Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 406

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 406

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Ayumu is sick with a stomach ache, so Hayate has her stay in bed. Unbeknownst to Hayate, Ayumu works at Wataru’s doujinshi shop and has already called in sick. So, Saki calls Hayate to ask him to come help them out. Ruka inquires as to what is going on, and Hayate insults Ayumu in a minor way without realizing it. When Ruka realizes the store is a doujinshi shop, she wats to come too.

Although it is summertime, Ruka dresses in a winter coat with hood and glasses for their trip to Akihabara. Once at the shop, Ruka discovers the porn doujinshi, but denies being excited by it wen confronted by Hayate. Saki leaves and Wataru is stunned to see the idol Ruka in his store. He desperately wants Ruka to get into a maid outfit to help their struggling sales, so despite Hayate’s protests, she agrees to help. However, her methodology is to put Hayate into the maid costume that Ayumu was to wear.

Hayate isn’t pleased by this, nor by Saki’s compliment to him when she returns, but he notices that she’d done some grocery shopping for very cheap items. Wataru sends Ruka upstairs, where she takes note of the low budget lifestyle Saki and Wataru are forced to endure. Although she wants to draw her manga, she remembers Nagi taking a trip to Kyoto to improve her experiences. So, Ruka takes a spare maid costume on the wall and puts it on.

Wataru comes up to check on her and asks if she’s going to help attract customers. Ruka says she can’t do it as herself, so she dons a mask and calls herself a magical girl named Fairly Creamy ☆ Mami.  Hayate protests, but Ruka says it is for her doujinshi manga. Saki and Wataru are pleased to see all of the customers she pulls in.

Hayate is not happy with how Nagi and Ruka do these crazy stunts. He worries what will happen to Ruka should it be discovered and published in the press that an idol was doing this work. A voice excitedly calls out in recognition of a maid, causing both Ruka and Hayate to figure she’s been found out. It turns out to be Kotetsu, so Hayate knocks him out, leading Saki and Wataru to ask Hayate not to kill the customers.


Har! Anything to get Hayate in drag, eh Hata-sensei?  Then again, I hear some Japanese guys get off on this so…*_*

I felt bad for Ayumu. Not only was she ill, but to have to be inadvertently insulted insulted by Hayate. *lol*  Well, just goes to show that when speaking negatively of someone, you might be throwing a friend under the bus without knowing it.

One wonders why trying to hide one’s appearance by wearing a heavy coat in the middle of summer would be a good idea. Seriously, when I used to be a frozen food manager in the South many moons ago, I would bring in my heavy jacket as the freezers were kept at -32ºF.  Just carrying it across the parking lot in the summer time would generate a lot of looks and stares. *lol*

Regardless, Ruka ends up helping store sales.  I wonder how this experience will fit into her manga.

Finally, Hayate punching Kotetsu works for me. ^_~

So, a fun chapter were we get to see how Wataru’s store gets off the ground, thanks to Ruka’s help.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lol, Hayate knock Kotetsu out before he got a chance to talk to him.

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