Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 405

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 405

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hina and Chiharu decide that while they wait for Nagi to arrive, they’ll do some sightseeing. They start with Kinkaku-ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion), otherwise known as Rokuon-ji (Temple of the Deer Garden). They both admire the golden temple and speak of its history.

Hina is hungry, so they decide to get a desert snack. They decide to try some aburimochi, which they both enjoy.

Upon finishing eating, Chiharu suggests they visit the Ginkaku-ji (Temple of the Silver Pavilion), otherwise known as Jishou-ji (Temple of Shining Mercy), which Hina notes is 6 KM away. As such, Hina wonders if Chiharu is OK with walking that distance. Chiharu is surprised by this suggestion, so Hina says they could run. Chiharu rejects this as a lovely high school girl and so they take the bus.

Arriving at Ginkaku-ji, both girls are surprised at how subdued this temple is compared to Kinkaku-ji. Hina remarks on how she’d prefer living in this place rather than the Golden Temple due to the old nature of the place. She says it is the same reason she likes Yukari-chan House, which Chiharu agrees with.

The girls return to their onsen inn in Arashiyama, figuring to eventually meet Nagi there. Since no one is at the onsen, Chiharu remarks that it is like they’ve privately reserved the place. After their bath, the girls head to bed, figuring to see Nagi the following day based on Hina’s feeling.

The next morning, the girls figure they’ll try to meet up with Nagi, but as Nagi passes them in the car with Kurosu-sensei, the girls miss it as they are distracted when Hina spots a tea stalk standing up in her tea, which is supposed to bring good fortune.


Har! Well, I suppose that in addition to wanting to have an easy chapter to do, Hata-sensei wanted to show why Chiharu and Hina wouldn’t carry the manga. I hear there are a lot of Nagi haters out there, so maybe this was targeted at them.

Regardless, there’s some nifty historical tidbits in this chapter, tied with the the famous gold and silver temples of Japan.

Otherwise, there’s not a whole lot to say about this chapter. It was nice seeing Chiharu and Hina away from the others. Thus, we see how they are as friends and how Chiharu is more than just an otaku, which I think we already understood. I did get a smile out of Hata-sensei’s obvious commentary that readers might not recognize Chiharu without her glasses, hence the reason she kept them on in the onsen (and let’s face it, as Sakuya’s maid who doesn’t wear glasses, Chiharu is unrecognizable).

Anyway, Nagi is now in Kyoto. We’ll see if Kurosu-sensei has more of a role to play as a traveling doctor. We’ll also see if Nagi does end up with Chiharu and Hina. Also, we’ll see if Maria and Ah-tan make it as well.

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