have been saying over the last couple of episodes (here and here) that Koko’s plan could not succeed and Kasper voiced that opinion. She didn’t like what he had to say since it shattered her delusion, but Kasper laid out how that no matter what she did to stop weapons, he’d still sell them, even if only a cudgel. Not that this stopped her because tyrants always think they are right and justified, no matter what they do. Should there be unexpected consequences, well, that’s not their fault.

Basically, I was bored for this episode. Kasper’s and Koko’s conversation on all the wars and terrorism was excessive. Kasper revealing he knew of Koko’s plan was interesting. The symbolic “wind of change” segment was boring as heck. Even Jonah’s reunion with the team bored me.

Meh. I’ll save my remaining remarks for my final thoughts review. Until then…

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