Jormungand: Perfect Order – 11 (23)

ヨルムンガンド Perfect Order episode 11 (23)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

With Jonah still having a gun pulled on Koko, she explains that 700,000 lives for peace are nothing compared to the millions for World War I and even greater millions for World War II. Since she hates war and such as much as Jonah, she knows they are kindred spirits. She wants him to join her, but even if he kills her, the Jormungand plan can’t be stopped. Jonah drops the gun, but to Koko’s disappointment, he flees, jumping into the water. On shore, he’s found by Kasper, who had a hunch that someone from Koko’s squad would leave. Though he won’t say what happened, Jonah asks for a job, so Kasper hires him.

Minami reports that some people have been tracking Koko’s finances, including Scarecrow and CIA Agent Torrey. Meanwhile, Koko’s team discuss her forced world peace plan, but all of them have a reason to stick around. Koko gives a surprised Chief Black a call, setting up a meeting in North Africa. She informs a local militia of this as well as the military, who sends a Marine team to rescue Black. The timing is so perfect that when the militia rolls in and the Marines immediately take them out and rescue Black, he realizes what has happened — Koko has used her quantum computer to manipulate orders. Since she didn’t have him killed, she knows he’s on her side and she has a use for him. As such, he’s willing to be used by her. Agent Torrey gets arrested while Jonah ponders things with Kasper’s team.


You know, after having been forced to be away from anime for quite some time, I found myself only half wanting to pick Jormungand: Perfect Order back up. *sigh*

I was glad to see Jonah decide to stick to principles and leave Koko’s group, though I was disappointed that Koko is serious. Unfortunately, it seems like Jonah will come back, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough. It is ironic that he now works for Kasper, a man he’d come to hate.

As for Koko, when she said she loved Jonah, I think she meant that in more than a sisterly way. Based on the tub incident, I think she was attracted to Jonah because they were so similar. I still think the major difference is that Jonah doesn’t want to just murder people as happened with his one young friend while Koko doesn’t care.

Still, the reason this anime now depresses me is that Koko’s an insane so-and-so with delusions of grandeur. I’ve already stated why her imposed peace won’t work and that there will always be wars. She’s the tyrant, and as she noted, the villain. So, she’s replacing one form of evil with another, and justifying it as “world peace” when there won’t be peace.

Well, there’s only one more episode to go, so I’ll just plow through.

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