Minami-ke Tadaima – 10

みなみけ ただいま

Minami-ke Tadaima Episode 10 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

The Minami girls are enjoying the kotatsu, but the increased electric bill has Haruka turn it off, using being “green” and “eco-conscious” as her excuses rather than the truth that they are economizing. Mako-chan and Keiko come by for a visit, so Kana tries to get other “eco-friendly” tips from them, resulting in Keiko suggesting snuggling in blankets. She and Kana snuggle, so Chiaki snuggles with Mako-chan, forcing “her” to flee and return home lest he be found out. After Keiko leaves, Haruka turns the Kotatsu back on while they eat dinner, but as soon as dinner is over, the kotatsu is back off. Further, she tells Kana and Chiaki to bathe now as there’s not going to be any more hot water either.

Chiaki gets a cold, so Yoshino, Makoto (as himself), Uchida, and Touma decide to pay Chiaki a visit, bringing gifts of meat, negi, eggs, tofu, and udon. Kana comes home and seeing the stuff the others brought over, she knows what Haruka is going to make — sukiyaki. After their sukiyaki party, Takeru pops in for a visit, but since it is cold in the house, he decides to take the girls out to eat to a Japanese bar and grill. Chiaki isn’t thrilled with the exotic choices, but to Takeru’s surprise, they have hamburger steak, which Chiaki gets. Takeru’s suggestions get ignored and the three girls end up costing him quite a lot as they eat a ton.

Makoto comes by as Mako-chan on Kana’s request, only to discover Kana is MIA and that Haruka and Chiaki have decided to spend the day in their pajamas. Haruka suggests Mako-chan join them, which he naturally refuses. Maki and Atsuko pop by and get into the spirit by borrowing some of Haruka’s PJs, much to Mako-chan’s dismay. He realizes that he’s in a bad way, so he decides to change up things by announcing the new sweet shop, and thus entices Haruka to end the pajama party in order that his secret won’t get out. As Mako-chan waits outside the apartment for the girls to change, he wonders where Kana is. Kana is in bed, dreaming of food.


Hmmm, not the greatest of the lot, but OK on the whole.

The whole “green” part of the episode was one I basically wanted to spin on through. Still, there’s a grain of truth in hiding a real agenda behind the term “green”.  I should know because I work at a place where those in charge can get away with almost anything because of all the “green” initiatives they put out for show. Makes me want to puke.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Makoto drop by as himself rather than Mako-chan. Even more surprising, Chiaki didn’t object to it.  Of course, it lead to a humorous moment of Yoshino nearly busting Makoto’s secret. ^_~

For me, the funniest bit came from Takeru lamenting the massive food bill after he treated the girls. That made me hungry. ^_^;

The PJ party gave another excuse to do some Haruka (and other) fanservice. *_*  Whatever.

Beyond that, not a lot to say. I was entertained, but there’s just not a lot here this time.

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